Prashanth Ramesh 

Hello good people of Geelong,

My name is Prashanth Ramesh (@biriyaniprabhu) from India. I’m a graduate of Deakin University with a master’s degree in Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering. 

I came to Australia in November 2019, with no expectations to be a part of this beautiful community. The welcoming culture and diversified society here made me feel more comfortable and allowed me to be myself most of the time. The people, the weather, the culture and the food have made me feel at home, and today, Geelong is my home away from home.

My passion led me to make some amazing connections on the Instagram platform which I will cherish for a long time. Out of all the foods I have had and loved, Biriyani is something which is an emotion to me and hence the love of Biriyani made me name my page “Biriyani Prabhu” which means “Lord/ King of Biriyani”. 

I have continued my exploration here in Australia by visiting some eateries that stand out and have their uniqueness of their own, having said that, I’m still yet to visit places and know more and taste more. 

My basic rule in blogging would be that “Content is the King”. If the content is good, the audience will automatically like/follow, rather than focussing on the quantity, focusing on quality is what I keep in my mind and suggest to bloggers and friends even in their lives. 

There are so many things that I learned and adapted in my life from my blogging, every day is a learning opportunity, and every day is a day to make different from yesterday and plan for a better tomorrow.