Farewell Bin Isolation Outing.

It certainly has “bin” quite a year, hasn’t it?

As we all shuffled indoors to begin our quarantine at the beginning of 2020, none of us had any inkling how long we would be living like this, or how profoundly our lives would change over the course of the year. While it has been a tremendously strange and difficult year at times, there have been many positive things that have come out of lockdown.

For many Australians, the only time we were able to go outside during lockdown was to take the bins out each week. Seizing the opportunity, Aussie Danielle Askew started dressing up for the one weekly outing and from that idea, Bin Isolation Outing was born.

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The Power of Good People, Para.

Para Paheer suffered excruciating torture, lost many loved ones, fled for his life, and endured eight hours in freezing waters after the boat he’d escaped on, sank off Australian Waters. This led to him spending almost two years on Christmas Island in a detention centre. He was achingly separated from his wife and son for eight years. Yet, when writing his memoir with the help of his ‘Aussie Mum’, Alison Corke, he wanted to focus on ‘The Power of Good People’ – which is aptly, also the name of the book.

Para was just five years old when the 30-year Civil War in Sri Lanka erupted. As Tamils, along with millions of other Tamils, his family was continually displaced, prejudiced against and persecuted. Para seized every opportunity, from collecting muddied coconuts to earn some money for the family, to becoming the student body President at University. After a student rally, Para ended up in hospital, severely and unjustly beaten. He only escaped death thanks to a woman who dragged him to the safety of her house after seeing him lying wounded in a gutter.

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Artist, Sorayya.

“My mother was my inspiration. She patiently taught me and encouraged me to do what brought me joy. My name is Sorayya Rasouli Shemirani, I am originally from Iran and I thankfully settled in Geelong in 2014.

“In Iran, I finished high school and completed certificate IV in accounting. I worked in accounting for 5 years.

“Unfortunately, my Iranian qualifications and work, were not recognized in Australia, so I had to do the same course here. I completed accounting and bookkeeping Certificate IV at the Gordon TAFE in Geelong and certificate II financial literacy capability.

“I’ve been involved in volunteering in Geelong. Also, I have been participating in projects with the NDIS and the Barwon Disability Resource Council.

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Song Contest.

Calling all local musicians. Song contest! Please share. We need an original song or original soundtrack to go with our community project ‘The Dance’. We were originally going to use the song, ‘I’ll make you Happy’ by the Divinyls, but it’s not going to happen. Then we thought, duh! One of our local music heroes will be able to come up with something of similar length and just as upbeat and rocky.

So, the original song or soundtrack, needs to be about 3.20 long and be the same beat as ‘I’ll make you happy’ because we have footage of 55 short, fun clips to match to it. These have come from team members, community groups and inspiring individuals dancing to the beat of ‘I’ll make you happy’.

The aim of the project is to showcase our beautiful region, our amazing, giving community groups and talented individuals. Humans in Geelong INSPIRE, CONNECT, STRENGTHEN community, and have a whole lot of fun while at it.

Submissions due by February 5th 2021. DM us for more details. First prize $500 Second prize $200. Of course, it will mean global exposure of your song/sound track, because Humans in Geelong have followers in over 45 countries.

The FREE Launch of ‘The Dance’, complete with original fun music supplied by a local (maybe you), will be Tuesday 23rd March 2021 7.30pm at the Dome, Geelong Library. It will be part of our ‘Be inspired by Humans in Geelong’ talk for Geelong Design Week 2021. Save the Date! Eventbrite bookings taken closer to the date.

Photo: team members preparing to dance.

Sahar, Artist.

“My immense passion for art has allowed me to increase my creativity and develop art works using various designs and mediums.

“My name is Sahar Roshandel and I am 43 years old.

“I am originally from Iran and I have been living in Geelong with my husband and two daughters since our arrival in Australia about 3.5 years ago.

“I would love to sell my art products for a fair price, and I can always make new ones and take orders.” If you are interested in supporting a local artist who has moved to Australia to make a safer and better life for herself and her family, you can contact Sahar at yasaman.bizhani14@yahoo.com Please Share.

Photos of Sahar’s diverse, striking artwork supplied.

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Ingrid Hindell, IDPwD 2020.

Ingrid Hindell is physically disabled due to Cerebral Palsy but this has not stopped her from having a zest for life, for completing many courses, being on many committees and being a social advocate. She states “I’ve found the various stages in my life being a journey of continuous growth towards self-acceptance. This is thanks to the help and support of many wonderful people including my husband Robert.” Today is International Day for People with Disability.

Ingrid has developed a free self help course which is available here: https://www.facebook.com/There-is-no-one-to-blame-Not-even-ourselves-837939196242993

Ingrid migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka over half a century ago.  In 1997 she moved from Melbourne to Geelong. She has an organic vegetable garden, appreciates a good diet and complementary medicine.

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What students thought about this year.

If you thought Geelong students were feeling sorry for themselves, you might be surprised. A group of Geelong business leaders recently found quite the opposite. Responding to a call from the GRLLEN (Geelong Regional Local Learning & Employment Network) to support young people with virtual employment industry training (VEIT) online, the interviewers found an inspired and inspiring group ready and willing to take on the challenges the future might throw at them.

“All the students knew what they wanted to do in their working life and had determined a path, including an alternate route, to get there.” Shannon Goodall, HR Coordinator, Harwood Andrews, was impressed with the aspirations of the students she interviewed. 

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Inclusion Week.

We’ve featured stories on these local superstars – Bree-Arne Manley, Chris Hall, Justine Martin and Penny Manning. You can read their stories on our website.

Along with many others, they are featured in Geelong’s free online Inclusion Week celebrations which leads up to International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) on December 3rd.

The City has partnered with local organisations, like us, to celebrate individuals with disability and mental health challenges.

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The Geelong Giving Tree.

Terri had been caring for her father who, sadly, had terminal cancer. She was also caring for her teenage brother and her two small children. That meant she wasn’t able to work, but that doesn’t stop the bills from piling up.

They were on the verge of homelessness when Bethany Community Support started supporting her family with housing.

The Geelong Giving Tree Appeal provided Terri a huge relief that Christmas. She couldn’t have been more grateful for the gifts her two children received.

“I’m grateful and thankful to the community who made my kids smile. They were so happy with their gifts, and it gave me a huge relief that I didn’t have to stress about Christmas.”

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Shoe Strike.

National Day of Action on Gas – Shoe Strike. Please come and please SHARE! Join in this national event as our community shows its desire for Climate Action.

Environmental groups have been very busy advocating to Local, State and Federal Governments to take climate action and hope that you can support this work by joining them for a ‘Shoe Strike’ to show your disapproval of the ‘gas-led recovery’ and desire to see a swift transition towards renewable energy.

Please bring and leave: a pair of shoes and a small sign or note to express how you feel about the ‘Gas-led recovery’ and why you want to see renewable energy supported and delivered now.

Please register to attend here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2772734566307758 and SHARE this with your networks.

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