Atmospheric Lab.

Sandpit and Geelong Gallery work together to create a unique and personal immersion based on the work of beloved Australian artist Clarice Beckett.

Opening on 1 April, Geelong Gallery presents its next major ticketed exhibition: Clarice Beckett—Atmosphere, to be shown exclusively in Geelong. This much anticipated exhibition will include rarely seen works from private collectors displaying over 60 exquisite paintings dating from 1919 to the early 1930s.

Experience design studio Sandpit have worked with Geelong Gallery to create a unique interpretation of the artist’s modernist style. Visitors will enter the Atmospheric Lab, an immersive environment which connects Clarice Beckett’s tonal style to a location that is meaningful to the visitor.

Atmospheric Lab is a room surrounded by three large wall projections. In the middle of the room a table with a tablet will invite individuals to enter the location of a place that holds meaning to them: this could be the street they grew up on; the location of a first date, or somewhere of meaning to their family. Photographic street view imagery of the chosen location will then project across the three walls and simultaneously blend the image in a style similar to Clarice Beckett’s characteristic soft-focus, immersing the visitor in their own personalised artwork.

Sandpit co-founder Dan Koerner said, ‘It is such a privilege to work with Geelong Gallery on extending the visitor experience for Clarice Beckett enthusiasts. Bringing stories to life and creating meaningful experiences is always at the heart of what we do here at Sandpit. With Atmospheric Lab we’re offering visitors a personal encounter with one of Australia’s greatest female artists, which is bound to stir up some emotions and provide a memorable experience.’

Photos: 1. Hails & Shine. 2. Geelong Gallery Filter by Sandpit.

Briohny Fitzgerald.

We hope that in sharing these stories, we can help to reduce the stigma and taboo surrounding death & dying, to assist our community in healing, and preparing for one of life’s inevitable challenges. ‘Humans of Kings Funerals’ is a short series opening the door to locals who work in funeral service, their purpose, and their lives within our shared community.

In this fifth episode, we meet Briohny Fitzgerald, Operations Manager at Kings Funerals. We learn how her role helps the Kings team serve bereaved families and why she left the surf industry for this rewarding position.

“You learn to not sweat the small stuff, your priorities completely realign when you come into work because life is short, make the most of it.” Briohny Fitzgerald – Torquay local.

Priscilla Prescott

Getting into politics was an accidental journey for former councillor Priscilla Prescott. From humble beginnings as a tennis association tennis secretary, Priscilla went on to follow in her mother’s footsteps in local government.

Priscilla was on the South Barwon Council from 1977 to 1993 and was closely involved in the community. One of her first battles on the council was to have a lift installed at the swimming pool. No one else saw a need for people with a disability to use the upstairs area, but Priscilla fought for it. She became the representative for the Geelong Technical School, and helped elect Edna Russell as the first female principal at the school.

Having joined the Australian Local Government Women’s Association as a councillor, Priscilla started exploring ways women could be more prominent in the community. She decided that the Water Board needed to be represented by more women and nominated herself for it, becoming successful on her second attempt. Not one to sit back passively, Priscilla immediately got to work ensuring the proper meeting procedures were being followed. At the first State Association Water Board Conference in Warrnambool, Priscilla walked out when the speaker made an inappropriate sexist remark. She followed up by moving that the Association constitution should use more gender inclusive language instead of using ‘man’ and ‘he’ as default terms. It took years and much pushback, but eventually the Board agreed.

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Wurriki Nyal.

Wurriki Nyal, City of Greater Geelong’s new  administration and customer service centre was open to the people of Geelong on Saturday February 18th.

Meaning ‘speak and talk together’ in local Wadawurrung language, Wurriki Nyal was showcased with tours, activities and meet and greets by the team.   

The building incorporates timber design, solar panels and world-class waste systems among other design ratings that make it one of the most sustainable local government buildings in Australia.

It also connects and honours Wadawurrung heritage with exterior landscaping and interior design across the site.

Workers within the building are encouraged to ride to work and space is set aside for bike storage and charging. The transition from home to workspace also made smoother with showers, kitchen and dining facilities and desks that can be accessed across several levels.

The building is also designed to be a safe and inclusive space for visitors and staff alike with accessibility a key focus.

It honours the history of Geelong settlement,  inspired by the industrial and agricultural past, while servicing the growing community across the Geelong region.

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Friend in Me Fun Day.

Louise is a loving wife and devoted mother of three girls (Giselle, Florence and Annabelle) and in April 2023, will be adding a baby boy into the Larkin clan. She and her team at Friend in Me are planning the first, all-inclusive Geelong Family Fun Day. When Louise learnt back in 2016, that children were missing out on going to parties her heart broke and she knew she had to make a change so Friend In Me was born.

Be part of the fun from 11am-2pm at Geelong Racecourse, 99 Breakwater Road, Breakwater on Saturday 25th February.

Louise’s professional career began in hospitality and events at Crown Melbourne and she has never looked back.

When she was on maternity leave with her daughter Giselle she started a mums support group ‘West Assured Mums’ to help mothers on the journey of parenthood through trust, kindness and friendship.

Louise loves nothing else than seeing other people smile, especially our children.

Louise is committed to breaking the stigma of any child left behind and feeling lonely.

For most of us, childhood is a collection of our life’s most precious moments. It should be a time when we are worry free and our days filled with endless fun, games, and laughter.

Sadly, hundreds of kids don’t get this opportunity to make these lifelong, cherished memories as they appear ‘different’ and are excluded.

ONE in SIX Australian children experience social exclusion.

The physical, emotional, and mental effects of this can be lifelong. It can affect children’s sleep, educational achievements, behaviour and cause depression and anxiety.

Children become aware of their social rejection from around the age of eight.

Friend In Me is a charity that is on a crusade to break the cycle of exclusion and prevent the negative effects in childhood and adulthood.

‘We want to reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation that children can experience by bringing families together to meet, share, laugh and connect with each other,” shares Friend in Me Founder, Louise Larkin.

Friend in Me’s goal is to have reached 5,000 families by 2025. By 2030 Friend In Me wants to make sure that no child is left behind.

Friend In Me has partnered with Bendigo Community Bank, The Bisnella Group and a number of local businesses to break the stigma of any child left behind and feeling lonely with their first, all-inclusive Geelong Family Fun Day.

Challenge Brain Cancer, Emily.

Emily received her Brain Cancer diagnosis in October 2018 at the age of 4 and has been involved with the Peace of Mind Foundation’s Brain Cancer Support Program since its inception in 2021.

Help the Peace of Mind Foundation, Challenge Brain Cancer and raise funds to get more Brain Cancer Support Workers available to families like Emily’s! Peace of Mind was founded in Geelong.

The link to the challenge brain cancer page is and the link to Emily’s t-shirt raising funds for challenge brain cancer is



Explore – Excite – Experience. Is a beautiful new playgroup that will gather at Rippleside Park to explore nature, foster strong connections to each other and the land we gather upon. The sessions are predominantly child-led. Parents are encouraged to follow their child’s lead, enjoy the freedom of unstructured nature-based play and to have fun!

“We hope to bring so much joy and child-based learning to Geelong families by learning through play and forging strong connections with nature.”

“Open-ended play encourages children to think critically, reason and self-regulate. It ignites imagination and creativity, and provides a calming way to help process emotions. It helps children develop independence and build leadership skills. It promotes cognitive flexibility and social awareness.”

Bookings are now open, so please get in touch. We’ll meet from Thursday 9th February from 10-11.30 at Rippleside Park. Insta: @explore.excite.experience or Facebook @EEE or email Please share.

Jean Bohulslav.

You can see the calmness in people as they progress through the course. It’s the best way to live your life! I’ve been teaching Meditation and Mindfulness for about 20-25 years. We’ve been living in Torquay for 16 years. My husband was initially interested in this and now I live my life by it. 

We work on calming our minds, diminishing the constant chatter so as to limit the number of desires and debilitating emotions. We look at what we identify with as a human being and its relationship to consciousness and the world around us.

We discuss information, then put what we’ve learnt together into daily practise. Then we revisit it the following week to reflect on our achievements. I’ve had people say, in as little as 6 months, how they get on better with their family, friends and the challenging events that come up in life.

I will be starting two new classes in Meditation and Mindfulness, in the day this year for retired people at U3A (University of the 3rd Age).  From 1st of February in Grovedale and the 16th of February in Torquay. I find it’s a wonderful way to enrich my life while giving back to the community.

U3A is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers.  Just $60 per year will cover anyone to attend as many classes weekly as they like.  Classes range from Computer Literacy to water colour painting, talks, calligraphy, poetry etc. They run all day over the school year timetable.

There are many lonely elderly people who don’t know about U3A.  I have formed many friendships there and miss the classes myself when there are holidays.

If interested call Jean Bohulslav 0352 647484.

Or register at U3A Geelong or Surf Coast


Shannon Alexander.

We hope that in sharing these stories, we can help to reduce the stigma and taboo surrounding death & dying, to assist our community in healing, and preparing for one of life’s inevitable challenges. ‘Humans of Kings Funerals’ is a short series opening the door to locals who work in funeral service, their purpose, and their lives within our shared community.

In this fourth episode we meet Shannon Alexander, one of the Funeral Arrangers at Kings Funerals. We learn more about what is involved in creating a funeral and how Shannon seeks balance in her life outside of work.

“If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s just that humans want to be listened to” Shannon Alexander – Bellarine local.