Geelong Crusaders.

The Geelong Crusaders are a combat re-enactment group based in Geelong who strive to preserve the heritage of the crusading periods from all cultures (11th to 13th Century), and foster a creative environment for historical knowledge and combat. “My start with the crusaders was entirely an accident. I invited a couple of close friends over to do a bit of training since our old club shut down and I must have done a good job, because several years and locations later, they’re still coming along each week.” – Lachlan, President of the Geelong Crusaders.

The club’s primary focus is on the safe and responsible use of martial weapons for fitness, competitive sport and stage fighting. Members build skills in a variety of weapon sets, including single-sword, sword and shield, florentine, hand and a half or two-handed sword, single-handed axe, poleaxe, spear, javelin and dagger.

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Conversations Save Lives.

‘Conversations really save lives.’ After years of activism, this is the conclusion that Adria Ballester of Barcelona in Spain, has come to. He has been conducting @thefreeconversationsmovement in the centre of Barcelona since 2017. In his video, that he made for our Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020, he talks about a conversation he had with a concentration camp survivor.

Watch this on our @humansingeelong YouTube along with the other 120 diverse, inspiring, informative videos that were created or submitted as part of our Online Expo. Please share.

You can follow Adri on Instagram @freeconversations

Geelong Business Excellence Award Finalist 2020

Congratulations team! We are finalists and tonight is the night. Humans in Geelong is a huge team effort. It came as an idea, in the middle of the night, just over 4 years ago. It was response to grief and bad news. The idea was to focus on local positive stories, to find joy and to spread positive, good news. The dream/idea only grew thanks to the help of family, friends and an amazing like-minded team. Also an amazing community. Congratulations all!

In four years we’ve told over 500 inspiring stories of locals who are making a difference, across a multi-media platform. We’ve produced the Humans in Geelong Book. (get in contact if you’d like a copy) We’ve spoken to hundreds of community groups and schools and at Victoria’s Creative State Summit 2019. We’ve been spreading ‘good news’ and positivity by creating the HuG movement.

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Music of the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020

We love local Music! Thank-you to Matilda Hassall of @Hassallmusic for helping us to deliver a wonderful musical line-up for the Free Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020. You can catch all these inspirational music video clips on our YouTube ongoing. We’ve made a separate ‘Music of the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020’ playlist.

It features Matilda, Stress Walters (who completed their cute Tippy Toe video clip just in time), Famous Will, Baraka the Kid, Jacqui Dreessens & Immy Owusu on guitar, Tradjam, Trinity Jane, Rach Brennan and the Piano Bar.

Especially for the Online Expo, With One Voice Choir recorded an original song called ‘Hope Springs’ with three choirs, Geelong, Ashburton & Altona Meadows Community Choir members. It’s an original song by Carl Dickens. Carl is a local Geelong artist, and WOV Geelong choir member. Arranged and conducted by Kym Dillon, this performance showcases the WOV community; an inclusive, supportive and connected opportunity for anyone and everyone!  

Live music videos were generously donated by @PatrickCallowPhoto, these feature: Fenn Wilson, Brunette Red Dress, Georgia Rodgers, Nathan Seeckts, Lash78, Riordan, Matt Bourke and the Delusional Drunks and Something Krook.

The Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020 is made up of 120 diverse videos. There are artists, creatives, changemakers, community groups and videos for children. All can be viewed for free on our YouTube ongoing. Very proud of everybody. Please share.

Photo: Matilda Hassall, Thumbnails: Chris Bennett

Ashby Community Garden.

What does the lively Costa Georgiadis and a new community group in Geelong have in common?  They are both passionate about growing veggies, developing sustainable practices and lifestyles, promoting health and wellbeing, engaging with the community and having fun.

I am referring to Ashby Community Garden Inc., whose Working Group comprises an enthusiastic array of residents beavering away to make their dream come true – a new community garden in the Geelong West/North Geelong area.

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Staying Geelong Strong, Geelong Cats

Exciting announcement – Tom Hawkins of the Geelong Cats and The Geelong Football Club have created a video entitled ‘Staying Geelong Strong’ for the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020 featuring the many ways they support community.

We also have videos from Chloe Hayden @princessaspien, Nasir Sobhani @thestreetsbarber, Peter Roberts music, @breatheablueocean, Adria @freeconversations Barcelona, the Humans in Geelong team and many other amazing musicians, artists, changemakers and community groups. There are over 100 informative and inspirational videos, a brilliant resource for our region, for schools and the community.

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Liz Bonner: Cloverdale Community Centre.

“We need to be creative, be like explorers, and adventure through life until our passion or passions are discovered. I get to create a community environment that encourages people to find theirs, what a job!”

Liz Bonner is the Manager of Cloverdale Community Centre in Corio, Geelong. Cloverdale is one of 400 Neighbourhood Houses across Victoria that provide an inclusive space for community to connect, learn and feel supported. It’s a place where locals can contribute to, and participate in, community-led programs and recreational activities, as well as gain new skills.

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Art under Covid Skies, Youth Panel Discussion.

“Art Under Covid Skies” A youth panel discussion about art and the Coronavirus lockdown hosted by Kuranda Seyit. View the discussion with four young amazing artists from different walks of life. Available to view on the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020 playlist on our YouTube. Sunday Oct 11th.

They link the importance of their art to helping with a positive Mental Health outlook and talk about how their art has helped them get through these challenging times. Be entertained by this thought-provoking youth panel – a comedian, spoken word artist, playwright and Children’s Book Author.

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