School Lunch Box

School lunch boxes made easy, thanks to ‘Mr Mom’ George Georgievski. ‘Healthy, wrapper free lunches for my girls is my passion. I want to share that passion.’
Mornings at our house used to be chaos. As my two girls were too much to handle I decided to take over breakfast and school lunches myself. I soon realised I loved the creative challenge of preparing healthy lunches and it dawned on me just how important our children’s nutrition is. Making them wrapper free means no rubbish for the school yard or landfill.


My gorgeous wife suggested I start an Instagram page to help other Mums and Dads by giving them healthy, wrapper-free lunchbox ideas. Within a few months I gathered over 5,000 followers from all around the world. Getting appreciation from places from Morocco to Seattle gives me great satisfaction. The funny thing is, they think I’m a Mum, or a Mom as the Americans call me.

To mix it up a bit we have ‘International Fridays’ when the lunchbox is based on a particular cuisine. I add a little note with a fact about that culture so the kids are learning, as well as enjoying yummy multicultural foods.

It is quicker and cheaper to make your child a nutritious healthy, wrapper-free lunch then it is to write up an unhealthy lunch order. It’s time to put a stop to those hot dog and pie lunches, which contain hundreds of chemicals and enhancers. I guarantee after a few weeks on a healthy school lunch children will have more energy, a reduced fat intake and a longer attention-span. Check out my website and instagram.

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