Project Thrive, Andrea

Geelong based organisation Project Thrive are working with schools and organisations locally and globally. Disrupting the education system in Geelong and beyond, Project Thrive aim to create conditions that enable well-being and inspire educators to think differently. From getting a group of Geelong Principals in a mudpit in Bali to working with educators in Hong Kong, Project Thrive is challenging mindsets around how well-being is achieved and how resilience is cultivated.


Project thrive uses a systems approach and the science of Positive Psychology applied in a unique way that takes into account Andrea’s vast experience in education.

“We work with schools to integrate well-being not only into teaching but the wider school community. This produces a web of understanding and conditions where everyone can potentially thrive”.

“Our approach is integrated, unique and empowering”. With a strong focus on purposeful, authentic and real life learning experiences Andrea believes to disrupt our mental health crisis we need to disrupt our education system.

Andrea is one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Humans in Geelong Expo at Deakin Waterfront on Sunday 7th October. During the day you’ll also find Andrea at the Speakers’ Table in the Gallery Exhibition Space”.

Keynote topic:

Is the way we attempt to build wellbeing and resilience not working? There are more programs, initiatives and resources available on mental health than ever before but despite this mental health is at an all time low. Schools are often looked at as a problem to be solved and education as needing to be fixed. Could we be looking at it the wrong way? This keynote will challenge our understanding of how wellbeing and resilience is achieved and explore how we can lead positive change and disrupt the complexities facing society today. Andrea from Project Thrive will challenge thinking and mindsets whilst sharing her latest insights and experiences on a two year project with leaders and educators who are working towards building thriving schools and communities in Geelong.

Catch Andrea speaking in the Lecture Theatre at 1pm. Humans in Geelong Expo 2018, Sun Oct 7th Deakin Waterfront 10 – 3pm. For the full program check out our website.