Sand Whisperers, Stella and Ondrei

Sand Whisperers – we used to write love letters to each other using ink, pen and paper, now we write our love letters together, using sand, a rake and the shore as our canvas. This story begins when we met at 12 years old. We randomly met again when we were 16. We reconnected a few years ago after 20 years. Writing in the sand really became a healing tool, it felt therapeutic being by the sea, listening to the oceans symphony. It became a form of meditation, a journey within, that allowed us to reconnect with ourselves.


As we spiral on the shore together we connect to the elements and we listen as nature speaks to us. We hear the wisdom of the earth when we are on the sand. We feel her breath as she softly whispers upon each wave. We see her divinity in all her grace and glory. Mother Nature has a message for all. Nurture me as I nurture you.

We’ve been creating sand formations for around five years since reuniting. Throughout these five years we have inspired each other to heal, to grow and to return to the one truth, the love we are.

We create our “love letters” on the sands of Torquay beaches. Sometime soon other beaches may receive a visit from the Sand Whisperers.

It’s really beautiful how our formations captivate the imagination of passers-by to pause for a moment, and allow our “love letters” to connect with their soul. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response of thousands of people who have connected with us on Facebook and have left heartfelt messages. We thank everyone and we hope we fill their hearts with the love we feel. Instagram @sand.whisperers


A sandy beach at low tide is our favourite place to be together. We have a time frame to complete our work yet the beauty in all of it, is that we live in the moment. Once the tide comes in and washes the formation away we feel that moment is special. It’s nature’s way of reminding us to let go and live in the moment.

We are honoured and blessed to be gifted this divine environment and canvas for us to express a Twin Flame love with the world. Stella and Ondrei, the Sand Whisperers.