Mental Health Month.

October is Mental Health Month. Anna Argyros shares her experience. “3 years ago, I plucked up enough courage to organize my 1st fundraiser for mental illness, which is very close to my heart, in my hometown Geelong, with the amazing help and support from family, friends, businesses, customers and just people in general. In just 4 months, we raised the astounding amount of $42,000-00

“I was so overwhelmed with people’s generosity, I couldn’t thank them enough. Honestly, I couldn’t have done it without them.

“I wrote out a $20,000-00 cheque to Geelong Lifeline and a $20,000-00 cheque to Geelong Barwon Health Swanston Psychiatric Centre.”

Why a fundraiser for mental illness?

“I’ve been battling with this illness since childhood.

“At a young age I started having all these crazy thoughts in my head. I thought I was going mad and I didn’t belong. I was so scared to talk about it in fear of losing friends and loved ones.

“As the years went past, I was getting worse and having severe mood swings. I couldn’t function mentally or physically to the point of not being able to work, let alone do anything else. My parents realized I badly needed help and took me to our family doctor who referred me to a psychiatrist.

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Making a difference.

This lovely gentleman cycles around the Barwon River tracks picking up rubbish. One of our readers met him and thought he was worthy of an acknowledgement.

He told her he picks up cigarette butts, rubbish, dog waste bags, anything that’s not meant to be there.

Humans in Geelong like to highlight people who are making a difference. We run a Clean Up Australia site every year. We promote a number of clean up initiatives:

  •  The Victorian Government’s litter watch program invites you to volunteer to be Citizen Scientists and collect, record and catergorise rubbish from along our coastlines.
  • Take 5 for the Sea is easy, we do it anytime we go to the beach.
  • We also promote the Sea Shepard Beach clean ups.

We support environmental groups like Fridays for Future, The Surfriders Foundation, Transitions Streets and Geelong Sustainability who are holding their virtual Sustainable House Day tomorrow and Sunday. Check out their website for more details.

Geelong Renewables Not Gas will be exhibiting and speaking at our free Expo on Sunday 5th December at the Geelong Racecourse.

Pop in the comments what you do or what you’ve seen.

Thanks for sending the picture in Jenefer Hearn.

Expo change of venue.

The Geelong Racecourse has said YES to hosting the free Humans in Geelong Expo 2021. It’s Sunday 5th December 10-3pm and we are SO excited. This is a lovely large space. There are three large rooms upstairs for speakers, with beautiful views of the track. There is an undercover open space with large open doors either end for the exhibitors and a separate downstairs space for our exhibiting artists. The stage will be set up undercover to deliver non-stop music and dancing.

There will be food and drink trucks so that that you can make a day of it. There will be an interactive SES truck. We plan to have a jumping castle and animal farm in addition to all the fun that’s planned for the kids.

It is so exciting. Be sure to check out the program on our website. There will be something for everyone and everyone is welcome.

Photos of the venue supplied.


Could the hilarious Megan English be Geelong’s answer to Celeste Barber? We caught up with Megan and asked what she was up to.

“I’m frocking up for Frocktober, the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation’s annual fundraiser.  It’s heaps of fun.

“Each day of October I wear a frock and post about it on social media and my generous friends, family and followers donate.  This is my 7th year of participating and so far, I’ve raised $22,365 with a goal of a further $3000 in 2021.”

Why Ovarian Cancer? “Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynaecological cancer that claims the life of an Australian women every eight hours.  Symptoms are vague or non-existent which means that it is often not detected until at a late and difficult to treat stage.  The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation funds the search for an early detection test which would become part of women’s health screening like mammograms and pap smears.  

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Online Expo 2021 Up.

The 2021 Humans in Geelong Online Expo is up and available to watch on our YouTube channel. There are 36 fun, inspiring, local videos in the 2021 Online Expo playlist. They are available to be watched ongoing. We’d like to say a huge thank you to team member Sarah Treacy who coorindated this project and uploaded all the videos. It’s brilliant! Several of the videos have been made by our photographer Phil Hines. Congratulations to all involved. It makes us very proud to be part of this creative community.

Here’s the link

Save the date – Sunday December 5th for the exciting in-person Humans in Geelong Expo 2021.

Humans in Geelong are a team of dedicated volunteers who aim to inspire, connect and strengthen community by telling the inspiring stories of locals who are making a difference.

Online Expo tomorrow.

Hooray! Our Online Expo premieres from 9am tomorrow, Sun 10th of Oct. There are 35 diverse, inspiring, local videos that can be watched in order, or individually. Watch them on the day or ongoing. They’re in the 2021 Humans in Geelong Online Expo playlist on our YouTube channel.

A list of all the fun videos is in our last post.

Save the date – SUN DEC 5th for the free in-person Humans in Geelong Expo 2021. The program is on our website.

Thanks Tessa for the shout out in today’s GT. Photo of a member from the Widyaluvtari Indonesian Dance Group who performed at our Expo 2019, taken by Jake Langenegger.

2021 Humans in Geelong Online Expo.

Our Online Expo premieres from 9am this Sunday 10th of October. There are 35 diverse, inspiring, local videos that can be watched in order, or individually. Watch them on the day or ongoing. They’re in the 2021 Humans in Geelong Online Expo playlist on our YouTube channel.

2021 Online Expo Playlist (in order):

‘Bells Beach – Wadawurrung Country’ featuring Corrina Eccles at Bells Beach, filmed for the Surf Coast Shire.

‘Welcome’ from our team. The Humans in Geelong volunteer team aim to inspire, connect and strengthen community.

‘The Dance’, produced by Humans in Geelong, music by Andrea Robertson, highlighting many groups and individuals who are making a difference.

Chloe Hayden tells us ’10 more things not to say to Autistic People’.

Sandy J of Rise Up offers support to women in abusive relationships.

Baker Boy, ‘My Mind’ filmed at Geelong Waterfront and on the Surf Coast.

The Empowerment Challenge ’16 on a bus and pregnant’ support for young mums.

The Geelong Crusaders.

‘Mozart’s Forte’ by 12-year-old Charlie.

‘Les’s Story’ of Homelessness and support from Lazarus House.

Geelong Lithuanian Dance Group.

‘Covid Safe Greetings’, produced by The Bluebird Foundation featuring an original rap by Baraka the Kid (Fiston Baraka).

‘Back from the Dead’ Geelong Cemetery Tours.

‘Tammy’s Donor, me and UooUoo’, Royal Children’s Hospital 150th Anniversary Art Trail.

‘Covid Safe Birthdays’, produced by The Bluebird Foundation featuring an original rap by Baraka the Kid (Fiston Baraka).

OneCare Geelong ‘Jason’s Story’ creating community and supporting those in need.

‘The Flat Note – is anyone actually surviving in the most locked down State in the World?’ Piano Bar Geelong, produced by TorchT.

‘Covid Safe Gatherings’, produced by The Bluebird Foundation featuring an original rap by Baraka the Kid (Fiston Baraka).

‘Mangroves, Vanguards of the Sea’ environmental statement made through a collaborative art exhibition.

‘GROW’, Peer led Mental Health support.

‘Story Dogs’ giving young school students success with reading.

Jacklyn Foster, artists tells us about being a ‘Full time creative during a Pandemic’.

‘Protect Corio Bay from a Gas Hub’ produced by Geelong’s Fridays for Future.

‘I-SLAM Poetry, Different Voices, One Journey.’

‘Letters’ by performance group Fresh Creative Entertainment.

Combined Refugee Action Group Myth Busters Panel.

‘Recreate your Childhood, it’s never too late’ skater Yavisht takes us for a spin around town.

‘Encompass’, support for those in need.

Deb Taylor, Contemporary Abstract Artist studio tour.

Soroptimists International Geelong.

‘The Geelong Bird Report’ by Craig Morley, life member of the Geelong Field Naturalists.

Liam’s Art.

‘Halloween Jack in the Box’ by The Mik Maks.

‘Become a Raise Youth Mentor’.

Cameron Ling tells us the benefits of becoming a Raise Youth Mentor.

‘Lovely’, duet by Alexis Warden and Ben Humphreys, music by Kym Dillon.

ENJOY! Save the date – December 5th for the in-person Humans in Geelong Expo. The program for this exciting event is on our website. Love to all.


Occasionally, you meet a really young person who has what I’d like to call an ‘old soul’, someone very mature & thoughtful beyond their years. I instinctively knew this applied to 8 year old Willow, who I met a couple of years ago, when I had an art & craft market stall @Anglesea Indoor Market which is run by her Mother, Mandy.

She was always writing stories, playing with her beautiful puppy Rusty & even making little signs for stall holders to put on their stalls etc.

So it was no surprise, that in the midst of yet another lockdown & all the frustrations & uncertain times, I saw an article in the Geelong Advertiser showing how young Willow set out to make the people of the beautiful seaside town of Anglesea smile again.

Willow told me that her mother had a Penguin Sand Mould & Willow talked to her Mum about her plans to make some on the main beach at Anglesea.

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Diversity Theatre Project.

We’re excited to announce that a documentary about the Diversity Theatre Project – an innovative project developed by Diversitat in collaboration with Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-Operative and Geelong Rainbow Inc. will feature on SBS this Friday at 2pm.

This Federal Health Department funded initiative is aimed at senior members of Geelong’s Indigenous, LGBTI+ and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities and is centred around the health and well-being advantages of participation in the Performing Arts.

 Initially the theatre troupe were to produce a show to be performed at Geelong’s Costa Hall. The documentary will explore the journey from pre-COVID production to COVID reality.

 Find out more: Diversity Theatre Project Premiering on SBS | FRI 1 OCT 2PM – Diversitat

Behind the scenes EXCLUSIVE – Join us for a free panel discussion with the participants & directors of the Diversity Theatre Project. FRIDAY 8 OCTOBER. 12PM–1.30PM

 For a first-hand and in-depth exploration into the production you are also invited to join the directors and participants for an online panel discussion presented by Immigration Museum.

 Get your FREE tickets >…/creative-connections/

Information and photo supplied by Diversitat Geelong.

Mrs Chook.

On December 5th, meet Elaine and her chooks at the Humans in Geelong Expo 2021, Deakin Waterfront 10-3pm. Check out the full program on our website.

I caught up with Elaine this morning at Point Lonsdale. She and her chooks visit the beach there 8am every Tuesday morning.

There are more photos on our Instagram.

This is Mrs Chook and she loves to swim.