Reclaim the Night 2019.

Reclaim the Night is a global women’s protest against men’s violence. It allows women and their communities to come together to speak out against violence and to celebrate strength.

Last night Reclaim the Night was held in Geelong, to launch the Barwon Month of Action. The aim is to raise awareness and stop Men’s violence towards women and children. There are many events and all are welcome.

Reclaim the Night 19

Let’s make violence against women history! This year the Barwon Month of Action wants to challenge the violent history of silencing women. HERSTORY aims to elevate the voices of women both past and present and will recognise and celebrate women of our First Nation, women of all backgrounds and cultures, their stories, their struggles and their achievements.

It was great to see so many at Reclaim the Night, including students from Clonard College.

Climate Change, John Foss.

“Climate change is having a huge impact around the globe now. This is no future holocaust (although things will get worse). As sea levels rise, we are starting to see more coastal impacts around Australia. Scientists have been predicting the impact of Climate Change for 30 years. Today we are seeing those impacts almost on a daily basis.” We hear from John Foss, award winning filmmaker and member of the Surfrider Foundation Surf Coast Branch.

Surf riders Foundation

“North of Newcastle little Stockton Beach has been hit by a series of ocean storms that have eroded its beach. A local childcare centre next to the beach has been shut while roads and houses are also at risk of falling into the ocean.

“Port Beach near Fremantle has also been hit by storms that have closed beach restaurants and carparks. The scenario is familiar. Sea storms hitting the coast during high tides is leading to significant erosion taking away the sand that protects coastal infrastructure. Our sea levels may only be rising by 5mm a year but we are starting to see real impacts on king tides during storm events.

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Elwyn Davies.

“Dad, what are you thinking? You’re 71. You can’t start a tour company.”

The ducks weren’t lining up that day. No business background. No tourism background.

In fact, not much more than a belief that this was something that I could do.

I drove for Uber for a while and was surprised at the number of people trying to head to a couple of wineries but couldn’t find a tour operator or service that could accommodate their needs.

Elwyn Geelong Winery Tours

Enter ‘yours truly’. I did some research and decided that this was not only possible, but also needed.

At least that‘s what I thought and it was enough to get me going.

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Hope for the Future.

“I’m not sure how I would have got through those months and years without HOPE.”

“It was a necessity for me to cope with what had happened and what was ahead.”

“I was so grateful that HOPE was available to attend.”

Hope Bereavement Tracey Paech

Hope Bereavement Care (HOPE) is a Geelong based not for profit offering free information, support and counselling when grieving the death of a baby or child, the sudden and unexpected death of an adult and those experiencing the loss after suicide.

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Irene Mombi Bakulikira.

Active and energetic, living life by positive affirmations for herself and others, and inspiring the community through her enlightening and uplifting personality. This is Irene. “I was born in a small town called Ngweshe in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“I did not see or spend much time in my homeland. All I remember is disturbing stories of war told by my parents, and the difficulties they experienced handling five children under the age of 5 during the war. I grew up in a small town called Muchatha in Kenya.

Irene by Brandon Dellow

“My childhood was tough and I never could be able to compare my difficult life in Kenya to the privileged life most Australian kids have.  After 10 years of hardship and struggles in Kenya, my family was accepted to come to Australia.

“We arrived in Geelong in September 2010. Being in Australia has enabled me to fulfil my education dreams I once dreamt of as a little girl. I am currently in my third year at Deakin University, studying a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Teaching (Secondary).

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Photos, Humans in Geelong Expo 2019.

Jake Langenegger volunteered as photographer at the Humans in Geelong Expo on Sunday. There’s a lovely story behind it. He’d been a student at Fyans Park Primary School where our chief volunteer photographer Phil Hines use to be Principal.
One day while Phil was inside the fence, taking photos of the Geelong Cats game at Kardinia Park. Jake leaned towards the fence and called out. ‘G’day Mr Hines. That’s where I want to be one day.’
When our star photographer wasn’t available to take shots at the Expo, he thought of Jake. We love giving opportunities to up and coming stars! Thanks for the stunning photos Jake, we are happy to give you a reference anytime and hopefully be a pathway to work.
Thanks to all our volunteer photographers at the Expo. We couldn’t have done it without you. Here are the links to their beautiful photos. Please share and credit the photographer.

Photos by volunteer photographer Jake Langenegger

Photos by our talented team member Vic Downey.

Photos by volunteer photographer Jade Craven of Geelong Street Photography who has volunteered at all three Expos.…/1559008…/sets/72157711223951212

Thanks for generously sharing your photos Michael Chambers of the Surf Coast Times.

Expo Widya

Photo of Widya Luvtari Indonesian Dancer taken by Jake Langenegger.

Homage to Colour, Shamana Seery.

Geelong artist Shamana Seery radiates a positive force, as do her paintings, which she will display at the Humans in Geelong Expo on tomorrow, Sunday October 6, 10-3pm at Deakin Waterfront. She will be one of 50 exhibitors: artists, authors, creatives, sustainability groups, action groups and community groups. Come and celebrate all things great Geelong!

Seery Shamana Art

Shamana has been painting for 17 years and has trained as an art therapist, intentional creativity coach for women and a primary teacher. Despite her years of creative experience academically and practically, Shamana is studying Visual Arts at Gordon TAFE this year, motivated to add jewellery making, print making and sculpture to her skill set.

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