Covideo Twenty21.

Covideo Twenty21 Geelong Short Film Festival takes a look back at the pandemic of these past two years. It will be on at the Dome Geelong with a night filled with entertainment, guest speakers, and prizes.  Don’t miss out!

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Saturday 2 July 2022 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

The Dome Geelong Regional Library
51 Little Malop St , Geelong Vic 3220

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Sandra Brogden.

 One powerful image of equity is that ‘everyone has a place at the table and a voice at the table’. This is Sandra Brogden’s hope for Australia and a catalyst for her curious reflection, rightfully questioning why there isn’t a bigger representation of Aboriginal people across all areas of society? 

Sandra is warm, wise and articulate. She laughs easily. Her stories are engaging, reflecting a rich tapestry of life experiences and ancestry. 

Minang Noongar people of South West of Western Australia and Karajarri and Bardi people of the Kimberley are Sandra’s proud lineage. 

Russell Brogden was traveling around Australia, when he arrived in Albany and met Sandra. They married and welcomed their twins Jack and Chloe, who are now twenty-two years of age. Geelong has been their home for many years. Sandra’s wish for her own children is that they will grow to be the best of themselves and always be kind…no doubt reflective of her own modus operandi. 

 Sandra’s Mum was a nurse. Her Dad, although having left school in Year Seven, embraced the importance of lifelong learning for their seven children. He ended up as a Health Worker after managing an expansive Aboriginal Corporation in the South West of Western Australia 

Family and education were two of many important values imparted to Sandra by her parents. She credits them with giving her a strong sense of identity and tangible connection with culture and community. Working hard and completing school, Sandra went on to become a teacher. The longer her involvement in education the more impassioned she became about improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. She has witnessed what a catalyst education can be for real social change. 

Sandra’s professional life has been rich and varied, too comprehensive to completely notate. Her current position is a Consultant to Indigenous Education, across the four campuses of Geelong Grammar and many other voluntary and professional roles, related to education and culture. 

During her rich and diverse career Sandra also returned to Perth, working as an Educational Team Leader for ten years. After this tenure she relocated to Broome to connect with that space, spend precious time with her grandparents and work throughout the Kimberley’s supporting schools in the capacity of Educational Consultancy. 

Sandra, Russell and their adult children are always assured of a loving welcome when they return to family in WA. Holding a kaleidoscope of experiences and memories, Sandra’s love of family, culture and stories pertaining to these, are at times poignant, funny and always transformative. 

One such small anecdote is of Sandra’s ‘Aunties’ sitting in Church, wanting to bring Sandra ‘up to speed’ on local news. They ‘point’ with their lips when wanting to identify someone involved in their story. A smile plays on one’s own lips, as you visualise this group of beautiful elders, imagining that they are being so discrete as they all purse their lips in the same direction. They may unwittingly have been catalysts for the ‘prop and pout’ social media generation. 

A reflective human, Sandra ponders the philosophical questions, “What I do? Who I am? How I do it?”, to remain focused and effective. 

The answers to these self-reflective questions are patently clear to anyone who knows her. Sandra has a very strong work ethic, a great sense of humour and a wonderful balance of intellect and common sense. She is grounded yet visionary; determined to continue to address intergenerational 

trauma through education and connection, across our vast, ancient land and within the Djilang, Geelong community. 

There is still so much work to be done. Sandra is a realist and recognises the challenges within education, a microcosm of our broader societal issues, that still need to be comprehensively addressed. However, in and through this, her work and her gentle positivity personify the Aboriginal saying, “Keep your eyes on the sun and you will not see the shadows”. 

Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be Aboriginal land. Sandra continues to be a wise and passionate advocate and architect for 

– changing the ‘look and feel’ of schools for Aboriginal students. 

-working with teachers to include Aboriginal perspectives in the curriculum 

-working with school leadership on how to more authentically embrace real inclusivity. 

As Sandra explains “If schools are changing their practise for Aboriginal students, it is changing the practice for all students and everyone benefits.” 

Sandra Brogden’s local voluntary work and professional career are the embodiment of the Aboriginal Proverb, 

“Traveller, there are no paths. Paths are made by walking.” 

Geelong is more than fortunate that Sandra, Russell and their family created a path that led them to ‘walk’ into our lives all those years ago. Our Educational institutions, our students and our community have benefited exponentially from the numerous paths Sandra has forged since arriving in Djilang, the original name of Geelong. 

 Sandra Brogden’s Story written by Jacinta Foster-Raimondo 

Baby Guerrilla.

“My mission is to liberate art from just the gallery, or the picture frame, and make it accessible to everyone. I love the idea of setting art free, setting our souls free, to dream and imagine, and go floating across a wall.

“I seek to create worlds, meaning out of mayhem, and dreams from despair.

“After graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts, I was all set for life as a painter.  Street Art began as a hobby on the side that seemed to take on a life of its own then grew and grew.  Now I see the two mediums as complimentary.  The possibilities for my drawings are infinite.

“I see drawing on walls as a beautiful challenge… the challenge of space and constraints.  Defying gravity, dancing with gravity.  The love affair continues…

“Last year I moved from Sunshine to Geelong and am enjoying the Surfcoast. I create large Street Art, often of people flying or falling.”

Insta: @babyguerrilla Facebook: @babyguerilla

Zero Plastics Australia.

“In our first year of operation we rescued just over 800kgs, or over a quarter of a million single-use plastic lids from going to landfill, waterways or worse, our oceans.”

Adam (Adz) and Ashlee (Ash) Slater co-founded and run, along with “best mate of 20 years” Zac Johns, Zero Plastics Australia; “a small family-owned business turning single-use waste into new unique and practical products”.

It was their eye-catching stall at the Geelong Circular Living Show that first grabbed my attention. Boxes, earrings, USB’s, key-rings, clipboards, pens, combs (the list goes on), seemingly forged in an explosion of colour!  After a friendly chat, I was not only inspired by learning how they make each design, but also by the story that brought about their Ballarat-based business. Adz recounts the journey:

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Jem Fuller.

The Winding Journey that Led Me to Where I’m Supposed to Be.

In the earlier chapters of my adult life, I identified as a vehemently anti-establishment, bohemian, radical, get-me-out-of-the-rat-race individual. Many years spent adventuring in the back waters of foreign lands, disappearing into the fabrics of eastern cultures, and connecting with ‘strange’ people from vastly different places, gave me perspectives no university degree ever could.

To fund these extended vagabond years, I found myself working a vast array of jobs; from fire-dancer to tattooist, motorcycle courier to kindergarten teacher, labourer to volunteer, healer to actor, singer/songwriter and too many more ventures to mention here.

In my early thirties, as a married man and new father, I realised it was time to ‘grow up’ and get a ‘real job’. Not knowing what else to do with no qualifications, I started my career as a travel consultant in a multi-national travel company. I did well enough to climb the ranks and end up in a senior leadership position with a lot of staff, plenty of zeros after the revenue numbers in the spreadsheets, the accompanying pressure to relentlessly drive net profit growth and way too many hours in a suit and tie. I was pretending to be happy.

When my father and brother both died (2009, 2010) we moved to the Great Ocean Road to be closer to family and raise our children.

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Lukey Luke.

Lukey Luke has been rockin’ tunes since his time began and this ‘Big Bang’ has been expanding through the universe of sound ever since. With a voice as big as Everest, clean, rich and reaching for the skies, you’ll be entertained in a deep blue sea of passion, energy and soul.

He has supported the likes of Rose Tattoo, Deisel, James Reyne, Russell Morris and Joe Camilleri. Forteing in solo acoustic singer/songwriting and fronting Rock bands such as “Prime Mover” and the “Diehard Dolls”. Lukey’s diversity has also taken him into musicals where he played the leading role of Judas in an award-winning production of Jesus Christ Superstar. He has also experienced his fair share of Australian Country with an appearance in the ‘Road To Tamworth Finals’.

Lukey has recently released a Double Album ‘HERE IT IS’, recorded at Lucky Boy Analogue Studios on old school pure analogue reel to reel 2 inch magnetic tape, and the Albums first Music Video ‘THINK TWICE’. ‘HERE IT IS’ spans 3 decades of song writing, refining new and old songs into one beautiful package. It is influenced by the grooves of his soul, with rock, country, blues and gospel. You can order your copy of his C.D. at

Lukey has also hosted his own Open Mic Nights in Geelong for over 15 years across many venues. He now has two venues running, from 7-10pm on a Wednesday at the premier Open Mic venue in the region BEAVS BAR and Thursday at Huxtaburger.

Lukeys Open Mic Nights, are not your regular run of the mill open mic, but a real opportunity to cut your chops on a stage that’s designed to run like a mini festival. Singer/songwriters, comedians, entertainers and variety acts get to strut their stuff on the live stage in front of a live appreciative audience. A stage for you to refine your act, improve your performance and get control of the nerves.

On top of that, he runs the Guitarbar Sunday Sessions at the Barking Dog from 2-7pm. This showcases 6 acts every week. It is a stepping stone for the Open Mic acts to aspire to play more professionally, for longer and to be paid for their performance.

So you want to perform at LUKEYS OPEN MIC NIGHTS? Check out the pinned post at and send a Direct Message to the Page with a link to your music and a date/time you would like to perform, and become part of this beautiful community of artists and entertainers.

You can also book Lukey as a Solo Act, his Duo Saxxybeast, or a Full Band for Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events.  Just call 0417 584 701

Lukey Luke socials: FB YT IG TW @lukeymusic777

Betty and Dianne.

It’s afternoon, and Betty Martin lays out a right royal spread of homemade cakes, biscuits pastries and savories that makes high tea at The Windsor look somewhat deficient.

But it’s what Betty does. From her kitchen in the large family Herne Hill home has come the makings for morning tea that over the last decade has contributed to Betty and daughter Dianne raising nearly $40,000 for the Cancer Council of Victoria.

Betty 94 and Dianne 73, with help from loyal friends, have held morning tea functions annually over nine years, providing the food and raffling and selling magnificent handmade quilts, along with all manner of functional knitted and sewn novelty items made from donated materials.

Dianne explains that the catalyst for the fundraisers was a close friend who suffered a long battle with breast cancer. While the women over the years had put effort into varied fundraising for a number of causes including Multiple Sclerosis, they decided cancer research would be a focus, and there were many willing and skilled hands to assist.

While the pandemic has cut into their event planning, the mid-year morning tea in 2021 held at the Geelong West Football & Netball Club rooms, was one of their most successful. With around 70 attending, and “so many new faces” said Dianne. It was amazing to see some exquisite handmade quilts and other items walk out the door for the price of a $2 raffle ticket.

The next morning tea being organised to raise additional funds for cancer research will feature a guest speaker from Anam Cara. It will be held on Tuesday 7 June at 10.00am at the Geelong West Football Club Rooms (West Oval), cnr Church St and Weddell Rd, North Geelong.

These events have highlighted some of the traditional skills developed by women through a need to provide the comforts and accessories for their families – that are now either lost or ignored for mass production.

“Of course I don’t get to see much of what happens,” quips the effervescent Betty. “They just say, get in the kitchen and stay there!”

Betty attributes her staying power to a sense of humour and a positive attitude. “That’s how to live to old age, you have to laugh!” And the inherent need to help others: “Both of my parents would go to any lengths to help others. And that’s the way we were raised.” 

Story and photo: Denise Civelli

Dr Bernard Shiu.

Dr. Bernard Shiu’s earliest childhood memory is of a hot summer’s day in Hong Kong, his city of birth. Together with his cousins, he experienced the taste of ice cream for the very first time. This memory appears to be reflective of his childhood surrounded by love, music and a propensity to dismantle ‘machinery’ so he could enjoy the challenges of the re assembly. Bernard’s Mum was not as enamoured as he, when an ‘upgrade’ to the television, resulted in it turning on whenever the telephone rang!

Mr Shiu senior was perhaps the initial catalyst for Bernard and medicine finding each other. His words, “Son, do not fix things that are not broken”, could be a loose paraphrase of the historical Hippocratic oath “Primum non nocere, First do no harm.”

As a child Bernard could be described as always busy; obviously a precursor to his life as an adult! He struggled to always ‘follow the rules’, which at times put him at odds with his parents and teachers. If Bernard had not pursued medicine his other life passions may have led him to be a professional jazz musician. Musicians say ‘it is the silence between the notes that makes the music’. Listening in the silence and intuitively hearing what may not be verbalised, is a skill Bernard brings to his patients and their healing.

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Geelong Waterfront Film.

Geelong Waterfront Film was officially launched over drinks and canapes at the private residence of Dr Martin Ching on Friday 29th of April.

Guests were interviewed on the Geelong Connected Communities ‘Red Carpet Extravaganza’ with hostess and local filmmaker Cassidy Krygger. 

Geelong Waterfront Film aims to encourage more filming in the Geelong region as well as supporting emerging content creators through grant opportunities.

The Foundation’s first grant was issued to director Rebecca Metcalf for her film ‘Development’.

No floating gas terminal.

No floating gas terminal for Corio Bay or anywhere in Australia. Great turn out today for the ABC news photo shoot. Well done to Geelong Renewables Not Gas and all involved.

Here’s what some big opposers have to say:

GeelongPort states “the Project should not proceed without further assessment of the environmental impacts” and the project would have “unacceptable impacts on GeelongPort and the Port of Geelong”.

Geelong Grammar School “strongly opposes the Project” due to the safety implications of expanding a major hazard facility close to their campus, climate change impacts, ecological impacts on Corio Bay and noise/air quality impacts.

They are joined by The City of Greater Geelong, the Borough of Queenscliffe, The Association of Geelong and District Angling Club, Doctors for the Environment, The Climate and Health Alliance, The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Humans in Geelong and a stack of likeminded environmental advocacy organisations in raising concerns about the proposal.