The Type1 Foundation, thanks Lou Richards.

Geelong’s Type 1 Foundation is honoured and humbled to be named the chosen charity for Lou Richard’s State funeral in lieu of flowers. They are also the receiving charity of the proceeds at the Lou Richards AFL tribute match tonight. This injection of funds will be invaluable.

Diabetes camp

The charity was chosen by Lou’s family because his 8 year old great grandson, Jack, suffers from Type 1 diabetes. The Type 1 Foundation provide support to Jack and his family by helping to provide CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) technology. Type 1 diabetes is not caused by diet and is potentially life threatening.

We featured a story on Ange and the Type 1 Foundation, November 5th last year, after she’d completed running 10 marathons in a year to raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes.  She told us ‘Type 1 diabetes is a chronic, lifelong incurable illness and the most misunderstood illness in today’s society. Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent diabetes) affects 160 children in the Geelong region, with rates rising by 3% every year. A diagnosis in a family is the most traumatic event and we wanted to create a support network for families that went through a similar situation to us.

‘We support families living in the Barwon region by creating events so they can connect with each other. We run awareness campaigns, hold an annual Gala Ball. We also have a running group to raise awareness, fund children to attend diabetes camps (working closely with Barwon Health), and fund lifesaving technology to make it available for families.’

Photo of their diabetes camp, compliments of the Type 1 Foundation.

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