Save Our Library!

Save Our Library! This group took Action, this afternoon, in the hope of saving their local Highton Library. The Highton Library is one of three, small community libraries, set to close. The residents of Barwon Heads and Chilwell are also working together to keep their libraries open.


Spokesperson Ron Nelson tells us ‘We are extremely disappointed with the Administrators’ decision to close the Highton Library and will fight their decision. In the last week I have had almost 800 people sign the petition and hope we can get that figure to 1000 before I table it at the next Council meeting on 23 May 2017, which I encourage you all to attend. The petition is available at the Highton Village Shops.

‘I will be asking the Administrators to reverse their decision to close the Library and undertake adequate community consultation, and leave the decision for the next elected Council.

‘Our local Library is an extremely important community asset and resource available to all residents. It not only offers information and technology resources to those who need them most, but a place for people to gather and to feel part of their community.

‘Library users in some areas of Highton will be particularly disadvantaged as many senior citizens and students who need library access and do not drive, will be forced to take one or two buses with some having considerable walking distances to get to an alternative library. This is not a practical solution to vulnerable members of our community.

‘There was absolutely no community consultation by the Administrators regarding the Library’s utility, importance or provision of amenity to our suburb. Our library is being closed so libraries in Armstrong Creek and Leopold can be built (I believe building new libraries in growth areas is essential, but it should not be at the expense of residents and ratepayers in established neighbourhoods).

50 or more Highton residents attended the meeting, at short notice, along with Andrew Katos MP. Sarah Henderson MP, sent her full support. She also believes the decision to close the Highton Library should be reprieved until after the Council Elections.

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