National Volunteer Week

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To celebrate National Volunteer Week 2018 (May 21 to May 27), genU in partnership with Volunteering Geelong and AFL Barwon are recognising Geelong region volunteers for their outstanding contribution to their local communities.

We’ll be recognising an amazing volunteer from the region each day of National Volunteer Week, and hosting an event on May 25 to recognise the tireless work of volunteers.

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One of the Volunteer Ambassadors (bottom left hand corner) is our own beloved team member, Bec Picone who also founded Peace of Mind. Photo: from GenU


Reconciliation in the Park.

“Reconciliation in the Park is a very valuable day because it involves everyone. Indigenous and non-indigenous people together. I enjoy teaching traditional ways of making baskets. You can never stop learning, and I’m still learning more myself.” Tells Aunty Helen Brotherton. Reconciliation in the Park is on next Sunday 27th May, 10am-3pm at Johnstone Park. It’s free and it’s fun, PLEASE SHARE.

Reconciliation COLOUR LOGO Rec in park logo jpg (002)
It’s Geelong’s leading event for Reconciliation Week and will showcase Indigenous Music, Dance, Art and Storytelling. This year sees the first public viewing of locally produced short films – Djillong: Our History, Our Story, Our Future – strengthening knowledge of local Aboriginal history and culture, a project created by the late Uncle David Tournier.

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Sound Artist, Vicki Hallett

The Kolokolo Bird said, with a mournful cry, “Go to the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees, and find out.” This is the line from Rudyard Kipling’s short story ‘The Elephant’s Child’ that inspired local musician and sound artist Vicki Hallett. Vicki completed a Bachelor of Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts, and studied clarinet before joining the Air Force as a musician participating in concerts and parades.

Vicki Hallett, Art, Music, Portrait, Clarinet, Musician

Now, she works as a freelance sound artist, which involves setting installations recording the natural environment and adapting compositions inspired by nature. On top of this fascinating work, Vicki manages the Geelong Symphony Orchestra. The Humans in Geelong team met Vicki at the Geelong City Council Arts Grant ceremony, where we listened to her story as a recipient of the personal development grant. “It was good to be given something from the local community,” Vicki said.

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Roslyn Playgroup, Fiona

Happy Mothers’ Day! ‘I feel like playgroup is all about the Mums. It’s one time of the week that I can talk about my problems and concerns and feel normal. Everyone is going through the same things. Of course, there are enormous benefits for our children too. They form lifelong friendships, often going off to sporting activities, kinders and schools together. Playgroup builds community, it gives the kids and parents familiar faces and a support network, which in turn gives the kids grounding and confidence.’ I popped over to Roslyn Playgroup on their Friday morning session to interview Fiona Thomas who has been the coordinator for the last 5 years. The experience brought back so many lovely memories having been part of this group for 8 years.

Roslyn Playgroup (2)

Sitting around the kid-sized table where the children were sharing healthy snacks, I remembered many birthday celebrations shared with my own and friends’ children around these same tables.

‘It’s a safe place for the children to play and for us to be ourselves. It makes our job as a mother so much easier if you know other parents. For a couple of hours each week I have a group of friends to talk to.

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Health & Wellbeing

Would you like to have a say in our regions’ Health and Wellbeing Plan? Please join us at a workshop that will explore the health and wellbeing priorities for the Greater Geelong community. The City of Greater Geelong are interested in the voice of the community!!

Come along to the workshops that will be delivered at 2 locations:

  • Thursday 17 May 2018 9:30am – 11:00am at the Barrabool Hills Centre, Highton
  • Thursday 17 May 2018 2:00pm – 3:30pm at the Eastern Hub (Connor Room), East Geelong

Wellbeing (2)

We’ll be discussing the following topics:

1.Improving Social Connections and Mental Wellbeing

2.Increasing Physical Activity

3.Preventing Violence and Injury

4.Access to Safe and Healthy Food

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Community Solar, Dan

Cut your electricity bills by up to 90% and help save the planet while you’re at it! A community solution to the energy crisis – together, we all benefit. Energy prices have gone up again and people are frustrated with big energy companies. Most homeowners are interested in battery storage, and we’re working as a community to provide easy to understand information and to unlock people-powered group buy discounts from high quality providers. Together, we can switch to solar and battery power, take control of our energy future, and replace big energy with community solar.

People Power Dan

Geelong Sustainability Group and Dan Cowdell (pictured here) is committed to boosting the uptake of renewable energy in the Geelong/Surf Coast region and have been researching ways to assist local residents to better understand options and to enable informed decisions.

We want to:

  1. Replace big energy with community solar, so that together we all benefit.
  2. Simplify the process of getting solar and batteries
  3. Give people a range of options, solar, batteries, solar + batteries, plus all different purchasing and finance options.
  4. Bring the benefits of community group buying power to reduce prices
  5. Give the community a trusted source for solar advice.

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Little Soup Shop

Do we have anything like this in Geelong? If so, we need to do a story on them.

Humans In Melbourne  April 12 at 5:27pm · Repost

This is the story of a little soup shop in Melbourne that makes a lot of lives better every day. But you’ve probably never heard of it…

In Centre Place, about half way down, you will come across “The Soup Place”. Out the front, you’ll see the big black kettles full of tasty soup. You will also see lots of post-it notes and that’s where the story really starts.

George, the manager, saw a pizza place in New York that allowed patrons to buy slices for the homeless. They would write their name and a little message on the note and then homeless people could come in and have a slice for free. George decided to bring this idea to Melbourne and now OVER 6,000 bowls of soup have been served to the less fortunate. People pay $3.50 for a bowl of soup that usually costs $7.50. They write on a post-it note, sometimes it’s just their name, other times it’s words of kindness like “Be safe tonight, you are important”. Everyday those that can’t afford a meal come and get a bowl of soup and some bread and when they do, a post-it note goes from the fridge to the bowls on top of the fridge to show how many people have been fed. Brilliant. 

Soup Kitchen

Today I saw 3 gentleman John, Dave and Tony digging into their soups.
“How is it gents?”
“Bloody delicious” Dave smiled.
I asked Tony how it felt to know that people care.
“You have no idea mate. It means the world.”

*I first told the story of The Soup Place two years ago today. In the days that followed hundreds and then thousands of post-it notes went up on the wall. It has been covered ever since. Today I spoke to George, the manager, and he told me that since then over 40,000 serves have been dished out to those who need it most in Melbourne! 40,000!
Melbourne, you’re amazing… and I love you.

Story and Photo: Humans In Melbourne Facebook page.