Salvation Army Store.

“Hey everyone! Jesse and I had the absolute pleasure of heading into The Salvation Army store in Moolap to spend some time with their passionate volunteers and manager Meg, learning about how those looking for a fun volunteering opportunity can get involved. We had such a ball in store and I was amazed to find out all the ways in which shopping at your local Salvos store supports our community.

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Sing Out.

“I have an absolute ball, it’s a real joy, fantastic fun and open-hearted, so I’d encourage everyone to give it a go.” Kylie Whyte is leading the ‘Sing Out’ community singing sessions on Thursdays at 7.30pm – 9pm at the Geelong West Town Hall. Everyone is welcome, so please share this post and spread the word.

Sing Out

Sing Out Geelong Inc. has organised the sessions because it felt there was a gap in community singing opportunities in which performing to audiences is not the major focus. “We wanted to create something open and accessible to all ages and abilities. It’s about getting together and singing for sheer enjoyment,” enthuses President Sue Buchan.

“It also gets people away from screens and helps those who feel isolated. It could even be a relaxing outlet for commuters to unwind.”

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WILD – Women in Local Democracy, update.

When women support each other, incredible things happen. A group that knows this too well, are WILD, Women in Local Democracy. ‘WILD, with principles of gender equity, diversity and active citizenship, promotes women’s empowerment, community participation and local political leadership. WILD, in supporting women candidates, aims to redress Geelong Council’s entrenched gender gap and to reach the Government’s 2024 state-wide target of 50:50 women and men on Council at the City of Greater Geelong.’ Quote from WILD member Jenny Wills, page 207 of the Humans in Geelong Book.

Are you Interested in running for council in October 2020? WILD have some not-to-be missed workshops coming up. Check out their facebook page

WILD update (2)

Join Ruth McGowan OAM, on 29th of February at the Geelong Library from 9am – 1pm. She’s an author and experienced independent political campaigner who will help you decide whether running for public office is for you. Ruth will share her expert advice on how to plan a successful campaign to win.

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Update, Let Adyan stay.

Update: Adyan and his family’s visa has been extended until March 24th. They are still waiting for a positive response from Immigration to be able to stay in Australia permanently. Adyan finished kindergarten and has started Prep at a Northern Bay College P-12 Campus where he is loved and cared for. His family still need our help. You can help by going to the petition, sign it and then go in to the updated information. This will give you information on how you could write a letter of support and where to send it.


Here is our original story from Adyan’s father, posted Nov 1st 2019: “A minor disability should not be a reason for deportation. Let our family and our little son, Adyan stay in our hometown Geelong. PLEASE SHARE. We love Geelong and Australia, and think of it as our home. I have completed my PhD in engineering here, and my wife who was a doctor in Bangladesh is becoming a registered GP here. We are hardworking, self-sufficient parents who have built a life for our son in this beautiful country, we will have the means to pay for any physio that Adyan requires.

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King August, Rob.

Rob from the band ‘King August’ was wearing his Murlocs t-shirt when I met him down at the waterfront. He is thankful that there is so much talent in the Geelong region because he believes it’s “friendly competition” that allows bands in this region to grow and improve. Will, from ‘The Run’, adds “pressure makes diamonds”.

“Buying other people’s merchandise is a great way of supporting them. Getting out to live music is another,” continues Rob.

King August

“When my previous band ‘Chicken Nugget Rocketship’ broke up, Sam and I found Chris and Tom through my cousin’s band ‘Channel Marker 6’. We became ‘King August’ and are on the way to releasing our first single.”

Rob and the team at ‘Spaceman’ organised ‘Band Together, Geelong Fires Up’ where 13 Bands or musicians performed on The Pier on January 26th, for Bushfire Relief. They raised over $3,000. His band, ‘King August’ played and their heavy, rocky style inspired me, so I wanted to find out more. Interestingly, Rob’s venture ‘Spaceman’ is uniquely, creating new opportunities for local acts to shine.

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Mentoring Emily.

Mentoring this gorgeous girl has been an immensely rewarding experience. Emily and I met in 2016 when I saw an ad in our school newsletter for Raise, a Foundation calling for volunteers to mentor young mums. We worked through a two-year program together. Now, 4 years later, we are still very close friends. I’ve been to all four of Emily’s daughter Kaydence’s Birthday celebrations. I felt extremely privileged to attend Emily and Chris’s wedding and super excited last year to welcome the arrival of their baby boy Raidon. We also love to catch up over a curry.

Emily Raise

I’m so incredibly proud of Emily. She and her husband Chris are saving for a house, they’ve given up smoking, she’s studying and working part-time, they have two delightful children and they help out in their community.

I’ve always thought of Emily as a friend rather than a mentee. We have both grown from the experience and supported each other. For the first Humans in Geelong Expo in 2017 I was petrified no-one would turn up. I nervously talked to Emily before the event and she very calmly told me, ‘of course they will turn up Jacqui’. She, Chris and baby Kaydence, were the first through the door and have supported it yearly. Boy, did that help calm my nerves.

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Ninjaverse, Rob Baard.

How does the boy who started out selling ice-creams at Village Geelong end up becoming an award-winning film maker, who has created, produced, directed and stared in feature films, TV series and stunt shows? Here is Rob Baard’s story.

Rob grew up in Norlane and went straight from school to a Village Cinema traineeship in 1998, where he trained in all areas. Village seemed a good fit because, even from a young age, he’d always been into film, writing scripts, making costumes and making short films. His enthusiasm, determination and dedication at Village, led him to become cinema manager by 2000.

Rob Baard image (002)

During his time at Village Rob completed his first feature film and won many awards, including cinema marketing to which in 2007 he left Village to continue cinema marketing from home  in order to focus on film making in the form of the ‘Ninjaverse’ his own creative film and licensing franchise,

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