Omid Qayummi.

“My mum worked very hard for us, working in many different places such as an almond factory, shoe factory and cleaning, just so we could go to school. Life was hard in Pakistan with my 4 sisters, my mum and I. We’d left my country Afghanistan in 1999, when I was only 3 years old, because of civil war, that’s why we ended up in Pakistan, away from our family and home.”


Omid Qayummi has been living in Corio since 2013. “Before I left Pakistan in 2013, I heard a lot about Australia and Melbourne. It was my dream to see this beautiful place one day! Now, I’m very grateful that I’m in this country.” Omid attended Northern Bay College where he also began to learn English. He graduated Year 12 in 2015. “I had some great years at Northern Bay with some great and very helpful teachers. I’m very thankful to them.

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Spiritual Counsellor & Hahnemann Healer, Olivia White

When asked; “Who are you?”, Olivia White smiles.  This is a question that she usually asks her clients.  As a spiritual counsellor and Hahnemann healer, she is not usually in a position where her own story is the subject of the conversation.  “I am a spiritual entity who uses the wisdom from my past lives to face challenges in this life.”

Oivia White HuG (002)

As a child Olivia was gifted with a strong sense of determination and a desire for honesty and authenticity.  Coupled with a strong intuition and interest in understanding the world, she began studying a degree in Commerce which led to a career in Human Resources.  This was followed by the study of Psychology and a dream to become a Psychologist.

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Shaz Martin by Mischa

Shaz Martin was raised in a community where they didn’t have much. Though her and her family were less fortunate, her mother still found a way to provide and give a little extra to other families. Shaz has always loved people and less fortunate kids, mostly because she can relate to them but also God has given her this gift of selflessness and uncontrollable love.

Writing comp - Shaz Martin

Shaz believes that sacrificing herself for others is not an act of selflessness but, a gift God has given her. From a very young age her mother has presented many principles of love, that is what inspires her to love others the way God does and see those the way God sees them.

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Tallis St, Jessica

Tallis St P-8 Campus of Northern Bay College is a proud campus that has seen improved student engagement through a focus on a growth mindset and positive psychology. Healthy food, mindfulness, meditation and physical activity are all a key part of the everyday program delivered at the campus. Campus Principal Jessica Kelly recalls when she began at Tallis Street, seeing such potential in her staff, students and local community.

Tallis St, Jessica

“We decided to get our students outside and active. We used our love for healthy minds and bodies as motivation to get outside.  We started to grow our own Tallis Street vegetables and were energised by the motivation of the students and parents. It was such a success that we wanted to go bigger – and with the generosity of Geelong Grammar we are extending to ‘The Farm’. Growing food, preparing and eating it will be a large part of our school program moving forward.

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Elf Squad

Elf Squad!
Looking for a way to make a tangible impact this Christmas? Look no further… Let me introduce you to Elf Squad!

Elf Squad are a local initiative helping small business owners and the general public to “elf local families in need with toys, treats and tech”.

Check out the gorgeous video here:

We went down to the official lighting of the Elf Squad ELFing Tree at Warralily Shopping Centre to check out their awesome pop up Elf Mini Factory Station where you can make cards, decorate wrapping paper and drop off donations or new toys for children in need.

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Christmas at the Piano, Lucy

“Nothing gives me that kick quite like being on stage and telling a story through music, the adrenaline rush is amazing! I’d recommend that anyone with the same passion and drive in the field, get out there, make connections and take on every opportunity that comes your way”. I had the pleasure of interviewing the delightful and talented Jazz, Blues and Soul vocalist Lucy Head, 17.

Lucy (179) (002)

You can catch Lucy at ‘Christmas at the Piano’ which sees some of Geelong’s best young soloists come together to celebrate Christmas with new arrangements of the classic carols you expect, plus some you don’t know, presented with the highest level of musicianship. This is Geelong’s newest carols event which will be held December 7th at the Black Hatt.

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Climate Strike, Melbourne Nov. 30

Thousands of students turned up to protest lack of action on climate change on the steps of Parliament House Melbourne at midday, Friday November 30th. This was the first national #climatestrike and saw students taking a day off school to protest in 30 cities around the country.

Climate Strike Melb

The #schoolstrike movement was started in Sweden by 15 year old Greta Thunberg who has been sitting outside their Parliament House every Friday for months. Students in Castlemaine Victoria wrote a letter to students around Australia urging them to follow suit and take action. We published their letter on October 25th.

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