Humans of the World Unite

Humans of the World Unite! #humansingeelong were thrilled to recently catch up with Humans of Singapore @humansofsg and @Humans of Bournemouth, UK. It was an opportunity to connect and share amazing ideas. Unfortunately, I just missed catching up with Cathy of @Humans of London who had a work commitment but we are corresponding via email. Each of these inspirational groups aim to create a better world by featuring heart-warming and inspirational stories on the locals of their cities.

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Pictured here are Eun and Sidd from Humans of Singapore. Sidd took over running the project from a friend and Eun, who has just moved to Singapore, is keen to help. She had a brilliant idea – ‘it’d be great to get all the Humans of/in from all around the world together for a conference where we could learn from each other.’ Let us know if you’d like to sponsor that one!

I met three of the Humans of Bournemouth team, Andreea and Cosmin from Romania and Kiril, the founder, from Bulgaria. Their aim is to discover, connect and inspire. As newcomers to Bournemouth they are finding this a great way for them to connect to their new community. It inspired me to go out and source a story for them. I photographed and interviewed the Shore Rd swimmers who swim in their icy waters (even had to have a go myself). Their team of 8 are keen to hold an event and were interested to hear about the #humansingeelongexpo. (Save the date, Sunday 7th October). Also pictured is the equally inspirational Chris from @HumansinMelbourne who I met last year.

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If you’d like to join the #humansingeelong team or have an inspirational story to tell, please email Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and catch up on all our stories on our website.

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Story and photos: Jacqui Bennett