Geelong Relay For Life turns 20!

“I love being at the event overnight – it is quiet and a little darker with the overhead lights around the oval…I love watching people of all ages walking the track at 3, 4, and 5am and into sunrise – I love the look on their faces of peace and contentment. They should be tired and looking forward to a sleep – but no – they are walking the track with a family member, a friend, chatting to each other or by themselves.  They are walking for their Mum or Dad, sister or brother; for their best mate or a work mate. Or for someone they don’t know that well.”


Anne Miller describes the rewarding experience of being involved with Relay For Life, a major fundraising event supporting Cancer Council Victoria. Geelong’s Relay For Life is celebrating 20 years this year, please join in to make it the biggest and best yet!

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The climate is in dire straits. I felt a need to act and you can too!  PLEASE SHARE! Where other than to ours local MPs? I have made the commitment to sit outside my MP’s office every Friday. We hear their views, but ours are not heard when it is not in their interest. Emails, phone calls and letters rarely get answered. But, with an election coming up, they might start to listen.

caroline danaher

When I arrive, I hand a letter to Sarah Henderson MP explaining my reason for ‘visiting’. I am 75 so I shall be there till I die, every Friday, or until inertia is resolved and there is more action on climate change. I was inspired by Greta Thunberg, 15 of Sweden.

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Jack Nyhof.

“My dream has always been to make a difference within my community. I was 14 when Krock was broadcasting live from the Avalon Airshow. The news reader suggested I volunteer at 94.7 The Pulse. I fell in love with journalism and ended up being with 94.7 The Pulse for 4 years.” We hear from passionate journalist, Jack Nyhof.

jack nyhof

“I realised how powerful story telling is and how it can create positive change. Experience on Pulse TV led me to purchasing my first camera last summer and I’ve delighted in making short videos since. In 2018 I studied media in Year 12 at Geelong High and won the Principal’s Award whilst also studying journalism at Deakin University through their Accelerate course for which I won the Deakin Accelerate Award for outstanding achievement.

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Aaron Skinner, Piano Bar.

“I left Geelong at 18 after being chased and beaten up outside the Eureka. I never thought I’d be back, let alone be helping to run one of Geelong’s top venues.” We hear from Aaron Skinner of the Piano Bar. “I left for London thinking I’d take a 6 month break before Uni but I ended up staying for over 3 years. I worked in bars and travelled around Europe at every opportunity.

aaron skinner by amy page

“When I did eventually return to Australia, my friends had finished Uni. I, on the other hand, decided to put all my travel experience to good use and picked up a job at Qantas, working my way up from the call centres to managing the Alice Springs Airport. This led to managing all the Northern Territory airports, from Darwin.

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The Porch Sessions.

Hey party goers, The Porch Sessions is coming to Geelong, this Sunday! How cool is this, no-one knows where the party is until 24 hours before. Musicians Jack The FoxHarrison Storm & Alana Wilkinson are in convoy from Queensland to South Australia, “crossing the country by day, and transforming backyards by night. With dirt in our fingernails and smiles on our faces. So, pack a bean bag, and roll down to one of these gorgeous little secret backyard shows. We’d adore to see you there.” From the Porch Session.

Sunday’s Geelong Porch Session is from 4pm, kids are welcome (this is an all ages event) and it’s BYO picnic, drinks, cushions and blankets. Hope to see you there. Humans in Geelong INSPIRE – CONNECT – STRENGTHEN our community by celebrating opportunites, creativity, health and wellness.

porch session

Photo: The Porch Sessions


Study Geelong.

Did you know there are close to 4,000 International Students from around 90 different nationalities, studying in Geelong? Think about how great this is for our economy. On top of the tuition fees paid, international students spend over $56 million dollars a year in the Geelong region. It is also a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about their culture and for them to learn about Australia. Please make our visiting students feel welcome.

study.geelong-130 (002)

They attend twelve higher education and secondary schools in Geelong. The students come to Geelong where they enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle compared to capital cities and feel welcomed by the local community. At a recent event held at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club, an educator fondly remarked on seeing students who had returned home after study now returning with their families to make Geelong their home.

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Litter Champions.

Calling all Litter Champions! Fancy being a citizen scientist? Could you spare one hour each month? If yes, Caring for our Bays litter audit program needs you! You’ll become one of our Litter Hotspot Monitors. You’ll be allocated a specific location, gain simple training, equipment, data sheets and support. And you’ll get to clean up our local environment!

Litter Champions

Unassigned hotspots include: Limeburners boat ramp, Cunningham Pier, Officeworks Geelong CBD, Queenscliff Ferry and Burnt Point in Queenscliff. For more info visit our facebook site Caring for our bays or contact project coordinator Angie Poole at or phone 0478 777 306.

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