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VOTE for the inspirational Humans in Geelong Book in the ‘Pick My Project’ State Government Grant. PLEASE SHARE! It might take about 5 minutes but it’s worth it, it’s your chance to make a difference – it would mean this positive book about locals making a difference would go FREE to schools, libraries, community groups etc. to inspire all generations. Please get the whole family and your friends to vote. We need people power!

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One voter commented, “Humans in Geelong have raised awareness of so many important societal challenges from homelessness, mental health, poverty and supporting new refugees. They do this with the utmost respect and empathy and with such a positive narrative. They demonstrate that as a community we have an amazing capacity to love and care for each other. Thank you Humans in Geelong, for being such a positive influence in our community.”

Jacinta commented, “A Definite vote from me!! Thank you to all who will be collaborating on the book. 💜 The Humans in Geelong Expo last year was nothing short of Inspirational & such varied Information 😍” We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Expo on Sunday 7th Oct at Deakin Waterfront from 10 – 3pm. Keep an eye on our website for updates to the program.

Vote at: https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/rounds/pick-my-project/ideas/humans-in-geelong-book-to-inspire-connect-strengthen-our-community


St John of God Hospital.

‘Every aspect of our service and patient care at St John of God Geelong Hospital is inspired by our Mission and demonstrated through our Values of Hospitality, Compassion, Respect, Justice and Excellence. It is these Values which guide our holistic approach to caregiving. We currently have just over 120 volunteers working throughout our Hospital in many different roles. These roles can range from Patient Support & Hospitality, Patient Companionship and Patient Transport to Concierge, Maintenance, Café Support and attending to Patients flowers’.

St John of God

We hear from Jade Bone who is new to the role of Volunteer Services Coordinator at St John of God Geelong. ‘Our volunteers are an invaluable and dynamic part of service to our patients, their families and visitors and our caregivers. They are our ‘above and beyond’, going the extra mile to help ensure patients and visitors to the Hospital have a positive and individual experience. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, bringing with them different skills, experiences and reasons for wanting to volunteer. They may be students who are looking for exposure in a Hospital setting or retirees who would like to give back to the community’.

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Clever and Creative podcast, Humans in Geelong

Want to know why you should ‘Pick My Project’ the Humans in Geelong Book? Listen to the podcast https://geelongmakers.com.au/ep-5-jacqui-bennett-humans-in…/

If voted in, the inspirational Humans in Geelong book would go FREE to all schools, libraries, community groups, tertiary institutions and our University etc. To inspire – connect – strengthen our community!

Voting is easy, choose ours to be shortlisted, then choose 2 other projects and send in your vote. Here’s the link:

Photo: Jennifer Cromarty Creative Geelong Their quote will be in the book.

Creative Geelong Jennifer Cromarty (002)

Pick My Project

Please VOTE for the Humans in Geelong Book at www.pickmyproject.vic.gov.au. Every vote counts! Including from you, your family and your friends. PLEASE SHARE! If we get enough votes, this positive and inspirational community book about locals making a difference, would go totally FREE throughout the Geelong region to: schools, community groups, local Councils, libraries, tertiary institutions, our University etc.

Harpist, Peter

Displayed is a pictures from some of your favourite stories that will be featured. Our good magnifies the good of so many. This Book will be produced locally, supporting jobs in our region.

You can vote from Monday 13th August 9am – Monday 17th September 5pm. Here’s the link: https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/rounds/pick-my-project/ideas/humans-in-geelong-book-to-inspire-connect-strengthen-our-community

With this book we will continue to INSPIRE – CONNECT – STRENGTHEN our community.

Also save the date for this year’s Humans in Geelong Expo, October 7th, Deakin Waterfront from 10 – 3pm. It’s a free community event. Watch our website for updates to the program for the day.

Geelong Classical Music, Wendy

Wendy Galloway has been an exemplary contributor to the Geelong Classical Music World for many years. She has been awarded an OAM for her contributions to Music and the Arts in Geelong. Wendy’s career in music has been as a violinist and a dedicated teacher as well as an adjudicator and examiner spanning many decades in Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney as well as in Sweden and Illinois, USA.

Wendy Galloway GSO

She grew up in Sydney and was a member of the Sydney Youth Orchestra, Australian Youth Orchestra and a regular participant in National Music Camps. Wendy came to live in Geelong with her family and looked for music groups for herself, for her family and for her music students. There was not very much available so the best thing seemed to be to create some opportunities which included the Bay City Strings and the Geelong Summer Music Camp.

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#inyourfaceMS This hashtag is one of the favourites used by Bree-Arne Manley.  Bree-Arne was diagnosed at 19 with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Since then, this remarkable young woman from Point Lonsdale has seized the day and has not let her disability deprive her of any opportunity to live life to the fullest.

bree-arn port (002)

“MS reared its ugly head just after I finished school.  The diagnosis smacked me in the face like a brick wall.  I was way too young to deal with it.”

Initially the disease affected her vision and she states that “I coped by denying I had MS.”  It wasn’t until she started to lose the use of her legs that she was forced to deal with the reality.  She “couldn’t hide it anymore”.

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Youth Wellbeing Awards

Mental Health Week – The @Humans in Geelong Expo on October 7th will be the uplifting start to Mental Health Week – Wellbeing in Mind. It’s a free community event held at Deakin Waterfront from 10 – 3pm. The Barwon Health Mental Health Week Awards will be presented at 1.45 by Sally Buchanan-Hagen who has #livedexperience.

Youth Wellbeing Award nominations are due in by August 13th. Do you know a 16-25 year old who is an inspirational person with lived experience or in the role of valued personal support person? For more information http://www.barwonhealth.org.au/mediacentre/column-1/media-centre/item/mental-health-week-2018 PLEASE SHARE.

Dear Mental Health

Here is a poem by Humans in Geelong team member Brandon Dellow who is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness, encouraging the youths of today to watch out for each other, speak up, get help and support each other.

“Dear Mental Health

A short spoken-word poem I created about lived experiences with mental health. Personal reflections and questioning about self-identity.

I hope you enjoy.

It can be found on YouTube in the link below:”

The full program of speakers, performers and exhibitors for the day of the Expo, will be on our website shortly.