Clue Detective, Catherine

‘What makes someone want to become a puzzle setter?  The answer is twofold.  Firstly, having an insatiable desire to learn new interesting words and facts, and secondly as my Mother says, “having an (uncanny) ability to see the double meaning in things!’ So says Catherine Eagleson of Portarlington. From an early age Catherine has enjoyed solving crosswords and cracking codes.  About 15 years ago she decided to start writing her own.

Clue Detective

‘During this time, she developed the Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal  ‘It comprises a range of crosswords, codewords, filmograppuzzles (cryptograms based on an actor and a selection of his/her films), sudoku and world building challenges etc. There’s something for everyone. Check our blog each day for puzzling inspiration!

‘Annual membership is available to individuals for the small fee per year One can be a lifetime member too. It is also offered as an e-resource in a growing number of public libraries across Australia.

‘Once a member, one can access puzzles on PC, laptop or tablet, wherever there is a wi-fi connection.’

Catherine’s ultimate dream is for Puzzle Detective to be in every library in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. ‘If it’s not available from your library, please request it.  Many library patrons who enjoy solving puzzles will reap the benefits all year round!

‘One gentleman once told me that my (codeword) puzzles save his sanity on the frequent long-haul flights he takes as they’re “the best way to while away the hours between London and Sydney!”

‘Another lady exclaimed “My brain screams for challenge and these fit the bill”.’

Catherine’s mission is to promote the benefits of puzzling to people of all ages, whether they are 9 or 99.

These include

  • maintaining good brain health,
  • boosting general knowledge and word power and
  • fostering good digital literacy skills.

‘The Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal can be a particularly useful resource to neighbourhood houses, the University of the Third Age, retirement villages and nursing homes. Puzzles can be displayed on a big screen, so groups can work on them together.’

Catherine has been running an online puzzle club at the Portarlington Neighbourhood House for the last three years. It is a small group and they’ve learnt how to do cryptic crosswords and solve a variety of other Clue Detective puzzles. They have enormous fun together and always leave energised.

Catherine and husband Alex got a real buzz, when recently, Clue Detective was listed in the top 100 blogs worldwide, coming in at No 59!

Catherine’s motto this year is “Everything is an Opportunity’ and she is so glad she took the opportunity to travel down this path.

For more information about the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency,
contact Catherine Eagleson ph. 0474 199 389

Story: Jacqui Bennett Photo: Phil Hines Photography