With One Voice Community Choir, Rodney.

“There is a lot to be said for being part of a chorus of 60 or more folk from all walks of life who just love to sing.” Rodney Smith is one of the inspired members of Geelong’s With One Voice (WOV) Community Choir. Watch them perform at the Humans in Geelong Expo on Sunday 6th Oct at 11am Deakin Waterfront.

WOVC Rod Sarah Treacy

“Inspiration was natural for me. I was a member of a choir in my previous home in the USA. I moved back home to Australia after suffering 4 debilitating strokes. Not only was choir something I wanted to get back to, but it has been shown to be pivotal in brain development/recovery giving me a double incentive to get back into singing.”

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World Heart of Connection Day, Mark.

“Heal thy Self ~ Heal Mother Earth!” That is Mark Randall’s favourite quote that has come into my consciousness. “Through tragic events, the World connects, with compassion for humanity and our planet. World Heart of Connection Day is bringing that same sense of compassion and humanity by uniting at a synchronised time, to meditate and radiate love and blanket Mother Earth with collective healing.

World Heart of Connection Day

“Together we can make a difference. Everyone is welcome from midday, with a prompt 12.30 start to the Bunya Lawn at the Geelong Botanical Gardens on Wednesday 4th of September. Our special guest MC is radiant @RoxieBennett. Among others, live music, will be performed by by Colleen McCosh, Niki Humm & @lukemassey 11 year old daughter Zara.

“At precisely 1pm there will be 11 minutes of guided meditation which will finish at 1:11pm.  Crystal sound bowls for sound healing will be played.” We hear more from organiser Mark Randall.

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The Fire Ants, Valentina.

“The Fire Ants are a horrible pest: they are hard to detect, difficult to kill and spread like… well… fire. They are one of the world’s most invasive species.”

Valentina Di Marco is a mother, a world citizen, a Geelong local, and a scientist, whose skills are currently helping to solve one of Australia’s largest environmental problems caused by a relatively small pest; Fire Ants.  If you haven’t heard of Fire Ants before, Valentina explains just how much of a risk they pose.

Fire Ants Valentina to use

“In highly infested areas, all outdoor activities, such as barbecues, picnics and sporting events may no longer be possible. Their bite is really painful, and this is where their name comes from as the sting sensation is similar to a burn. They are aggressive and push away other species that are a useful part of the ecosystem. They can also cause serious damage to electrical equipment. I think it is a lot of fun applying some very theoretical mathematical knowledge in getting rid of such a menace!”

Valentina has found a research project that could have an immediate and positive impact on our environment.

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Humans in Geelong vlogs.

Humans in Geelong team members @kimelisecooper and @thejessemalthouse are producing volgs (video blogs) to help inspire, connect and strengthen our community. You can catch up with these two amazing stars at our Humans in Geelong Expo 2019 on Sun 6 Oct 10-3pm Deakin Waterfront. Kim is our MC and Jesse will be delivering an inspiring talk, the time of which will be confirmed on our website. Both will also be at the Humans in Geelong Book Launch, where Kim will be the MC and singing. Thanks for following Humans in Geelong and sharing our stories!

Geelong Design Week 2020.

Geelong Design Week will be held from 19-29 March 2020. Humans in Geelong pride ourselves on being creative and doing things differently. We’ll be putting in a submission to participate, will you?

“The inaugural theme for Geelong Design Week 2020 is ‘doing it differently’. We are all designers in our own way. Each of us has an intrinsic design connection that gives structure to how we live, work, learn and play. In March 2020, Geelong Design Week will explore new ideas, challenge what is possible and showcase our design achievements. Geelong is an evolving, dynamic city with a deep sense of place and a strong industrial past. We embrace change to build a clever and creative future.” We hear from Nerilee Jones of the City of Greater Geelong.

Geelong Design Week 2020

“Applications are now open at www.geelongdesignweek.com.au and will close on September 30 so there’s plenty of time to get your submission in. I encourage you to talk about Geelong Design Week with your friends, work colleagues and wider community networks. We invite you to work with us in building a quality program that is representative of the amazing talent and stories to share in the Geelong community.”

Geelong Mayor added in a post on Aug 15, “It is a chance to showcase why we are Australia’s only UNESCO city of design.”

Story: Jacqui Bennett. Photo: supplied


Vote for Brandon Dellow.

Amazing Humans in Geelong team member Brandon Dellow is one of only a couple of Geelong’s representatives in the running to receive $10,000 for his cause but he needs our VOTES! It’s easy, just leave your name and email at https://gourmetpieguy.brumbys.com.au/profile/brandon-dellow/

Brandon Pie Guy

Brandon is a caring, giving member of the Geelong community. He’s an advocate for mental health, cultural diversity, equal opportunities, Human Rights, education, homelessness, the community and Type 1 Diabetes having lived experience. Working in a secondary school, as well as a Youth Activities Officer for the local council, he is also studying Secondary Education and aims to teach English in the Middle East.

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Humans in Geelong Book Launch.

This brightly-coloured aircraft hangar at Armstrong Mount Duneed is coming to life early in September when we hold our Humans in Geelong Book Launch there. It’ll be showcased to and warmed by hundreds of the changemakers in our community at this exciting event. Entertainment on the night will be provided by Kim Cooper. We’ll hear from The Mayor of Geelong and Ange Liston-Mccaughley of The Type1 Foundation. Villawood Properties are proud to offer this space free of charge to community groups like ours.

Hangar1 (002)

“It can work as a regular meeting place for groups looking for a home, as a pop-up venue for meetings, exhibitions, installations, Book Launches – all sorts of things. We’re not using The Hangar at the moment and we’d love to see it being utilised by the community,” offers Rory Costelloe, Executive Director of Villawood.

“Villawood is always conscious of community groups and their needs, especially smaller, fledging groups in new areas like Armstrong.”

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