Cultural Diversity Week 17-24 March, Anis

Cultural Diversity Week 2018 ‘Proud to belong’ 17-24 March. “My Dad has been my role model as he never gave up on his hard work, and he encouraged his children to get an education regardless of the harsh situation. My father passed away when I was young. I am thankful for my mother, who sacrificed her life and family to bring us to Australia. She gave me the opportunity to live in a peaceful country. Today, who I am is because of her.”


Today we have the pleasure of sharing the story of Anis Gul Mohammad Ali, an active, studious member of the Corio community of Geelong. “I was born in Afghanistan. When I was one year of age, my family fled to Pakistan where we became refugees. Pakistan and Afghanistan have been war torn countries since my birth so I never had an experience of what peace was. That was until I came to Australia. The life I now live is different in many aspects.”

Anis arrived in Australia on a UNHCR Humanitarian Visa with her mother and sibling in July 2013. Arriving in Australia with limited understanding of the English language, Anis tirelessly put in the effort to focus on her studies, her language and community service. Over three years, Anis has volunteered at Multicultural events in Geelong such as Diversitat Youth Programs, SKAART at The fOrT and PakoFesta. Additionally, Anis has achieved a Certificate III in Health Services, became Vice Captain at school, and finally became the Dux of Northern Bay College in 2016.

“I am currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Deakin University and a Diploma of Nursing at The Gordon. I always had an interest to be a doctor and help others. My enthusiasm increased after I lost my father during the war because of the lack of healthcare available.

“In between my studies, I am also a casual at St John of God as a Patient Personal Care Assistant where I have been very fortunate to learn new procedural skills and develop my social skills. The staff and all the patients are lovely. I love working in the many areas in the hospital such as in Day Stay and in Koala Cove assisting in the care of little children.

“At this stage, I see myself working as a GP in rural and remote areas. I will be giving back to the community who has given me a new series of life. I want to be a person who can help people here or anywhere in the world. I want to be a helper for all the people who are helpless.

“Living in Corio and Geelong has been an unforgettable journey with supportive friends from school and university life to the workplace environment. I believe, as long as you are nice to people, people are nice to you.”

We wish you all the best for the future Anis!

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