Elf Squad

Elf Squad!
Looking for a way to make a tangible impact this Christmas? Look no further… Let me introduce you to Elf Squad!

Elf Squad are a local initiative helping small business owners and the general public to “elf local families in need with toys, treats and tech”.

Check out the gorgeous video here: https://tinyurl.com/ybvc3l2b

We went down to the official lighting of the Elf Squad ELFing Tree at Warralily Shopping Centre to check out their awesome pop up Elf Mini Factory Station where you can make cards, decorate wrapping paper and drop off donations or new toys for children in need.

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Christmas at the Piano, Lucy

“Nothing gives me that kick quite like being on stage and telling a story through music, the adrenaline rush is amazing! I’d recommend that anyone with the same passion and drive in the field, get out there, make connections and take on every opportunity that comes your way”. I had the pleasure of interviewing the delightful and talented Jazz, Blues and Soul vocalist Lucy Head, 17.

Lucy (179) (002)

You can catch Lucy at ‘Christmas at the Piano’ which sees some of Geelong’s best young soloists come together to celebrate Christmas with new arrangements of the classic carols you expect, plus some you don’t know, presented with the highest level of musicianship. This is Geelong’s newest carols event which will be held December 7th at the Black Hatt. http://www.eventbrite.com/e/christmas-at-the-piano-tickets-52243977142

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Climate Strike, Melbourne Nov. 30

Thousands of students turned up to protest lack of action on climate change on the steps of Parliament House Melbourne at midday, Friday November 30th. This was the first national #climatestrike and saw students taking a day off school to protest in 30 cities around the country.

Climate Strike Melb

The #schoolstrike movement was started in Sweden by 15 year old Greta Thunberg who has been sitting outside their Parliament House every Friday for months. Students in Castlemaine Victoria wrote a letter to students around Australia urging them to follow suit and take action. We published their letter on October 25th. https://humansingeelong.com/2018/10/25/climatestrike/

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CACE – Community Action in the Climate Emergency, Alex

“We need action on Climate Change and we need it fast! Who’s going to join me to sit on the steps of the Victorian Parliament on Nov 30th at midday for the school strike.” Alex Marshall, (19) tells us why she’s passionate about making a difference and why she is leading CACE – Community Action in the Climate Emergency.

Alex Marshall CACE

“I got involved with an organisation called Generation Waking Up https://www.generationwakingup.org/ and that’s where I learnt how serious and immediate the effects of global warming are; and that we truly are in a state of climate emergency. Continue reading “CACE – Community Action in the Climate Emergency, Alex”

Say no to plastics, Take3forthesea

Take Action! This Friday Nov. 30 at midday, meet on the steps of Parliament House Melbourne for a #schoolstrike #climatestrike for more action on #climatechange and the production of plastics. Take3forthesea tell us “Is this enough for you to stop using single-use plastics? We are in a state of emergency with plastic pollution.

“The Sperm Whale is the largest of the toothed whales and the largest toothed predator. It has the largest brain on Earth, more than five times heavier than a human’s. Sperm Whales can live for more than 60 years.

Plastic Take3fortheSea (2)

“We cannot afford to lose such an ancient and special creature to something as stupid as single-use plastic! #extinctionrebellion

“Plastic found in the belly of the Sperm Whale:

-115 plastic cups

-4 plastic bottles

-25 plastic bags

-2 thongs

-1 nylon sack

-1,000+ assorted pieces of plastic

Photo via the economist.”

School Strike for Climate Action Friday

Thanks for the youtube Sustainable Hour. Really proud of these students who protested outside Richard Marles’s Office Friday 23rd November. There were 5 school represented by over 30 students. The event was organised by Laura Kelly and Jude Corbet of Kardinia International College. The students will be joining hundreds from all around the State, next Friday 30th November, at midday, outside Parliament House Melbourne. Hope to see you there.

Spring Creek, Torquay

“Act Local, think Global. The Spring Creek protest last week in Torquay saw independent and newcomer for South Barwon, Damien Cole and local Environmental Guru, Graeme Stockholm organise a protest to fight the proposed development of the Spring Creek area. With just over a hundred-people dressed in red, these local legends bled their hearts and souls into fighting not just a flawed plan to pollute the endemic area, but also of their identity as a community.”

Spring Creek

Story and photo: Mollie Vaughan. You can find more local, environmental stories on Mollie’s website : https://molliev1998.wixsite.com/mysite Or follow Mollie on Instagram @mollie.vaughan

If you care about the environment and climate change you can join us Friday 30th November on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne at midday. We are catching the 10.04 train from South Geelong.

Or sign this petition https://tinyurl.com/ydc7mmuh started by Professor Peter Graham’s daughter Ella-Mei, 11, to voice  concerns about climate change targets in policy making.