Life Learning, Noreen

Ever wanted to learn African Drumming, the benefits of Raw Food, Street Orienteering or how to Declutter Your Life the Japanese Mindfulness way? These are a few of the diverse range of one-off, fun, short, affordable (around $10) courses available through the exciting new Geelong initiative, ‘Life Learning’. We hear from one of the organisers, Noreen Nicholson. ‘We were inspired by the ‘Brooklyn Brainely’ courses that have been running in New York for years and the ‘Laneway Learning’ version that started about 2011 in Melbourne. The Geelong Sustainability Committee have received a grant from the City of Greater Geelong to set up ‘Life Learning’. It is fun, fast and affordable. Classes start at about 6.15 and only go for an hour and a quarter. At this stage, they will be held in the CBD at Armageddon Cake, Beav’s Lounge Bar and The Black Bull Tapas Bar & Restaurant. We are utilising sites in Central Geelong to attract the ‘after work’ crowd. We can also envisage holding courses in Pakington Street.

‘All of our course topics are dreamed up under the One Planet Living Principles of Health & Happiness, Culture & Community and Sustainability. At Geelong Sustainability we have an audience of mainly over 55s and find that we are preaching to the converted. Offering these courses will increase our network and subtly introduce others to the benefits of sustainable living. It will be an opportunity for people to mix in different circles, meet new people and learn a new skill all in a fun, inexpensive, interactive, informal way. Courses will be for groups of 20-25 and are for adults only.

‘Every class is totally different. Some of our teachers are pros at what they do, some are hobbyists or enthusiasts; it’s just about sharing knowledge they are excited about. No matter what the class and who the teacher is our classes are laid-back, fun, and interactive. Your involvement in the class, whether through discussion or something hands on, is what makes them all the more enjoyable.

‘The first course will be launched on the 28th of February. Geelong Sustainability will be promoting ‘Life Learning’ courses at the Pako Festa and the Sustainable Living Festival. You can book in through our website above.’

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