Cottage by the Sea, Lachie

Ever since 1890 Cottage by the Sea, Queenscliff, has been a not-for-profit charity that provides a homely place for disadvantaged children to take a break from their lives. With their 127th anniversary imminent, they are taking in an average of 1,500 children a year as they work to help children in need, over the three different programs that they run. It is also where Lachie Baulch was lucky enough to find his life’s calling.


Currently having worked with Cottage by the Sea for two and a half years, his responsibilities have been slowly evolving leaving him with a job that he loves. Being able to work with and meet amazing children who are inspiring with the way that they lead their lives, is a great joy to him and they are nothing short of an inspiration themselves.

The building itself is heartening not only to Lachie, but all those who enter. With its homely feeling, you can’t help but feel welcomed by everyone within. They allow the children who visit inspiration, fun and opportunities within a seaside environment.

The three main programs that they run are ‘Take A Break’ for Grade 3-6 children, the ‘REEF program’ for Grade 6-7 children and the ‘Mentor program’ for Year 8-12. Each program offers different opportunities and sources of inspiration for these disadvantaged children.

As a not-for-profit organisation that receives no government assistance, Cottage by the Sea’s funding has to come from somewhere other than the families of the children who they help. As such, their main source of income is received from donations from the public. There are a number of foundations that are generous in supplying funding for various camps that the organisation runs, however the majority of their funding is from the generosity of the public.

How does one get into a wonderful and rewarding job like this? Well, it’s different for everybody, but Lachie was lucky enough to find his calling at Cottage by the Sea while his previous job was washing dishes. A job like Cottage by the Sea was something that he – like many others – had never had on his radar before he found it waiting for him.

Despite it being a job that he had never even considered, Lachie seems more than pleased with where he is at this point in his life. There is no doubt that he not only has a personally fulfilling job, but also a job that helps to fulfil the lives many disadvantaged children in the area.

It’s not possible to know if Cottage by the Sea is the place where Lachie is going to be spending the rest of his career but for now, Lachie is enjoying his time working with the children and the people,  all the while making the lives of others just that bit brighter.

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Written by Gemma Nicholls.

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