Take 3, Roberta & Tim

‘Sometimes you feel like a total rock star when students run up to you and ask if you are with Take 3 for the Sea. It is humbling to hear their stories of change in relation to how they perceive and use single-use plastics.’ Hundreds of school children from around Geelong have been inspired by this initiative after hearing from Tim Silverwood, Environmentalist, who is part of the Take 3 team. The Take 3 team deliver education programs to primary and secondary students as part of Take 3 for the Sea.


Watch Tim Silverwood – Environmentalist’s opening speech from the #ourocean conference, Washington, D.C. September ‘16. www.facebook.com/take3forthesea/

 Roberta Dixon-Valk Co-Founder, tells us ‘Take 3 was born in 2009 as a response to the ever-escalating problem of plastic marine pollution. As a marine ecologist I have been aware of the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans for many years and had spent many lonely hours picking up plastic from the beach. When a surfing mad friend, Amanda Marechal, asked me what we could do about plastics in the ocean I mentioned I combated the problem by picking up what others left behind. There and then it was decided that we needed everyone to take plastic waste away from the beach and the magic number was 3. Hence, Take 3.’

‘In 2011, Take 3 was awarded the inaugural Taronga Conservation Society’s Green Grant and a $50,000 prize. Social media and youth engagement have been the key tools to getting Take 3 out to a broader audience. We have over 49,000 followers on social media, and have delivered education programs to 120,000+ students from 200+ primary and secondary schools across Australia.

‘After presenting a talk earlier this year to a primary school, we had a little kindy girl run up and say “I have already started to Take 3 – look what I picked up!”. Take 3 have been successful in making sure the issue of plastic marine pollution has a high public profile. By encouraging everyone to “simply Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or…anywhere”, we are also starting people on a one-way self-awareness journey with regards to their own plastic footprint’.