Dazzling Dan

Did you see Dazzling Dan sprinkling a dash of magic around the 2017 Humans in Geelong Expo?

Geelong’s much-loved magician, affectionately known as the Magic Man, has been performing to the public for more than 20 years.

Dan performs full time throughout Geelong, and travels across the state entertaining audiences with a combination of cheeky comedy and unexpected surprises.

Performances are often family affairs, with wife Lisa, a performing and visual arts teacher, working hard behind the scenes developing content and often appearing on stage. The pair’s daughters Lily 7, and Isabella 5, are always on hand to help or test out new material.

Dazzling Dan

Dan was recently ranked second in Australia for his impromptu magic abilities and is the Vice President of the Australian Institute of Magic. He was the first professional magician to be invited to perform in the Doug Tremlett Theatre when it opened at the Magic Manor in 2016.

Humans in Geelong caught up with the creative couple during magic moments.

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This Is My Reality, Nicci

‘What drives me is how isolated I felt when first diagnosed with Bipolar in 2001. I’ve been a passionate Mental health Advocate ever since. I couldn’t find information and the closest support group was an hour and a half away. So, within 12 months I’d started, what was at that time, only the third support group in the State’. We’re talking with Nicci Wall of This Is My Realitywww.thisismyreality.com.au PLEASE SHARE!

Nicci Geelong v Essendong Coin Toss 13-05-17 2 (002)

‘What I’ve learnt as an advocate is the biggest fear people have about opening up, is the fear of rejection and ridicule. It stops people from reaching out for help. I recommend you reach out to community services such as genUWellways and me-well. These organisations offer a gentle approach. The worst thing you can do is not reach out. I’m happy to help people with this. You can contact me nicci@thisismyreality.com.au

‘Nearly half of us will experience a mental illness at some point in our lives.All of us will go through periods of stress, sadness, grief and conflict. Sometimes the right support and treatment is lifesaving.

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Rock Off MND 2018, Peter

Rock Off MND is next Saturday January 20th at Deakin Waterfront. ‘I lost my beautiful wife, Jenny Simko, 55, to the cruel and indiscriminate Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Jen was diagnosed in August 2014 and Rock Off MND was her idea and inspiration.’ I’m talking to Peter Simko. ‘The aim of Rock Off MND is to raise awareness and much needed funds that will go into research of this dreadful disease. This is our fourth event. http://www.rockoffmnd.com.au/


www.facebook.com/rockoffmnd/ ‘There will be three performances at Rock Off MND 2018 in the attractive outdoor courtyard at Deakin Waterfront on Saturday 20th January. This year we are thrilled to feature Kate Ceberano, Woodlock and Madhouse. We hope you can come along.

‘MND is a progressive terminal neurological disease in which the nerve cells or neurons that control the muscles that enable us to move, speak, swallow and breathe slowly degenerate and eventually stop functioning.

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CRPS Support Group, Kate

‘We’ve been blown away by the response and the interest!’ Those in Geelong and region, suffering from the rare chronic pain condition CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) formerly known as RSD, have a support group that is welcoming and educational. They meet up every month on the first Wednesday and third Saturday at the South Barwon Community Centre in Belmont. We hear from Kate, who with her friend Rose, founded the support group in August 2016. ‘We are sure there are more people with CRPS within the region who would be feeling isolated, not knowing we exist. Please spread the word and SHARE this story.

CRPS Kate on left with Rose

‘We saw the need for a CRPS support group after a small group that we’d been attending at a private pain clinic ended. I wanted it to be inclusive and open to all in the Geelong region, including caregivers.

‘This is a rare neuro-inflammatory chronic pain condition but we have more than 50 people in the group. Each person thought they were alone and had no idea there were so many of us in just one town. There might be others out there who’d like to join us too.

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Arkoun, Georgie

Globally, 1,800 children under the age of five die every day from diseases linked to poor water, sanitation and hygiene. Georgie Demir, 13, who attends St Ignatius College, Geelong, is doing something in our world to Make a Difference. Please SHARE! In 2017 she travelled to Cambodia with her Mum, volunteering to build a school wash house with Head, Heart and Hand Holidays. Georgie fell in love with the Cambodian kids and wants to return to help them.

Georgie in a hole

‘They don’t have much, but they are so happy. Everyone says ‘arkoun’ which means thank you, that inspired the name of my business,’ Georgie said. She saw the good the building of hand-wash houses does, so thought about starting her own enterprise, Arkoun, to fund more projects.

Georgie was inspired by the video of an American boy who made soaps for the homeless. After much deliberation she decided to make soaps with scents with hints of Cambodia like coconut, orange, jasmine and honey. The names of the soaps are ‘Cambodian Sunshine’, ‘Hello Darkness My Old Friend’, ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Sparkle’ and ‘Bee Kind to Others’. ‘The image on the packaging is from a girl I met at one of the schools. She couldn’t speak English, and I didn’t know Khmer, but we still had a lot of fun and the friendship continues.’

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New Year’s Day sunrise, Mollie

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Our newest #humansingeelong team member, Mollie Vaughan, tells us hers. ‘After thinking it over, there is nothing that I wanted changed, I was happy were I was and at peace with the thought that at this point in time things were actually o.k.

New Year's Sunrise (002)

‘So, my only New Year’s Resolution is to keep giving love to others, to the planet, to everything I do. Because when you give love you will always receive it too.’

Mollie is in her second year studying photography at Deakin University, she is also a passionate activist for the environment.

Tell us your New Year’s Resolution.

Photo of the New Year’s Day sunrise: Mollie Vaughan

VIEW – Voice, Interest & Education of Women

1,150 disadvantaged children received a personalised card and $30 gift voucher for Christmas thanks to VIEW – Voice, Interest and Education of Women. I’ve had the pleasure of presenting to each of the four VIEW Clubs around Geelong, so now it’s their turn to talk to us. Together, VIEW Clubs around Australia sponsor over 1,150 disadvantaged students through the Smith Family’s ‘Learning for Life’ Program. The Smith Family believe education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage.


The Geelong Evening View Club have 22 members and have been running for about 25 years. The Monday I met them, they were collecting goodies for Christmas for Bethany to pass on to women who are experiencing domestic violence. Gwendy Beek who has been a member since 1995, the year after the Club was formed, had a funny story to share.

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