AFLW, Danielle Orr.

“When I was younger and watched my brothers play footy, I was so jealous because I thought it was out of my reach,” Geelong Cats AFLW forward Danielle Orr said. “It’s been awesome for women to get this opportunity to play footy because the younger kids often think it’s just a dream for boys to play AFL.”


Danielle only started playing VFL footy two years ago when it was announced that Geelong were going to be given a team in the AFLW. She grew up in Geelong and has lived in the area her entire life. Generations of her family have lived and played footy in Geelong, so for her to have this opportunity is very special.

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Active Geelong, Pat.

“Our objective is to make Geelong the most physically active city in Australia,” Pat Murnane, Executive Board Support for the ‘Active Geelong’ initiative, explains. The claim is bold but Pat doesn’t seem at all daunted. “The purpose is for good health. People are more susceptible to many common illnesses because they don’t do the minimum amount of physical exercise on a daily basis. This amount is only 30 to 60 minutes per day – it’s not enormous.”

Active Geelong Pat HR

With the increasing population in Geelong, one of Active Geelong’s main plans is to push for “car-driven” Geelong to become a city with more “walkability”.

“We’re starting two types of walking groups with local GPs. There’ll be normal groups as well as ‘walking plus’ groups which will have a medically trained person with them and be able to do stretching and yoga. It’ll be a little bit more advanced.

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Mrs Carlon by Alisa Macdonald.

Everyone has a perfect image of what a perfect teacher should be. They’d be kind and caring, but strict enough to keep the class in control. They’d know what was going on in your life and be there for you. They’d be kind, caring and wise. They’d be your mum for school. But not all teachers are like that. Not all teachers care so much about your personal life, or how you’re feeling. They’re just there to teach and nothing more.

Mrs Carlon (2)

But Deb Carlon isn’t like that. She cares. She listens. She teaches in a way no teacher has ever taught me before. What I’m about to say may sound fake, but it’s true. Every word. When I was younger I hated Maths, it was my least favourite subject. It was boring, and I dreaded it every week.

Then I went into Mrs Carlon’s class.

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Rach Brennan & the Pines, update.

Local musician Rach Brennan has had a passion for singing and songwriting from a very young age, and she is back and better than ever with her band ‘Rach Brennan and The Pines’ to debut her new single ‘Hindsight’ off her upcoming debut album ‘Here’s to Better Times and Seeing Better Places.’

Rach Brenna & The Pines - Hindsight, update

Rach Brennan adds boppy vocals and guitar to accompany the band, who, including Rach have a total of five members.

The playful fourth single is a fresh new take on the classic coming of age tale many of us have become accustomed to and is the fourth single to be released from their upcoming album.

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Photographer, Enrico.

An artist is someone who is free, who doesn’t hide behind veils of being politically correct or socially appropriate.  An artist is someone fearless who tells the truth. Enrico Santucci is one of those artists who is not hiding behind a veil. Actually, you learn much from Enrico in an hour long visit and he strikes you with his talents, knowledge, honesty and enthusiasm. Enrico has green fingers, too.

Enrico TU3

Enrico Santucci is originally from Italy and came to Geelong in the 1990s at the time of the collapse of the Pyramids Building Society in Geelong.  Enrico has loved Australia since his childhood days in Italy when he would watch TV programs about kids and their activities after school.  He learned about Aussie youngsters who surfed after school and his dream became to live and work in Australia.  After many years Enrico retired to use his talents in photography and gardening.

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First Lego League opportunity.

Six talented students from Christ the King Primary School in Newcomb will be travelling to Nepal in May to coach and mentor Nepali children in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). How did this amazing opportunity come about? “It’s the result of 3 years of hard work in First Lego League,” teacher Aisha Kristiansen tells us.

Catholic Education Week - CTK Nepal Trip

“The first project in 2017 focused on ‘Animal Allies’ and was based on a problem that was affecting our bay, the Northern Pacific Sea Star – the rabbit of the marine world. The students worked with Deakin University to develop an underwater robot.

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Jazz, Callum Watson

“I like to support young, local Jazz artists. For example, I nominated Lucy Head to be featured by Humans in Geelong last year.” I had the pleasure of meeting acclaimed Jazz Musician, Classical Composer and Theatre Producer, Callum Watson, 21, of Torquay, at the Geelong Library.

Callum Watson, Jazz

Callum tells us about his passion and an exciting live Jazz line-up planned for the forth Sunday of the next 3 months, from 1pm at the Black Hatt. ‘The Geelong Jazz Soirees’ will be a series of 3 events with Shandelle McGennisken (Cooke), Wayne Jury and Rob Gador & Sean Loughran. The first in the series is this Sunday, March 24th.

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