Affordable Housing, Geelong Sustainability

Do you despair about ever owning your own home? Here is your opportunity to find out about more affordable housing options from leading experts in urban planning and architecture.  Geelong Sustainability’s first Clever Living Seminar for 2019 will showcase a range of citizen-led housing developments where residents control the design of their own high quality, sustainable and collective housing.

Clever Living

The seminar will be held at the High Ground Dome of the Geelong Regional Library on Tuesday 5th March from 6.30-8.30pm.

We hear more from Geelong Sustainability’s President, Vicki Perrett.

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Clean Up Australia, Phoebe & James

“Hi, we’re the environmental leaders at Highton Primary School, Phoebe Wright and James Zerafa, from Grade 6. Clean Up Australia Day is this Sunday, March 3rd and we’re running our School Clean Up Australia event, leading up to the day. We’re both really passionate about the environment.”

Clean Up P&J1

Phoebe adds “My family are part of Geelong Sustainability. I live near the beach and know about Take3fortheSea where people are encouraged to pick up rubbish off the beach and take it home. I’m passionate about keeping the beach clean.”

James implores “Please don’t drop rubbish, it’s bad for the environment and animals. It ends up in our waterways and gets swept out to sea. I’ve seen terrible pictures of sea creatures entangled in rubbish. We’re really proud of all the kids who helped clean up our school yard and at assembly next week we are going to ask the students to make sure they don’t drop any more rubbish. We hope heaps of people go out on Sunday and help Clean Up Australia.”

Go to to find a Clean Up Site near you.

Food and Mood Centre, Professor Felice Jacka.

Most of us have heard the saying ‘You are what you eat’, but have you ever considered that what you eat also affects your mental and brain health? We caught up with Director of the Food & Mood Centre at Deakin University, Professor Felice Jacka to find out how this team of researchers are linking healthy diets to healthy minds.


Deakin University’s Food & Mood Centre is unique in the world in its focus on Nutritional Psychiatry. “Our primary aim is the development of new and targeted prevention and treatment strategies for mental disorders that are based on dietary modification.”  Professor Jacka explains that the ground-breaking research conducted so far by the Food & Mood Centre has revealed that unhealthy diets are a risk factor for depression across the lifespan and that changing a person’s diet can assist in overcoming clinical depression.  Professor Jacka calls Ocean Grove home, but has been travelling globally to present this information to the world.

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Geelong Dragons.

“It’s the most incredible bunch of human beings you’d ever imagine,” proclaimed Luke Massey, the filmmaker behind upcoming television series ‘Be Dragons’ which follows the creation of Geelong’s first ever football team for people with disabilities – the Geelong Dragons. “Some of the stuff these people have been through, it would have broken me. But they just turn up and they smile the whole time. They have ups and downs like any footy team, but they’re so positive. They’re finally belonging to something that they’ve never been able to do. To them, they’re playing AFL.

Geelong Dragons

“Geelong’s a pretty footy-mad town, it’s sort of like our identity. The Football Integration Development Association (FIDA) has been running for a few years but Geelong never had a team in it. There were one or two players who used to travel on the train to Melbourne. They’d leave at seven in the morning then get back at eight o’clock at night.

“The idea of making the team started with Tim Downes at Leisure Networks. They do an amazing job of putting together sport, recreation and all sorts of activities for young people who have disabilities. He looked into what leagues might be available and decided on the Western Districts League to start with.

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Hi. My name is Ned Lancaster. I am 10 years old and in Grade 6 at Clairvaux Catholic Primary School. I am going to shave my head to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Ned World's Greatest Shave x

I started to grow my hair when I was in Grade 3. When it started to get longer, I thought that it would be a good idea to grow it as long as I could and then shave it for the World’s Greatest Shave charity.

As it was growing, a lot of people commented that I had such great hair and that lots of people would love to have it. This gave me the idea to donate the hair to kids who had lost their hair from sickness through a charity called @Hair with Heart. I was going to shave in Grade 5, but my hair wasn’t long enough, so I had to wait another year. It’s finally long enough to make in to wigs, so on March 13th (which is also my 11th birthday) I am going to shave it all off.

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Saver Plus, Bethany

“Did you know, you could receive up to $500 to go towards educations costs. Saver Plus is a matched savings and financial education program which is offered locally by Bethany Community Support. PLEASE SHARE. Saver Plus assists individuals and families on lower incomes to build their savings for educational costs and improve their financial management skills.”

SaverPlus (2)

Saver Plus:

         Matches savings for education costs dollar-for-dollar up to $500

         Includes fun, informal financial education workshops

         Provides assistance and support to establish a savings goal and develop a savings habit

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Walk for Johno, Bek.

“Dad died suddenly and unexpectedly 4 years ago of a heart attack and it left us shattered. He was a very healthy 63-year-old who loved walking, so as a tribute we decided to hold a ‘Walk for Johno’.” We hear from Johno’s daughter, Bek Spencer. “This will be the fourth ‘Walk for Johno’ and the last due to family and work commitments, so we want it to be the biggest and the best.

WFJ_60 (1) (002)

“The walk aims to raise awareness of heart disease and bring sufferers and their loved ones together. We’re on track to raise over a $100,000 for The Heart Foundation, we’ve raised $73k so far. We hope our support of The Heart Foundation will help to stop this tragedy happening to other families. Mum and Dad had been married since they were 20. He was a very community minded man and loved by all.

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