De Niki Vincent to launch gender equity initiatives.

Hear Dr. Niki Vincent, Victoria’s Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner, speak this Thursday on initiatives, issues and challenges in implementing Victoria’s trail blazing Gender Equality Act.

Dr Vincent will also launch both the Empowering Women Network and WILD’s (Women In Local Democracy) 3 year Gender Parity Strategy – copies of the Strategy will be available at the launch.

The evening also includes updates on the City of Greater Geelong’s gender equity initiatives, Young WILD training and a very special cameo appearance, courtesy of Drop of A Hat Productions.

It is an important occasion to demonstrate strong support for gender equality in our community and to begin the campaign for gender parity at the 2024 Council elections.

Note: all attendees over the age of 18 must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID.

The event is this Thursday 24th February at the Geelong Regional Library from 5-7pm. You must register to attend this free event here:

Photo of Dr Niki Vincent supplied.

Geelong West Rotary Book Fair.

Book Fair, with all proceeds going to community projects and causes, hosted by the Geelong West Rotary Club. You can pick up some marvelous books for just a couple of dollars and know that you are supporting some very worthy local charities. There is a huge variety of genres, fiction and non-fiction.

It’s on at the Geelong West Town Hall, today 9-6pm, Sat 9-5pm and Sun 9-2pm. Thanks to all involved!

Kindness Competition Winners.

These change maker artists look very pleased with their prizes! Poppy (left) and Georgia, from Oberon Primary School, won $100 vouchers to Adventure Park after winning the Kindness Art Competition at the Humans in Geelong Expo on December 5th, 2021.

The competition was a collaboration between Humans in Geelong and VALID’s peer action group, the Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability. You might have seen their impressive ‘I AM’ sculpture at the Geelong Waterfront.

The student art pieces floated in the breeze from trees at the Racecourse on Expo day, spreading messages of inclusion and kindness. VALID’s peer action group judged the competition and will distribute these beautiful messages among their members.

Thanks to all who entered!

Dash Gym.

“My partner lives with a serious disability so our gym wanted to provide for her and members of the community in a similar situation. She was accessing a small exercise place before the pandemic struck and forced it to permanently close its doors, meaning a lot of its members went without a suitable place to maintain their health and fitness. So, we sprung into action, and created a gym for those identifying with a disability, our aged community and also members of our community who just feel uncomfortable accessing a regular gym or exercise facility.” We hear from Tony Rankin.

“Dash is a local family-owned gym and wellbeing center. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive exercise environment to members of our community of all abilities and ages.

“We completely supported local businesses throughout the center fitout and development process, from equipment suppliers to all tradespeople… it has all been locally supported. We had zero assistance from any local or federal governments or grants relying upon only ourselves to turn this dream into a reality.

“We are extremely community minded and have immense understanding and compassion for the demographic we are focussed on providing for. We are taking membership enquiries before we officially open at the start of February.”    Photos supplied.

Rhonda Burchmore

Rhonda Burchmore and Jack Earle woo-ed audiences last night at the Piano Bar Geelong. Rhonda was in the original Australian Mumma Mia stage show.

She’s had a long, colourful, varied career. What an amazing voice and I loved her amusing stories too. Google her.

Viqueque Friendship House.

Not long after Timor-Leste gained independence in 2001 Christian College established a Friendship House in Viqueque, which created the first formal link between Geelong and the Viqueque District. In 2007 Peter Cannon and wife Tricia Blane travelled from Geelong to Dili, across the mountains to Viqueque with two staff members of Christian College. It was a long trip, and one which they made another 12 times.

Viqueque Scholarship Ceremony.

On all of their visits they became fully aware of the value young people and their parents placed on education. It was quite amazing and uplifting to see students in very large numbers walking long distances to and from school, six days a week. Whilst in the classroom they also noted how attentive they were. Their school buildings were neglected, with almost no resources. In many situations the teachers were keen but had limited training, some being volunteers.

Continue reading “Viqueque Friendship House.”

Earth Angels.

“Earth Angels. Sparkling caught my eye as I drove past the Eastern Cemetery. I looked closer and saw it was metallic ribbon and Christmas baubles swaying in the breeze and twinkling in the morning sun.

“Further on I saw a lady going along the fence line hanging them all the way down the huge hill. I smiled and thought – there really are some good humans.

“I pulled over and went to see her. She told me she started hanging Christmas decorations after her friend completed suicide. He was so depressed from the lockdowns that sadly, he took his own life.

“So this now is her annual event. Christmas time decorating at the cemetery and she does it to remember her friend and to spread love.

“Elaine also pointed out that she keeps the ribbon and baubles and will reuse them every year.”

“We chatted for a while and discovered that someone from my childhood is linked to her by blood. The thread – we are all connected.

“Have you seen a random act of kindness lately? Do you know an angel on Earth?” by @healing.e

Elaine is one of our beloved Humans in Geelong team members. Make sure you say hi if you see her untying her decorations. Photo: @healing.e

Mrs Chook learns to surf.

Congratulations to team member Elaine Janes and Mrs Chook who has learnt to surf. This article was on page 2 of The Age today bringing cheer and joy to many.

You might spot Mrs Chook surfing at Ocean Grove or meet Elaine and some of her chooks early on Tuesdays at Point Lonsdale.

A very happy festive season to all from the whole team at Humans in Geelong.

Elaine Janes and Pom Pom.

Save the Karaaf Wetland, Torquay.

Recently, the “Save the Karaaf Wetland, Torquay” facebook page was launched. The reason is to generate support for this internationally significant saltmarsh which is in danger of being destroyed by the stormwater generated by the development of North Torquay. A report by the highly regarded Australian consultancy Water Technology has confirmed that this unique wetland is now at risk of destruction.

The “Save the Karaaf Wetlands” campaign is now at a critical stage and urgently needs the support. Help us by:

  • Signing the petition ( ) – We have identified a federal funding source for some of the major infrastructure works required to “Save the Karaaf” from the current federal opposition, if they win! We have been assessed against their funding criterion and the Karaaf meets them, but we need to be able to demonstrate community support. The petition can deliver this requirement with the support from all of you
  • Supporting the “Save the Karaaf” Facebook page – after three weeks we now have reached over 10,000 people who are concerned about the impact of development on our environment. We need to continue to grow this number and again you can help by sharing this
  • The Surf Coast Shire Council is critical to a successful outcome – we need to provide continual pressure on them. A recent example of council action – one of the developer controlled feeder wetlands, the Dunes was cosmetically cleaned up, presumably because council requested it. It’s the one with its picture on the “Save the Karaaf Wetlands” Facebook page with all the plastic bottles covering the outlet. The plastic bottles have now been removed and the sediment pits wall slashed. The sediment pit is still full and the sediment pits outlet to the next pond is still blocked by sediment. This constructed wetland is not functioning, and has not functioned for at least 4 years, but it is now prettier to look at!! The Dunes wetland is a small part of the overall Karaaf Wetland’s problems but the council’s approach to solving them is consistent. Do as little as possible and hopefully the problem will go away. We need to pressure the council by emailing them on their and the “Save the Karaaf” Facebook page will provide plenty of issues to question;

We hope you can help.