Hearts to Harmony. Cambodia, Cassie

(2/2) ‘One day two of our Sister Srey Café staff members sat us down and began telling us about a family they had met a few months back. It consisted of a grandmother battling cancer doing all she could to care for her five grandchildren, whose parents passed away a year earlier. She was too old to work, the children were still so young, and every day was a constant battle to provide for them with no government assistance. They were living under a small tarp between two trees.

Hearts to Harmony

Since meeting this family the boys haven’t stopped thinking of ways to help them. They have been planning and saving for the last six months. Between them they have set aside all the money they could spare, amounting to $50. Other Hearts to Harmony members and Sister Srey staff members donated money and contributed $1 to $5 where they could. During their annual leave a big group of Sister Srey staff and Hearts to Harmony members visited the family and helped build them a permanent home and set the Grandma up with a small chicken farm to help generate income.

When we heard this story our hearts filled with pride and love. One of the boys sat with us and said “The family reminds me of my family many years ago, so hungry, so tired, and so stressed about where to sleep and where to get food. And then you helped us, and now we are okay and now we are strong, so now we can help someone else like you helped my family.”

Have you ever wondered what marks our time here, if one life can really make an impact on the world? Or if the choices we make matter? I believe they do and I believe one person can change many lives for better or worse.

What you do mattershow you do it matters.’ Cassie

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Cassie and Lauren, ex-students of Sacred Heart Geelong, are co-Founders of Hearts to Harmony in Siem Reap, Cambodia.