The Streets’ Barber, Nasir

Cutting hair for the homeless – We are thrilled to announce that @The Street’s Barber will be giving a talk and demo cut at the Humans in Geelong Expo on Sunday 7th of October. PLEASE SHARE! Nasir Sobhani, also known as ‘The Streets’ Barber,’ has earned his affectionate title spending his time taking to Melbourne and Geelong’s streets offering free haircuts and shaves to the homeless and less fortunate. His inspirational story of compassion and generosity has received significant attention globally. Nasir was also one of the five to be profiled as part of the Kenneth Cole Courageous Class Campaign in New York, celebrating individuals who have overcome obstacles in life to become inspiring role models.

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He is an inspirational speaker certain to motivate and encourage all those who encounter him to find their own purpose.

Nasir has an exceptional manner of connecting marginalised people with the greater community. Providing a ‘voice to the voiceless,’ he shares the unique stories of the homeless he encounters on social media platforms reaching far and wide.

Since receiving considerable recognition Nasir has been attracting clients from all over who come to receive fresh haircuts and simply meet him. Humble and friendly, he finds joy in ensuring all who sit in his chair leave with mutual feelings of respect and friendship.

Nasir was born into one of the few Iranian families, living in Japan at the time, before moving with his family to Canada as a child. Later in life he struggled and overcame drug addiction, finding sobriety through his supportive family and friends. He pursued his true passion in barbering and has achieved a name for himself in the barbering community. Following his newfound path in life, he started afresh in Melbourne over four years ago.

Nasir’s central principles which he encompasses in all that he strives to do, are the oneness of humanity, combatting prejudice and social injustice and the need for compassion for all. Strongly spiritual, he believes in using your natural talents to be charitable and help those less privileged, regardless of their backgrounds. Despite our different religious and spiritual beliefs, he exemplifies the notion that ultimately, we are all one.

Through his gregarious, eloquent, humorous, loving, compassionate and highly gifted personality, he draws people in with an incredible and extremely contagious positive and warm energy.

Nasir’s compassion and dedication to humanity touch all who encounter him. His mission to help those feel great about themselves and inspire a clean start is nothing short of impressive. Determined to expand his vision to a more global scale, not even the sky is the limit for the future of The Streets Barber.

Nasir Sobhani is both a thought-provoking presenter and humanitarian who is certain to inspire with his aspirational approach to charity and kindness.

Nasir Sobhani has been cutting for fun most of his life but decided to take it up seriously in 2013 – after completing 4 years at university, with the hopes of becoming a history teacher. However, after several years of apprenticing, and with hard work and perseverance, he finally received a shot as a full-time professional barber in 2015.

Nasir will be presenting a talk and demo cut at the Humans in Geelong Expo at Deakin Waterfront on Sunday 7th of October. The program for the day will be updated on our website The Expo runs from 10 – 3pm. Make sure you come and say hi.


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