The Powerpal app is available for free – no cost, no catch – it will show you how your home uses energy and help you find ways to save on your bills and help the environment! It comes to us thanks to the same government energy upgrades scheme that has provided millions of Victorian homes with efficient lighting and helped reduce their energy costs over the past 10 years.

Installers visit a different suburb each day on a roughly 3-4 week schedule, so to speed up the process in Geelong and region, sign up now – the more people that register in your area the sooner they will be able to schedule the installers to visit. Please share.

Check now if your home qualifies for a FREE Powerpal smart energy monitor under the Victorian Government Energy Upgrades scheme.


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Song Contest, reminder.

Song contest reminder! Calling all local musicians. Please share. We need an original song or original soundtrack to go with our community project ‘The Dance’. We were going to use the song, ‘I’ll make you Happy’ by the Divinyls, but it’s not going to happen. Then we thought, duh! One of our local music heroes will be able to come up with something of similar length and just as upbeat and rocky.

So, the original song or soundtrack, needs to be about 3.20 long and be the same beat as ‘I’ll make you happy’ because we have footage of 55 short, fun clips to match to it. These have come from team members, community groups and inspiring individuals dancing to that beat.

The aim of the project is to showcase our beautiful region, our amazing, giving community groups and talented individuals. Humans in Geelong INSPIRE, CONNECT, STRENGTHEN community, and have a whole lot of fun while at it.

Submissions due by February 5th 2021. Contact us for more details at humansingeelong@gmail.com. First prize $500 Second prize $200. Of course, it will mean global exposure of your song/sound track, because Humans in Geelong have followers in over 45 countries.

The FREE Launch of ‘The Dance’, complete with original fun music supplied by a local (maybe you), will be Tuesday 23rd March 2021 7.30pm at The Dome, Geelong Library. It will be part of our ‘Be inspired by Humans in Geelong’ talk for Geelong Design Week 2021. Save the Date! Eventbrite bookings taken closer to the date.

Photo: team members preparing to dance. L-R Jacqui Bennett, Bec Picone, Charion Both and Rini Lutfie. Information by Jacqui Bennett

Hands off Spring Creek!

“Hands Off Spring Creek! The State Government is conducting a public consultation on the Surf Coast Distinctive Area and Landscape Draft Statement of Planning Policy (SPP) – a policy which will decide the future of the Torquay and Jan Juc townships. “The formal consultation now underway, is the culmination of a long and drawn-out process. It was 11 years ago that we held the successful ‘Red Rally’ to show our support for the preservation of Spring Creek. It was two years ago that Spring Creek become the central issue in our state election. We are now in the final weeks of our effort to save the valley from developers’ bulldozers.

“We now need every community member to formally lodge their support for the permanent protection of Spring Creek. The only way to have your say is to make a formal submission before this Friday, January 22, via the government’s Engage Victoria website.

“Our major concern with the draft policy is that (despite a strong commitment from Premier Andrews in March 2019) the SPP draft still contains a provision for the development of the Spring Creek valley. Entitled simply ‘Option 1’ (outlined on Page 59 of the Draft SPP document), this option provides a pathway for opening up Spring Creek valley 1 km west of Duffields Road to further residential development; an area of more than 200 hectares.

“What you say in your submission is entirely up to you, and everybody will have a different response based on their own values and priorities. If the protection of Spring Creek is important to you, make a submission toclearly reject Option 1, and come out in support of Option 2 which would create a permanent settlement boundary at Duffields Road. Please use your own words – we understand that pro forma responses won’t count.

“Additional information, including facts and figures, and guidance on the submission process at the Protect Spring Creek campaign site here.

“On behalf of the Surf Coast Energy Group committee, I extend my sincere gratitude to everybody. Please try to take 5 minutes out of your day, in order to protect our beloved home. If enough people take action, we strongly believe that the government will support a vibrant, strong and sustainable Surf Coast community. “So please, get online and lodge your submission as soon as possible. We also encourage you to share this information through your own local networks, and to help your friends and family to make their own submissions.” Graeme Stockton, Chair, Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG)

The Protect Spring Creek coalition is supported many local businesses and organisations including: Geelong Sustainability, SCEG, SANE, Greater Torquay Alliance, 3228 Local Residents Association, Landcare and Coast Action groups and the Surfrider Foundation. 

Photo: Mollie Vaughan, 2018 Protest at Spring Creek.

Jeana Blackert, artist.

“An elderly gentleman came into the gallery last year and told me he felt that my artwork was giving him a hug. That was really sweet, because everyone was missing out on hugs then.”

For Geelong’s Jeana Blackert, art is about connection – with herself, the community and the environment.

Jeana is one of a group of artists who exhibit their work at Papermill Artisans in Fyansford, an innovative new gallery offering arts, crafts and ice-cream.

Growing up in the United States, Jeana enjoyed gardening and sewing with her mum, who is a quilter.

“As a kid, I found craft an easier way to connect with people – I’d bring a craft project along to every playdate. It was a safe place to express how I was feeling,” Jeana remembers.

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The Awesome Foundation, Geelong.

“The Awesome Foundation is a global community and each month the Geelong Chapter gives $1,000 to a project in The City of Greater Geelong that is awesome! The $1,000 is a no-strings-attached grant and is awarded to one or more lucky applicants with an awesome group or individual project.

‘The Geelong chapter was formed by a small group of trustees: Pete Johnston, Elli Bagg, John Miles, Catherine Parkin and myself, Alice Crichton. We are always looking for more trustees if you’d like to join us!”

It’s a quick and easy process too. “Applications for the grant, open on the 1st of every month, close on the 23rd of every month and the successful grant applicants will be contacted by the last day of the month. The decision is made by a vote among the trustees.”

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Tiaras, Tears & Triumphs, Sandy.

I am a survivor of an abusive relationship. I relocated to the Bellarine Peninsula a few years ago, after I fled. I came to this new community quite
broken and traumatized, with my 3 children who were all in a similar state.

“We have slowly but surely been rebuilding our lives. I met a good man a few years ago and we married in 2018.

“When I saw that domestic violence rates were escalating when Covid-19 started turning the world upside down, I felt the universe give me a nudge to do something to reach out to other women like me.

“So, I set to learning how to create a Podcast to try and create a safe
space for women to tune into, to feel supported and connected in what they
are going through.

“I launched my ‘Podcast Tiaras, Tears and Triumphs in mid- August. It is a mix of education and information and resources, combined with interviews with
people who work in support roles to help women face their challenges.

“My aim is to help women who are vulnerable to rise up to their true value and regain control over their lives. This is the link to the video that I
produced, with more information, for the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020.


You can listen to my
podcasts here

https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/tiaras-tears-triumphs-sandy-j-podcast-helping-victims/id1527213561 “

Sandy Johnston Video supplied.

Tiaras Tears and Triumphs Podcast

Triumph over Trials Coach

PH: 0468470501

EMAIL: sandy@sandyj.com.au

Normally responds within 24 hours.

Stress Walters.

“It started out as jamming with friends. We played some of my songs and there was an instant click between Lachy and I,” enthuses Jess. I caught up with the super talented Jess Walters, Lachy Brown and Liam Brennan from local band ‘Stress Walters’.

After forming in 2019 with their unique sound, everything happened fast for these guys. “We set our goal for a gig and after some confidence building, organised a tour” states Jess.

“At that initial gig, as we were playing that first song, I felt like I could cry. I’ve played in a lot of bands but this moment was magic” adds Lachy.

While a couple of people have come and gone, Jess and Lachy remain the main drivers and the heart of the band. Jess continues, “now we can all catch up in person again we can get the ball rolling and record some more tracks.” Their songs ‘‘House Wine’ and ‘Tippy Toe’ (check out both music videos on the Humans in Geelong YouTube) are available across most music platforms. I swear, if you listen to ‘Tippy Toe’, you’ll be singing this catchy, fun tune continually for days.

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My friend Flapper.

MY FRIEND FLAPPER… Looking out the kitchen window I saw two lost starving chooks propping each other up as they waddled down the middle of the road. I flew out the kitchen door and the chooks veered into a neighbour’s carport, which made it very easy for me to pick them up.

With one miserable looking chook under each arm, I returned home. It was difficult blending the rescued chooks into the well-established family of two backyard chooks.

From that day the action I had taken was set to change my life in ways one could not even imagine. My backyard chooks had a good happy home life but the two new street chooks seemed to have an instant connection with me.

The smaller dark Isa brown chook became my Lap chook who loved sitting there while I knitted. Years later, that was where she passed away.

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Father Christmas, Ric Lasslett.

Not a sound was heard, not even a mouse, as the Santa sleigh crept into the loading bay at a mammoth shopping centre where Santa has been visiting for seven years. Santa crept out of his chariot, collected his sack of goods and a spotless Christmas suit, then into a special waiting room to have coffee and dress, relax a little for the ever so long line of excited waiting children.

The queue of lively kids created giggling, festive, happy go lucky entertainment for the passing shoppers. It was all fun. Santa had to sit quietly and mentally prepare for the long hours ahead. To be the magical Santa required an enormous amount of internal energy, strength and patience. The end result was the most rewarding job ever. Welcoming over 100 children each day for a Santa chat and happy photos usually went smoothly and to plan.

Sometimes you could see in the line a sorrowful little one, not a troublemaker, just someone who was sad. Maybe one with a little secret to tell Santa that no one else would ever know. Something very personal.

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Christmas Away from Home.

In collaboration with Geelong Youth Choir, local composer Callum Watson, has written a new carol paying tribute to the many aspects that will make this a Christmas like no other – with the international borders being shut, some State borders closed and countries such as Germany entering a hard lockdown given the pandemic.

Unfortunately, many families across the world will have to stay apart this Christmas for the greater good.

Composed and performed during the height of the Victorian COVID-19 lockdown as a virtual choir – with each chorister sending in a separate recording on their phone to be compiled in the studio. The carol reflects on the border closers which will make Christmas 2020 unlike any other! This project is supported by the City of Greater Geelong through its ‘Community Investment and Support Fund’. With thanks to Geelong Youth Choir.

You can read our story on the talented Callum Watson on our website at https://humansingeelong.com/2019/03/21/jazz-callum-watson/