Climate Action.

Urgent! We need as many humans as possible to meet on the sand at Eastern Beach, towards the pool end, tomorrow, Friday 6th May, at 10am for a photo shoot, to show that we don’t want a huge, ugly, floating gas terminal polluting our beautiful bay!

2,000 people sent letters of protest but we need to keep taking Action.

ABC News are working on a story and want to visually show the community opposition to the terminal, so bring family, friends and colleagues.

Then, Saturday 7th May, Cherished Pets is supporting Vets for Climate Action and Australian Parents for Climate Action, with a Walk for Climate Action event at Ocean Grove Main Beach from 9:30am.

Go Geelong! Renewables not Gas & Climate Action!

Reconciliation in the Park 2022.

Reconciliation in the Park is a unique, Aboriginal community led event. Nikki McKenzie is programming this years’ event and she states, “Now is the time to make the commitment to making quality decisions and acting on them. 



Be brave and  


Reconciliation in the Park warmly welcomes everyone to this very special event with a unique opportunity to join together and learn through hands-on activities with local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community members.

It includes: free cultural activities, stalls, performances, music, a BBQ and more!

This year we have a possum skin cloak workshop – “embedding our culture further into Reconciliation in the Park”, Nikki adds.

Reconciliation in the Park is Sunday 22 May from 10am to 3pm in Johnstone Park, Geelong.

Photo shows Aunty Helen at last year’s event, by Vicky of Geelong One Fire.

Drawing Norman Lane.

I’m 39 years old, born in Geelong and live in Geelong.

I’ve been drawing since age 3, drawing was my number one hobby, and still is today, even after many years inactive. I upload all my latest drawings on YouTube, Instagram, as well as TikTok. So go check them out.

I’m Darren Nelson (Dasher’s Artwork) drawing Australian soldier/serviceman Norman Lane, from my home city Geelong, Victoria. Norman Lane died serving in the second world war from cardiac Beri Beri whilst a POW on the Thai-Burma railway. A suburb called Norlane, in the north of Geelong, was named after him.

Lest we forget.

If you’d like to read more about Norlane’s namesake:

Oppose the floating gas terminal.

Take Action! Only 3 days left to submit your opposition to Viva’s dangerous and polluting floating gas terminal which would be an eyesore in our beautiful Corio Bay  — submissions close on Monday the 11th of April at midnight.

There is a new quick tool to help you make a submission in no time. 

Submit a letter in less than 5 minutes, with no writing required. 

Click here to generate your letter

This submission builder tool will ask you some questions about what concerns you most about Viva’s terminal and then will generate a letter that you can enter into the government form. 

It’s a simple 4 step process

  1. Fill out the questionaire.  The tool will generate a letter for you! Have a read and make any changes you like.
  2. Copy the letter and head to the Government website where you need to enter your details
  3. Fill in the Government form (name, address, etc) and paste your generated letter.
  4. We strongly suggest that you request to appear at the hearing.  You won’t be cross-examined or questioned. Appearing in person makes it even more real to the Inquiry board that their decision affects real people’s lives. 

That’s it! Enjoy the feeling of having stood up for what you believe in. 

If you still want to write your own unique letter instead of using this tool (yay! lots of love to you), head on over to our website.  There are pointers, facts and some other example letters that you can take a look at. 

Make sure you forward this information to your colleagues, friends and family and let’s get as many submissions as possible in these last few days.

Darcy of Geelong Renewables, Not Gas. Photo supplied.

I CAN, Chris Varney.

“I have capability, I can do things, I am worth believing in.” This is the idea at the centre of the I CAN Network founded by law graduate, loving husband, father and Drysdale local Chris Varney. Chris is proudly autistic and grew up surrounded by a supporting and loving family. He was a verbal, highly anxious kid who often took days off from school.

A particularly important person in Chris’s life was his year 7 transitional coordinator, Christine. ‘She was a gentle educator,’ Chris says, ‘and she gave me a sense of trust, safety and belief in myself.’ With those three things, Chris concludes, autistic students can do anything. Although not an autism expert, Christine noticed Chris’s extreme anxiety and created a welcoming environment by engaging his special interests in European history.

‘I was lucky to have positive minded parents,’ says Chris, who also spent a lot of time with his maternal grandparents. ‘Grandma Margaret was a tiny woman with a lot of grit,’ and Chris would often come around to help take care of his wheelchair-bound grandfather. ‘That was my sanctuary,’ Chris recalls. After his grandfather passed away and he left year 12, Chris felt he had to use the power of his network with their influence. Already, the dream was building slowly.

Continue reading “I CAN, Chris Varney.”

Dragon Boating.

Are you a breast cancer survivor? Come and try Dragon Boating with the Geelong Juggarnauts. It’s lots of fun! April 2, 9, 23 and 30th at 12.30 followed by afternoon tea. Please Share.

Women, men and supporters, all fitness levels and ages are welcome. There is no previous experience required. The Geelong Juggarnauts are the face of breast cancer survivors enjoying fun, fitness and camaraderie.

Come and meet the team, have a paddle, a laugh and enjoy afternoon tea. Please wear comfortable clothes, a hat and covered in shoes. We’ll supply the Personal Floating Devices PFDs and paddles.

You’ll find us at the Geelong Canoe Club, 1/11 Marnock Rd Newtown.

@dragonsabreastgeelong-juggarnauts  Deb 0429948254 Traci 0417301228

Photo: from our story May 2018

Maps of the Heart

Take a journey into cultural complexity. ‘Maps of the Heart’ is written by Geelong-based artists North Youth Theatre, and tells the stories of eight characters from different times and countries, based on their lived experiences. Interwoven with these stories are the actors’ reflections on who they are, where they have come from and how it feels to be living in a society that sometimes struggles to embrace difference.

Showing over two nights, from 25–26 MARCH at Platform Arts, MOTH is a must-see performance. Tickets:

“Maps of the Heart is about the journey of coming of age and trying to find your place in the world.”
– Abraham Herasan, NYT Ensemble Member


Would you like to learn how to respond to people at risk of suicide?

If so, please see details of these two free upcoming accredited safeTALK workshops Hope Bereavement are running in Geelong, directed towards schools and community groups.  These training dates are targeted to people who have contact with young people in their roles, including teachers, well-being and school support staff, coaches, team managers, and community and parent volunteers.

Places are limited, so register now.  If you would like to find out more about running a specific safeTALK workshop for another group, or if you would like to go on a waitlist for future training dates, please get in contact Hope at

Training dates and booking links:

Tuesday 22nd March 2022 9.30am-12.30pm – safeTALK Suicide Alertness Training TUESDAY 22ND MARCH 9.30am- 12.30pm Tickets, Tue 22/03/2022 at 9:30 am | Eventbrite

Tuesday 29th March 2022 4.00pm -7.00pm –  safeTALK Suicide Alertness Training TUESDAY 29TH MARCH 4.00PM-7.00PM Tickets, Tue 29/03/2022 at 4:00 pm | Eventbrite

Photo Supplied.