Deakin Uni Certified Fairtrade, Ally

There are people in this world that have hearts that are so full of warmth and willingness to help, that their potential is clear to all around them. It may have taken time and effort, but Deakin University is an officially Accredited Fair Trade Certified University. Thanks to those who felt the importance of the cause, like Ally Wimmer Deakin’s Engagement Strategist, Deakin University has Fair Trade products available on all campuses.

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From this heart-warming result, it became clear that Deakin required a student representative group on each of the University’s campuses. This realisation quickly lead them to the establishing of the Fair Trade Vision Geelong Deakin team where the students of Deakin University are given a chance to do their part for the Fair Trade cause. Since the creation of these teams Ally has had the honour to work with many wonderful young people who have been nothing short of inspired to make the world a better place. One of these young people was Oscar Edward Bitton.

Ally tells us ‘Shaking with nerves in a way that had the interview team concerned, Oscar nervously applied to go to India for Deakin’s Fair Trade program in 2015. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to go to India in 2015, but don’t worry for not all was lost. The result of this interview had Oscar spending a year being mentored on leadership roles with the Fair Trade Vision team which was fully supported by me.’

Oscar then grew to become one of the lead hosts of an Australian wide conference on Change Agents and Grass Roots organisations who make a difference. He then went on to successfully reapply for 2016’s India’s Fair Trade Experience. His blogging of this trip was wonderful and captivated many. These links will allow you to read all about his trip and experience the inspiration that can only come from reading about the people who are inspiring in their desire to improve the lives of others.

Links to Oscar’s blog posts:

Along with their India Fair Trade programs, Deakin has also run Geelong Gigs for Good, and Market days to assist in the funding of school programs and building for Bryn’s Schools among many other exceptionally moving things such as showers for the homeless. Ally considers these programs along with the chance to mentor the young people who are ready to help those in need to be both a passion and privilege of hers. And who can blame her? Having the chance to watch individuals grow into even more amazing people, than they were when you are introduced to them, is an experience everyone would like to have the honour of being a part of.

Written by Gemma Nicholls.

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Photo: Oscar and Samantha in India for the Fairtrade India Deakin Experience.