Song Contest – the almost Eurovision Experience!

‘’Song Contest – The Almost Eurovision Experience!’ We’re going, are you? It’s a unique, loving tribute and hilarious parody to the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s as close to the real thing as you can get in Geelong with all the quirkiness that’s both utterly hilarious and makes you cringe at the same time. All audience voting is authentic and live via smartphone, making it more of an event than your traditional musical, with the potential for a different winner every night.’ We caught up its young, talented Director and Choreographer, Kai Mann-Robertson, at rehearsals.

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‘This show is something new to Geelong. Be transported to Minsk, Belarus and settle in with your outrageous hosts. It is full of unique songs and unique genres from contemporary pop rock to Bavarian Folk music to opera. All with very tongue in cheek characters.

‘I grew up in Geelong. The first show I starred in was with the Geelong Lyric Theatre Company, as well as the first show I’d choreographed after having three years with the Ministry of Dance. I’m thrilled to be back directing a major musical with Lyric! It’s great working with a company that supported me since I was a young artist, and to work with a extremely talented cast who believe in a show like this.

‘My recent productions have included Gilligan’s Island, Rock of Ages and Heathers, whilst previously touring Australia and New Zealand with BBC Worldwide’s ‘Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular’.

‘It’s also been exciting to have my first music video ‘Money Maker’ go viral worldwide with 6.2million hits. The second video ‘Hit the Road Jack’ is a feat of technical mastery, both in conjunction with young Melbourne DJ, Throttle – currently touring globally with Spinnin’ Records (Los Angeles).’

Get your tickets for Song Contest NOW through GPAC. Shows start May 10th.

Story: Jacqui Bennett Photo: supplied, Left to Right: The show’s hosts, Katarina played by Jocelyn Mackay, Bettina played by Terri Powell and Ivan played by Jeremy Withers.