Juliet Tripodi, Life is a Song and Music is Love.

A musical angel named Juliet floated to this earth over 80 years ago. This beautiful angel is gifted with unique qualities; the most outstanding are her passion for music and to give enjoyment to many groups of people with her singing.

Juliet 2

Juliet Tripodi organized a group of Italian people in the year 2000 to visit Grace McKellar. Juliet’s large sponge cake with fresh cream became a most welcome flavorful treat. Eleven years later, the sponge cake was still arriving and patients, regardless of their state of health, were entertained with singing. Then other nursing homes took on this entertainment on a monthly basis.

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Friend in Me, Louise.

After watching her dad struggling with mental health, all her life, and then finally losing him to suicide due to his mental health issues, Louise wanted to make a positive change for children so they didn’t suffer as her dad did. I met with the bubbly, dedicated, Louise Larkin of ‘Friend in Me’ to hear her inspirational story.

Friend in Me

“I’ve always been a positive change maker and I have an immense passion to make a difference in the world.

“Three years ago, whilst driving to work, I heard a devastated mum call up the local radio station, saddened that her little boy had never been invited to a party before.  I was so moved, that was the day, Friend in Me was born. That year, in 2017, I put on a huge successful event for children who had never been invited to a party before. You should have seen the joy on their faces and their parents. We aim to create a socially inclusive world where no child is left behind.

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Bruce Kirby Art

“Great things happen when you find your passion in life.” About eight years ago, and after careers as a DJ, interstate truck driver, and tour guide, Bruce Kirby was ready for a change. “I wanted to do something I’d loved since I was a kid. I thought back to my school days and it was out of art or sport – and I’m too old for sport,” Bruce jokes.

Bruce Kirby to use

Fast-forward to today, and Bruce has completed a Bachelor of Creative Visual Arts and is about to open his second gallery, at 1 Gore Place, Geelong. Through social media and his first gallery, at the Fyansford paper mill, he has sold his hyper-realistic fine-liner ink drawings to buyers around the world.

“I describe my artworks as sophisticated scribbling,” he says. “It’s a technique you can’t just go and copy.”

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Fit to Drive.

Do you know a young person learning to drive? Perhaps you’re the wonderful (and patient!) experienced driver giving your time and nerves to helping a young L plate driver get some much-needed experience on the road? If that’s the case, then make sure you sign up for ‘Carpool’, an Interactive Road Safety Webinar, free for the Geelong Community, run by the Fit to Drive Foundation. @fittodrivefoundation

Carpool Road Safety Webinar - Geelong Flyer

“The Fit to Drive Foundation was founded on a community’s passion and commitment to act to keep their young people safe on the road. It is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing road trauma in young people aged 16 to 25.

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The Cook Lady, Elaine.

“They are my family – I have no one else. They all have their own personalities, give them the opportunity, they are very clever. They love photo shoots, learning fun things and going on any outing. Tuesday mornings, for 8am, we all go to Point Lonsdale. They receive endless comments on their best behaviour and people often ask why I do it. ‘It’s good for everyone’s Mental Health, is my reply.’” Hadeel and I had the pleasure of spending a scintillating morning with Elaine Janes, the chook lady, which included a tour of the Hilton Henhouse.

Chook lady 1

“During isolation, two chooks have mastered skateboard riding. Jekyll loves balancing on a medicine ball while being lifted overhead as Elaine performs straight leg situps.

“Flapper is the No 1 Madonna and she owns the car front seat, sitting in her own cane basket with a knitted blanket. If it is chilly, the heated seat is a must. She is always ready to go anywhere, no fussing around getting ready as girls do. She was picked up from the street over eight years ago, lives the best life ever, and has lots more interesting things to look forward to. Her can follow her and friends @elainejanes16 on Instagram.

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International Mangroves Day.

‘Mangroves from the Water’ is a group multimedia art exhibition that would have been opening today, in Geelong, to celebrate Mangroves Day which is 26th of July, https://en.unesco.org/commemorations/mangroveday.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic the exhibition has been postponed to the 26th July, 2021.

Mangrove Day_MangrovesFromtheWater20 (002)

In celebration of the upcoming Mangroves Day exhibition, ‘Mangroves from the Water’ commissioned International Artist, Stephanie Neville, to design the poster. In collaboration, the Mangroves Fosters Community, Ocean Tree Studio (Maya Greven) in Florida designed a poster for the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem.

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The Power in You Project, Kane.

“I’ll always put myself out there if it creates hope” says Kane Nuttall, Founder of ‘The Power in You Project’ PIYP. Kane willingly channels his personal pain, from past addiction and mental health challenges, and uses this lived experience to support others who are trapped in the cycle of despair.

Power in You Project, Kane Nuttall (002)

Home, for the program, is 44 Little Fyans St, South Geelong, which was generously donated for renovations by Tony and Christine Alsop.

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Have your say!

Geelong Community Survey – have your say! A group of Geelong and Bellarine residents has created a short survey to hear your feedback about the progress of the City of Greater Geelong across a range of issues, especially in relation to Council’s Clever and Creative Vision. Humans in Geelong endorse this survey and encourage everyone to fill it in.

The aim of the survey is to gather and present the community’s priorities and concerns to all candidates nominating for the upcoming Council elections in October. Results of the survey will be shared with everyone who completes the survey. Then, in October, a scorecard of all election candidates assessed against the community’s priorities as identified by the survey, will be sent to you as well.

1 Phil Hines General

Please have your say. This is a great way for your views to be shared with current Councillors and election candidates to show them what the community wants them to focus on. And it will be an important means to help assess which candidates will act on the community’s top priorities.

Just click this link to complete the survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TBL6F3Y

For further information about this survey go to www.geelongcommunitysurvey.org.

Please help us by sharing this survey and encouraging your family and friends to fill it in.

Photo: Community-minded team member Rosemary Nugent with other enthusiastic gardeners, taken by Phil Hines.

Lazarus House, Michael.

Lazarus House is where Geelong’s most vulnerable and homeless can go for a warm meal, a friendly chat, a shower and to clean their clothes, five days a week. Ally Wimmer had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Nolan of the Lazarus Community Centre. Michael is one of last year’s Westfield Geelong’s Local Heroes. Here’s why:

“Michael, a former Priest, has an amazing presence and warmth that is beyond goodness. He led the team that opened Lazarus House in late 2017. He insists ‘The tireless effort of many supporting him allowed a wonderful collaboration and outcome’.

Lazarus House

“Three Geelong churches came together with Geelong Rotary Club, to secure the location, within the Geelong gaol. Michael, in his inclusive manner, mentions all who have helped from those working to provide food, those serving and assisting, to Geelong Connected Communities. He tells the story of the carpet received from the Geelong Cats and the woman who dealt with council and regulations enabling it to be laid for the benefit of the centre. He praises Rotary who painted and supported the project every step of the way, to Salvo Connect and the Neami team for providing showers for the homeless.

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Let’s talk Mental Health.

Let’s talk Mental Health. This is what locals had to say. We’d love to hear what positive Mental Health tips you’d offer, tell us in the comments and please share.

Humans in Geelong are a team of volunteers who inspire, connect and strengthen community by spreading the positive, ‘good news’ around our region. Thanks to Hadeel @hsStoriesPhotography for the videography, @kimelisecooper our presenter and all who participated. #keepstronggeelong #humansingeelong #geelong #mentalhealth #weareallinthistogether #greatergeelong #positivity