Random Acts of Kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness – To raise awareness of Ramadan, peace and unity. Team member Brandon Dellow, along with Roghayeh, and Ramatullah gave out small bunches of flowers with messages of love and acceptance as a Random Act of Kindness, down at Geelong’s Waterfront. Brandon tells us:

“We met people, and talked to them about Ramadan, as well as just the generally wishing them a good day and sharing a smile. We all had warm hearts to see how appreciative people were to these random acts. I was also surprised to find that some people didn’t want to accept random gifts because they felt they didn’t deserve them, they wanted them to be gifted to someone else more deserving.

Random Acts Kindness use

“One family was blown away that this happened to them, and couldn’t believe it would happen to them. Another asked where the cameras were. There was a total of 33 interactions.

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On Monday 27th of May, in the lead up to the exciting presentation at the Victorian Government’s ‘Creative Sate Summit’, founder of Humans in Geelong, Jacqui Bennett, spoke with Mitchell Dye of The Pulse.

The podcast can be listened to here: http://mitchellsfrontpage.com/humans-in-geelong-to-talk-at-creative-state-summit/


Team members presenting at the Summit, from left, are Althea Abraham, Jacqui Bennett, Kim Cooper, Jesse Malthouse and Rini Lombard. Photo: Phil Hines Photography. Thanks Royal Geelong Yacht Club for letting us use your facilities to practice in front of our team.

Jacqui also spoke to Roxie Bennett and Daryl Reader on Bayfm. That podcast can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/user-477864175/hug-on-bayfm-27519

We’d like to thank our team and the community for all the support.

Regular eye and health checks, Bec.

Earlier this year, our gorgeous team member, Bec Thompson’s world was turned upside down after being diagnosed with cancer. Now, the 35-year-old is eager to raise awareness and encourage people to get their eyes tested and undergo regular health checks. PLEASE SHARE. The good news is, she’s undergone an op and hasn’t lost her eye.

As a writer, Bec’s usually the one asking all the questions. But here, she shares some of her journey with us…

Bec Thompson 3

~ Bec, how are you doing? ~

I’m ok. Sometimes it all feels a bit like a dream. I haven’t walked with cancer at close quarters before, so the learnings are many. Tell you what; the word ‘journey’ is perfect to describe this cancer caper. My emotions have generally been positive, but there have been some dark, down days. I’ve tried to treat the whole shebang as an adventure and learning experience, with a decent sprinkle of humour thrown in. Surprisingly (I’m a late adopter), social media, particularly Instagram, has been a helpful tool for me to process the journey, and to offer updates.

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Geelong Sustainability update.

Geelong Sustainability continues to inform, inspire and connect our community. We can’t thank them enough for being our Auspice for the State Government Grant ‘Pick My Project’, this will enable us to print the Humans in Geelong Book.

Like many socially progressive community groups, Geelong Sustainability are convinced of the truth in Margaret Mead’s famous quote. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Join their movement and be inspired by their events and opportunities.

GS - AS - Family photo 2018 YYG creek

FARMING SUSTAINABLY – Can farming be profitable and sustainable in the age of climate change? One local farming family says, yes it can! The Stewart family has been farming for five generations on their 230 hectare property, nestled in the Otway Ranges. Andrew and Jill Stewart farm sheep and trees on their property, Yan Yan Gurt West Farm in Deans Marsh. Their unusual but effective approach combines conservation and forestry.

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Kids as Catalysts, NBC.

There is nothing more empowering than student voice. This is what Cameron, Grade 7 at Northern Bay College, had to say about the Kids Thrive program. “We are so fortunate to have had this program at Wexford, so the kids have an opportunity to make a change in the community. If we didn’t have this program us kids would never have known that we can make a change in the community or have an impact on people in the community such as the elderly and new refugees to Australia.

Cameron 1

“It’s up to this generation of kids to continue on giving to the community like the older generation and to make an even bigger impact than the older generation.

“We can make changes to others and the environment. It was such an amazing experience. I would now be happy to volunteer to help others make a change.”

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Creative State Summit 2019.

Be inspired! Humans in Geelong are SO excited to be presenting at Creative Victoria’s ‘Creative State Summit’. We’ll be showcasing our #clevercreative Geelong and our amazing, inspirational locals. Our 45-minute ‘Good News’ presentation by team members, is on Friday 31st May at 2pm. PLEASE SHARE. We hope you can make it along to support us!

Creative State Summit S1

We’ll explain how Humans in Geelong (HuG) inspires, connects and strengthens our community. The Humans in Geelong team use the powerful medium of storytelling to create positive social change by sharing the inspirational stories of locals. We’ll showcase our innovative multi-media model, its successes and how it can be replicated elsewhere. Be swept away by the HuG movement!

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Be Dragons, update.

BE DRAGONS is a six-part documentary series highlighting the inspirational players that make up Geelong’s first ever Football Integration Development Association, FIDA footy team!

Take a bunch of guys and girls who have been relegated to the sidelines their whole lives and give them a crack at participating in the game they love…that’s the premise behind Be Dragons and the FIDA league.

Be Dragons, Pozible

The Geelong Dragons are the first FIDA team in the Geelong region and we are delighted to be on board producing this heart-warming series.

The series showcases individual players as they share with us their lives, challenges and thrill at being included in a team competing in Australian Rules Football. Following the highs and lows of their maiden 2018 season, Be Dragons is an inspirational tale of inclusion, perseverance and friendship.

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