The Alliance Bank, Do Good Award

It’s been a big week of awards! As the Founder of Humans in Geelong, I am proud to announce I’m the joint-winner of the first ever Alliance Bank Do Good Award. Ironically, I am sharing the award with the Founder of AnonymousX, whose story inspired me to create Humans in Geelong. I read Sean Thornton’s story on the Humans in Melbourne Facebook page in June 2016. Due to the tragic death of his cousin, Sean sold his house to start the charity AnonymousX, which supports the homeless

Do Good Award

Graeme Scannell (CEO AWA Alliance Bank) congratulating Jacqui Bennett. Photo: Mitch Grinter

I believe story-telling to be such a powerful tool and like Chris of Humans in Melbourne, thought, hey, this is a way we can make a difference. Thanks to the Alliance Bank for acknowledging our charitable work and providing this award. Thanks also to all of those in the Humans in Geelong team, couldn’t do it without you, and the Geelong community – together we are stronger. By Jacqui Bennett

From the AWA Alliance Bank Website

Jacqui (AWA Alliance Bank nominee) along with Sean Thorton (Circle Alliance Bank nominee) are the inaugural  winners of the Alliance Bank Do Good Awards.

The judges awarded Jacqui the Local Community Award for her work in setting up Humans in Geelong . Humans in Geelong celebrates the people in our community who are making a difference, highlights creativity, sustainable practices and opportunities within the region, via Facebook, their website, Instagram and Twitter. All co-ordinated by Jacqui and her loyal team of volunteers.

Sean won his award for his work in establishing Anonymous X, which is a charity run solely by volunteers to support homeless people. Coincidentally, it was Sean that inspired Jacqui to do the work that she does after reading about Sean and his volunteers via the Humans in Melbourne website. Hopefully these two leaders will inspire others to strengthen, connect and engage within our local communities.

On top of the recognition of the award, both Jacqui & Sean have been awarded a $750 benefit towards their organisations.