Hubcaps2CreativeHubs, Cristina

We talk to Deakin researcher Dr Cristina Garduño Freeman about an exciting initiative to promote Geelong’s creative industries.

What is Hubcaps 2 Creative Hubs all about?

Hubcaps 2 Creative Hubs (#Hc2CH) is a living-history research collaboration between @Deakin University and @Creative Geelong Inc. that will document the creative transformation happening in the Geelong region. As part of Deakin’s ‘Research My World’ crowdfunding program we are raising funds to create a series of three short films to capture these initiatives so that we can share these stories with the wider community. Documenting the way Geelong is revitalising its identity as a maker-city can inform creative and economic investment in Geelong and help generate a more prosperous future for our community.

The project is driven by myself and colleague Dr Fiona Gray, as well as film-maker and TV producer, Nicholas Searle, with support from the team at Creative Geelong.


What stage in the project have you reached?

So far we have had amazing support from the community, corporations and organisations, including TAC, Provenance Wines, Truffleduck, Costa Property Group, David Hamilton Property Group, Fysho, G21, Gartland Property, Ubu Gallery, TandemVox and Codeacious. We have raised more than half of our crowdfunding target, but it’s an all or nothing funding model and without more pledges, it will not happen. For the cameras to start rolling we need $15,000 by Tuesday 6th December. We invite you to join us on this journey!

What inspired you to work on this project?

As major industrial players have wound down their operations over the last few years Geelong has been perceived by some as a city in decline. Yet among the rust-bucket heritage of the region’s forgotten paper and woollen mills a new song is rising and new creative communities are growing. Seeing this transformation, inspired by the regions industrial heritage, was a story that we felt needed to be told. Geelong’s history is rich in inventiveness and innovation so this story is really a continuation of our city’s proud tradition of making things.

How can the people of Geelong help?

The people of Geelong and all those with a connection to the region can help by spreading the word, sharing this post and, if they can, making a pledge, big or small. Each pledge is a vote for a new regional narrative that connects Geelong with its maker-past and will propel this creative transformation!

Photo by Colin Warren (@colwar twitter handle) at the fundraising event on the 18th of November at the Fyansford Paper Mills.