A Clever Creative Future

CREATING A VISION – From September ‘16 to May ‘17, over 16,000 #humansingeelong expressed their aspirations for #geelong and region and how it should evolve over the next 30 years. This involved 162 workshops, event appearances, community meetings and school visits.

At the Our Future Assembly on Saturday 6 May ‘17, 350 people discussed, debated, deliberated and, in the process learnt more about each other’s aspirations, values and goals. Finally, they voted on a community-led vision for Greater Geelong’s future.

City of Greater Geelong 2013

The result is a community-led blueprint to be recognised regionally, nationally and internationally, as a Clever and Creative city-region.  A vision document was created capturing how our community want to achieve this vision which includes Greater Geelong’s community-led aspirations, contributing to a clever and creative city-region. The vision document can be found online at www.geelongaustralia.com.au/clevercreative or at any City of Greater Geelong Customer Service centre.


-a prosperous economy that supports jobs and education opportunities

-creativity drives culture

-a destination that attracts local and international visitors

-an inclusive, diverse, healthy and socially connected community

-a leader in developing and adopting technology

-a fast, reliable and connected transport network

-people feel safe wherever they are

-sustainable development that supports population growth and protects the natural environment

-development and implementation of sustainable solutions

Under each aspiration the Greater Geelong community have identified what they value, how success will be achieved and what the measures of success are.

For example, under the aspiration ‘an inclusive, diverse, healthy and socially connected community’, the Greater Geelong community told us they value: access to quality education, health services and affordable housing; and a strong sense of community. Success will be achieved by: support for the most vulnerable community members; and local participation opportunities for new arrivals to the city-region. The measures of success are: no Greater Geelong postcodes in the bottom 20 per cent of the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA); and workforce participation in the most vulnerable suburbs is higher than the state average across all age groups.

The diversity of the people involved and their commitment and passion for Greater Geelong makes this document a strong and durable platform to guide future decision-makers, establish their planning requirements and hold them accountable.


To achieve a clever and creative future we need to apply creative thinking when looking at our challenges and opportunities. It’s essentially an approach. It’s about looking for clever solutions, embracing innovation and future trends. And this applies to all sectors, industries and everybody within our community.

 Many community groups already align with our community’s aspirations to be a clever and creative city-region; #HumansinGeelong is a wonderful example of a small team of volunteers who capture everyday locals taking action to make a difference in the lives of many community members.

From the nine-month community engagement it strengthened our resolve that Greater Geelong values a strong sense of community. There is so much wonderful work happening within our community and we need to celebrate it!


Please jump on the website www.geelongaustralia.com.au/clevercreative and find the aspiration your great work relates to and ‘make a pledge’. Make others aware of the fantastic things you and your group, family, club, business or organisation are currently achieving and intending to achieve.

This is a platform to network and possibly expand on your clever and creative ideas by collaborating with other groups. So, put your pledge up there!

It may just inspire someone else!