Dr Bernard Jenner

Helping families is his passion, with retirement only a distant rumour. Dr Bernard Maurice Jenner is a consultant Paediatrician and Family Therapist in private medical practice, former Head of Paediatrics at the University Geelong Hospital Barwon Health and St John of God Geelong Hospital. He undertook his undergraduate training at Monash University, and postgraduate training at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney, Williams Road Family Therapy Centre Therapy Centre, Melbourne, and Swinburne University.

Bernie Jenner

He had the privileged upbringing of the post war Australia, in a warm caring family environment that had been ravaged the generation before, where his Jewish German father, an orphan and refugee survived a concentration camp during the holocaust, to be sent to Australia ‘the lucky country’. He appreciates the privilege of life and loves every day working ‘semi-retired’ in-hours 4 days per week, with other times in the garden, making Barista style coffee, travel, and treadmill watching political themes. He has four children, two grandchildren, a very happy home life, where he and his wife billet young AFL footballers that are drafted to the Geelong Cats football club as mentor Host Parents; he accepts all the credit for the clubs success! The inner sanctum has taken up a lot of wonderful emotional energy.

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Word for Word, Non-Fiction Festival, Maryanne

If I were to describe Maryanne Vagg, Festival Director of Geelong’s Word for Word Non-fiction Festival, in a single word, it would be a toss-up between passionate and visionary. Maryanne’s enthusiasm both for the Festival and for Geelong is, frankly, infectious. Maryanne is ‘passionate about reading’ and furthermore, ‘passionate in the belief that there is a book for everybody.’

**Assignment name**

In 2014, Maryanne, an experienced festival director, identified a gap in the literary festival calendar; a festival to accommodate the growing number of non-fiction authors.  Encouraged by her vision and enthusiasm Geelong Regional Libraries, together with several stakeholders, including Deakin University and the City of Greater Geelong, jumped at the chance to hold a festival and showcase Geelong. Word for Word Non-fiction Festival is now in its fourth year. It is the only Non-fiction Festival in Australia.

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Lighting of Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree 2017.

Thousands of #humansingeelong turned out last night to marvel at the lighting of the iconic Geelong Christmas Tree. It was a magnificent spectacle. A procession of festival goers, were then led up to City Hall to see the projected light display masterminded by local artist Matt Bonner. Tonight, proves to be just as exciting with the 101st Gala Day parade kicking off at 7.30pm. ‘Gala raises important funds for the Barwon Health Foundation, while providing the Foundation with a way of saying thank you to our community for their generous, ongoing support,’ from the Gala Website www.galaday.com.au

Light Tree

My Dad was in the parade back in the 1950s. He was about 20 and had been in a horrendous motorbike accident, the driver hadn’t seen him. It led to him spending a year in the Geelong Hospital while his leg was being reconstructed. For the parade, they put his bed, with him in it, on the back of a truck and off they went. He loved it! Years later, in the ‘70s, as a video photographer, he filmed every parade for the ABC news. We always tagged along, it became a tradition. Here’s to you JB!

Enjoy the parade tonight Geelong and please leave comments about your Gala Day experiences.

Video and story: Jacqui Bennett

Congratulations team!

Congratulations Humans in Geelong team on this recognition by the Governor and Premier of Victoria for the amazing volunteering work that Humans in Geelong are undertaking. We are inspiring, connecting and supporting the community by telling the stories of locals who are making a difference. Stories showcase creativity, sustainable practices and opportunities. Thanks also to the people of Geelong and district for following the page and sharing the stories, we appreciate your support.

Vic Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards

An extra special congratulations to our team member, Bec Picone founder of Peace of Mind Foundation for receiving an Impact Award from the Victorian Premier’s Volunteer Champions Awards 2017. If you would like to find out more about Peace of Mind, read the two-part story we posted 17th of Sept. ‘17 on our website https://humansingeelong.com/2016/09/17/peace-of-mind-rebecca/ #clevercreative #humansingeelong#volunteer #geelong


MDRN LOVE – They’re a couple of talented local boys who grew up in Geelong with a shared love of music. MDRN LOVE, formerly Revolution, is a band that promises a modern take on rock music. I spoke with Jack Harman, who provides the band’s lead vocals. The band also include Jack’s brother Riley, who plays rhythm guitar, Nic Tutone on lead guitar, Daniel Siketa on bass, and Dom Alvaro on drums.
In 2014, while the band was still Revolution, they performed and took part in a charity fundraiser called Rock Off MND. The brothers were next door neighbours to its organisers Peter Simko and his wife Jenny . Jenny was diagnosed with Motor neurone disease in August 2014. The song ‘Breathe’ (track 4 from their soon to be released debut EP) was written in honour of Jenny, who unfortunately passed away in 2015 from this horrendous disease. The event was dedicated to raising awareness of MND and having a positive outlook for sufferers and their families. Rock Off MND raised $61,000 towards research for MND, and continues to run events annually.

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Music for the Imagination, Kym Dillon

Geelong’s own musical mastermind, Kym Dillon has created a series to shed some light on classical music for the layman. ‘Music for the Imagination (MTIF) is series designed to open up new listeners to the limitless world of classical/art music. By picking out great pieces of music from across the spectrum and exploring them with a zany sense of adventure, MFTI wants to bring people to a world they may have never before discovered.


MFTI partners with orchestras who have published their recordings on Youtube to bring the world of these pieces to life, right before your very ears.

Created by Kym Dillon

Featuring Art by Jack Grayson (@jackhgrayson on instagram)’

Read more about Kym in our story posted on July 21st 2017.


Highton Primary School Exhibition

Who said kids these days don’t care? A group of us were extremely fortunate to attend the Highton Primary School Exhibition that proved the exact opposite. The Exhibition, presented over two days last week by Grade 5 and 6 students, is the culmination of the seven years spent at this International Baccalaureate school. The International Baccalaureate is a unique, worldwide education system where the focus is on inquiry while displaying empathy, tolerance, understanding and ultimately taking action to make a difference.

HPS Blind Room

‘Each year the Exhibition just gets better and better’ noted Ms @Carly Stafford Acting Principal. This year’s transdisciplinary theme was ‘Sharing the Planet’ allowing students to inquire into causes. As a provocation, students were treated to guest speakers, many sourced from the Humans in Geelong website such as Jeff Smith of CREST, Alison Marchant anti-fracking, Jan Johannasen of Bali Smiles, Liz Lester re caring in Ethiopia. Students then chose their line of inquiry and took action, most in small groups, some individually.

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