Inclusive Options, Peter

‘There was one guy who hadn’t been out of his house since 2003’. Do you remember the story on Peter Jurisic and Alternative Aspect Media? Peter got these guys out of their homes, got them meeting together and producing projects that they love eg videos, youtubes and games. Peter has now founded Inclusive Options a not for profit grass roots, NDIS accredited organisation. Peter has worked in the disability field for 15 years, he has gathered a team from multiple areas of the community services sector and has brought them together to form a team of professionals, who with their experiences, can provide exceptional services to those with disabilities. PLEASE SHARE. You can find them on facebook

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“One of the services Inclusive Options will provide is Alternative Aspect Media. It works with people with a disability to provide them with experience in the media field. Multiple people involved in this program have gone on to gain employment from this experience.’ Read our story, published June 7th 2017, about Alternative Aspect Media

“Walking with Mentor is another program where mentors walk with those who need this.

“Tenancy Support is another service we’re providing. It assists people with a disability to find accommodation and remain in accommodation, so people do not become homeless. It also provides skill development, helping people with a disability to learn what is required around their tenancy responsibilities.

“Once these programs are fully operational, other programs like ‘The little butterfly program’ about socializing for kids on the autism spectrum are waiting to start. In a few months we hope to have a Men’s Group up and running where the guys can have a meal together and create friendships and networks.

“We are on our way to offering fair work wages. With seed funding, together, we can help others. If you are able to sponsor these programs please donate here.

Story: Jacqui Bennett Photo: Phil Hines Photography