RIAC, Rights, Information, Advocacy Centre.

“I had never dealt with the legal system before, but with the support of the advocates at RIAC, the whole process was much easier to handle. Advocacy helped me stand up for my son’s rights and navigate unfamiliar territory,” states Liam’s mother Michelle, from Moriac. RIAC, the Rights, Information and Advocacy Centre, supported Liam McGarrigle’s family throughout an NDIS appeal to the Federal Court.

RIAC - Day of Action (1)

You may remember 21-year old Liam’s case of 2017. He has autism spectrum disorder and an intellectual disability. He required taxis because he can’t drive, and there was no public transport available. Liam had sought funding only for the transport costs incurred by using his NDIS plan to attend work, disability training and social groups.

RIAC has a team of Advocates who provide free support to people with disabilities. Their Advocates genuinely care about guiding people, through often complex processes, within systems to ensure the people they work with are not disadvantaged by their unique differences. They ensure human rights are upheld.

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Caroline Danaher, 76, was arrested on Friday for staging a sit-in at Sarah Henderson MP’s Office. Caroline tells us “I was inspired by Greta Thunberg, student, from Sweden. I am concerned for the planet.

Caroline 1


“Since January 4th, I’ve been sitting outside Sarah’s office each Friday. Each week I’ve taken a handwritten letter asking for a chance to express my concerns about the climate to Sarah, as one of her constituents. Sarah made an impromptu meeting and spoke to in passing but I’d like a scheduled meeting as I feel I haven’t been listened to.

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Natalina Angok.

On 24th April 2019, Natalina’s life was tragically taken. She was a Geelong local. She was the 21st woman this year, in Australia, to die from domestic violence. The current toll is at 23. She was 32 yrs old and came to Australia in 2000 as a refugee, fleeing war and poverty from her home in Sudan. She was a dental nurse student. She mothered her siblings and family. She was a woman of faith who was always cheerful and happy. She was dearly loved in her Sudanese-Australian community.

Natalina Angok

Her sister told news.com.au “She was a loving and caring sister, and a down-to-earth person, not a troublemaker. She loved everybody, even if someone did something bad to her, she would just talk and laugh with them.”

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My name is Emily, I’m what people call a high school drop-out. If left school at Year 10 but the good news is, I’m currently completing my final year of Occupational Therapy, I’m a member of the Headspace Youth Future Crew Geelong, I work casually as an OT assistant at Wild Rumpus and as a Disability Support Worker at Gateways Support Services. How did I get here? I’ll tell you my story.

Emily Geelong Youth Powerlaunch

Throughout my schooling, I managed an array of additional challenges to the usual teenager, in the form of two persisting mental health conditions. I finished year 10 but as for many young people, my plans for the future went completely awry.

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The corner of Swanston and Little Bourke St. was the creative birthplace of LASH78. They honed their musical craft on the streets of Melbourne with crowds flooding in to hear their melodic harmonies that could be recognised from streets away. Their hard work payed off when Kanye West was touring and his entourage heard and followed the sounds to LASH78. Two trips to the US followed and collaborations held with some incredibly talented producers and songwriters now under their belt, they went on to test the waters on a European video tour.

lash 78 who 1 (002)

LASH78 stands for Lauren and Sheridan Harvey 7 years old and 8 years old. That’s how old they were when they started singing together professionally. Mind you, they were singing together from when they first learnt to talk and their Dad affectionately remembers them harmonizing from a young age.

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Cherished Pets need our help.

Our friends at Cherished Pets need our help! They are the only Geelong Charity in the running to win $5,000 to help them achieve their aims. Cherished Pets support the elderly and disabled to keep their pets in their homes. They check pets have been fed, watered and walked. We featured this amazing charity on February 17th 2017. You can read their story here: https://humansingeelong.com/2017/02/17/cherished-pets-alicia/

Cherished Pets V

Cherished Pets need our votes and voting ends tomorrow, 9am Tuesday May 7th.

Vote here: www.https://dreamsforabetterworld.com.au/vote

Cherished Pets tell us how we can help:

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Climate Strike, May 3, 2019.

Over a thousand students from around the Geelong region took action on Friday May 3rd. They are demanding more action on Climate Change. The group met at City Hall where there were speeches. Local band, Sirens performed their original composition “There is no Planet B”. They marched, chanting and with placards waving to local MP, Richard Marles’s Office. After, some went on to Sarah Henderson MP’s Office. The crowd were encouraged by the news that the U.K. Parliament have declared a Climate Emergency and hope that Australia soon follows suit.

SS4C May 3

For more photos https://tinyurl.com/y6enp454 and amazing video footage https://tinyurl.com/y36o6mg4

Photos: Phil Hines Vidoe: Jacqui Bennett