Cinnamon’s Art.

Cinnamon’s Art – a woman who welds!!! Born into an artistic family, Cinnamon Stephens has been living off her creative metalwork for over 20 years. “I loved the fact that not many women welded, plus the magic of watching metals fusing together through my goggles, it was love at first sight!”


Born and raised in Geelong, Cinnamon began her metalworking journey by studying at Ballarat University. Here she not only achieved her Bachelor of Arts degree, but won the inaugural travelling scholarship. “The European sculpture parks, galleries and art studios I found and experienced during that trip still influence me to this day…”

Developing an Art Nouveau style was an exciting discovery for this young artist who now works from her home studio in Anglesea with husband Rowan. “I was approached by lovely clients who were renovating a beautiful Art Nouveau era home in Newtown. She handed me a book on the era, and told me to have a look to understand why they had chosen me to do their custom lighting designs. I read the book cover to cover and was amazed to realize that every artist I had ever felt inspired by all sat within that genre……!”

Sculpture for indoors, gardens, walls, gates, security and most recently; to wear, this local artist has many feathers to her bow. Cinnamon has a very distinctive style that celebrates nature’s flowing lines and uses many native flora and fauna subjects. In the last 6 months, Cinnamon has developed a range of copper and steel jewellery that has proved very popular. “This surprising discovery so far into my career has been an absolute delight!” She thanks Surf Coast Arts Officer and good friend, Julie Dyer for encouraging her to just give the jewellery thing a go and not to worry too much about traditional designs and techniques. “Julie still proudly wears her Seaweed Bloom earrings that she ordered from pointing to a larger sculpture I had made and saying, I’d wear that! I couldn’t believe that I was already creating so many pieces that lent themselves to a jewellery format!!!!!”

Geelong has a piece of public art, Looking Forward – a heron in flight located on Western Beach. This piece was made collaboratively with her father Geo. Francis who is also a sculptor. The Surf Coast Shire Offices in Torquay boasts a 4.5m Leafy Seadragon that hangs in the large interior foyer. Shire workers often comment about how they enjoy the way this sculpture subtly moves throughout the day. The Anglesea CFA has a large 6m wall sculpture in their foyer designed by Cinnamon and created at Studio 66. “This piece was so large, we had to create it in 6 parts so we could fit it in our tiny studio….”

Cinnamon and Rowan at Studio 66 are always busy. Mostly creating commissioned artworks, but they also find the time to create one off pieces for exhibitions and to display at local galleries. Eagles Nest Gallery in Aireys Inlet and 101 Ryrie Arts in Geelong are the two main places you can find their artwork, as well as direct from their studio.

Studio 66 is open during the Surf Coast Arts Trail in August and the Anglesea Open Studio Weekend on the Melbourne Cup long weekend.

For more information on Cinnamon’s artwork: F: cinnamonsart Insta: cinnamons_art or phone her for a studio appointment on 0400 436 308

Meet Cinnamon at the Humans in Geelong Expo on Sunday 7th October at Deakin Waterfront between 10 – 3pm.

Photo: Rebecca Hosking Photography