Raise Foundation

Every Mum needs a Mentor
Imagine being 16 and all alone- except for your tiny baby.

For a group of young Mums aged 16-23, mentoring sessions through Raise Foundation at the Norlane Child and Family Centre can be a life saver.

These Mums, sometimes not much older than kids themselves, are often without a support network. So just having someone to talk to, and who cares, makes all the difference. The group of about 16 Mums meet fortnightly and are matched with experienced Mums who have volunteered to commit to Raise’s Bump initiative. This is the second year the program has run in Geelong.

It’s not just all fun and laughter though. Together they work through a TAFE Accredited Certificate 1 giving the young Mums the opportunity to further their education and move towards returning to the workforce.

Here’s a comment from one of the mentors:
I find mentoring at the Bump session so rewarding. I was looking for a way I could make a difference and give back when I saw their ad. I walk into that room every fortnight and I feel the warmth, empathy and caring. It feels like a big friendly, supportive, family group. We have a shared purpose. We all cuddle the babies, play with the toddlers, chat to the young Mums and share healthy food.
My favourite quote has always been “It takes a village to raise a child”. At Bump we are that village. It is magic.

Raise also organises mentoring for teenagers but unfortunately, this program isn’t run in Geelong yet. The Raise Vision is ‘to impact the wellbeing of young people at risk of disengagement in Australia, through best practice youth mentoring programs.’
If you are interested in finding out more, know of someone who could benefit from the service or have ever considered giving back by mentoring.

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