Irene Mombi Bakulikira.

Active and energetic, living life by positive affirmations for herself and others, and inspiring the community through her enlightening and uplifting personality. This is Irene. “I was born in a small town called Ngweshe in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“I did not see or spend much time in my homeland. All I remember is disturbing stories of war told by my parents, and the difficulties they experienced handling five children under the age of 5 during the war. I grew up in a small town called Muchatha in Kenya.

Irene by Brandon Dellow

“My childhood was tough and I never could be able to compare my difficult life in Kenya to the privileged life most Australian kids have.  After 10 years of hardship and struggles in Kenya, my family was accepted to come to Australia.

“We arrived in Geelong in September 2010. Being in Australia has enabled me to fulfil my education dreams I once dreamt of as a little girl. I am currently in my third year at Deakin University, studying a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Teaching (Secondary).

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Photos, Humans in Geelong Expo 2019.

Jake Langenegger volunteered as photographer at the Humans in Geelong Expo on Sunday. There’s a lovely story behind it. He’d been a student at Fyans Park Primary School where our chief volunteer photographer Phil Hines use to be Principal.
One day while Phil was inside the fence, taking photos of the Geelong Cats game at Kardinia Park. Jake leaned towards the fence and called out. ‘G’day Mr Hines. That’s where I want to be one day.’
When our star photographer wasn’t available to take shots at the Expo, he thought of Jake. We love giving opportunities to up and coming stars! Thanks for the stunning photos Jake, we are happy to give you a reference anytime and hopefully be a pathway to work.
Thanks to all our volunteer photographers at the Expo. We couldn’t have done it without you. Here are the links to their beautiful photos. Please share and credit the photographer.

Photos by volunteer photographer Jake Langenegger

Photos by our talented team member Vic Downey.

Photos by volunteer photographer Jade Craven of Geelong Street Photography who has volunteered at all three Expos.…/1559008…/sets/72157711223951212

Thanks for generously sharing your photos Michael Chambers of the Surf Coast Times.

Expo Widya

Photo of Widya Luvtari Indonesian Dancer taken by Jake Langenegger.

Homage to Colour, Shamana Seery.

Geelong artist Shamana Seery radiates a positive force, as do her paintings, which she will display at the Humans in Geelong Expo on tomorrow, Sunday October 6, 10-3pm at Deakin Waterfront. She will be one of 50 exhibitors: artists, authors, creatives, sustainability groups, action groups and community groups. Come and celebrate all things great Geelong!

Seery Shamana Art

Shamana has been painting for 17 years and has trained as an art therapist, intentional creativity coach for women and a primary teacher. Despite her years of creative experience academically and practically, Shamana is studying Visual Arts at Gordon TAFE this year, motivated to add jewellery making, print making and sculpture to her skill set.

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Caricature Artist, David Seery.

Caricature artist David Seery will be flat out with his black texta  as he captures the likenesses of people attending the Humans in Geelong Expo on this Sunday October 6, Deakin Waterfront.

David likes to start his caricatures with the eyes, which he says captures the essence of a person. “Its always a thrill to see their reaction once I have finished drawing them. It’s their happy reaction that makes the drawing process so fun,” he adds.

Seery David Caracatures

David is a self-taught artist, and has been drawing caricatures for 30 years. As a young man in NZ he worked on a Warner Brothers traditional flip animation, however says that he was influenced by one of Australia’s best-known caricature artists William Green. He was known as WEG to Melbourne Herald readers and was most famous for his annual AFL Grand Final posters.

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Team Member, Rini Lutfie.

Our bubbly, generous team member Rini Lutfie has kindly donated two of her Ballerina & me dolls as prizes for the Humans in Geelong Expo 2019. She has also donated her cheeky, fun Surfbuddies for all of our 200 thank you bags. Here is Rini’s story.

“In 2012, my young daughter Louise, would constantly plead with me “Please dance with me mummy.’ Louise loved dancing and was learning ballet. It broke my heart. I was a single mum, I’d be exhausted and flat out preparing a healthy home-cooked meal after having fit in two sports runs for Louise’s older brothers.


“It was her brothers Edwin and Dylan who came up with the solution. ‘Why don’t you make a ballerina doll for Louise to dance with?’ I loved the idea and responded by creating one. Then another, and another. Each an improvement on the first. Louise was thrilled to have, not just a dancing partner, but also a play companion of her own.

Rini was compelled to share the love, bring more joy to, and to inspire and spark the imagination of children of all ages.

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New York Marathon for Team for Kids, Jesse.

Humans in Geelong team member Jesse Malthouse, 22, is running the New York Marathon to raise money for Team for Kids. Jesse tells us, “If you have seen any of my recent posts I’ve got a massive event coming up that is out of this country… USA to be exact! Haha

Jesse Malthouse CSS

“I am running the NEW YORK MARATHON!!! 🤙🏼 – Crazy hey! 😆 I’ve only every run a half marathon before and that was last New Year’s Eve at the You Yangs. I’ve got a background in fitness being a footballer but it will be nothing compared to running 42.2km in hopefully around 4 hours, in another country!

“But that’s not the craziest part! I will be Running to get Kids off the streets & into running programs to live happy healthier lives. 🤗

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Life Activities Geelong.

“Back in 1997, a small group gathered at Barwon Grange for a walk and talk outing.  Then in November 2000, a meeting was held in Geelong West Town Hall to form a Life Activities Club in Geelong.”  Lynette Kent and Les Hannah tell us how Life Activities Geelong Inc. grew to become a popular Geelong based recreational activity provider.

Life Activities Club to use.jpeg

“Our 1st Club Rooms were in King Lloyd Reserve, not long after we moved to the Highton Scout Hall until 2007.  With our membership numbers increasing to over 200, we decided to move to a bigger venue, the Belmont Pavilion.”

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