It’s in the bag, Lou

‘I thought we might be lucky and collect about 50 bags but we were overwhelmed when we counted over 150!’ tells Lou, who was part of the Rangers Soccer Club group who volunteered to collect bags for the ‘Share the Dignity’ and their It’s in the Bag Christmas project. Bags were dropped off at the club on Saturday afternoon. They contained sanitary items, toiletries and small gifts. ‘Bags for teenagers were tied with a yellow ribbon. We had a bit of fun trying to fit them all into my 4WD but we did it.’


About Share the Dignity

‘Early in 2015, an article by Mia Freedman published on Mamamia caught our attention. We were shocked to learn that in Australia many homeless women and those in domestic violence shelters had to face unthinkable indignities during their monthly period. For these vulnerable and at risk women, each month brought a shameful and traumatic experience, suffering indignities such as having to clean themselves in public toilets and use paper towels or newspaper to create makeshift sanitary pads. Reading it from the comfort of our homes, with the knowledge that many Australian women couldn’t take hygiene for granted during menstruation, we knew we couldn’t allow it to continue.’