This Hot Mess, Kim

“I realised a long time ago that we are all so different. We have different passions, interests and idiosyncrasies. It’s important to create a life where they are pursued because we all have something special to serve our slice of the community with. Which means no one can do it like you can!”

Kim Cooper

Kim Cooper grew up in Melbourne where she lived for 17 years, moved to Townsville for 11 years, and has been living in Geelong for 3 years. Former contestant of Australian Idol in 2009, Kim is now a carer for her Dad since moving back to Geelong. “This is one of my biggest achievements…almost 90% of disability carers that care for family member’s drop out in the first 12 months so I knew the odds were hugely against me. Thanks to the amazing people in the Geelong community, I’ve been able to create a wonderful life here which has helped me remain as a carer for dad as long as I have.”

Kim has very recently started up “This Hot Mess”. “It’s a blog for women that focuses on sharing content that will either help sharpen our minds or soften our hearts. It’s written from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have it all together but strives to be in the midst of it all. The name comes from the fact that life can be a hot mess sometimes.” Kim describes @hotmessau as a place that feels like one constant coffee date with one of your girlfriends, and while dealing with anxieties, we can still live the best life possible.

“I love how Geelong champions small business and people within the community. I am thankful for amazing friends that make life so joyful and help me through life when it, or I, am being a Hot Mess.”

Please come along and hear Kim sing at the Expo at 1pm. This will be a delight to behold. She’d love for you to say hi too. The Humans in Geelong Expo is Sunday 7th October, Deakin Waterfront 10 – 3pm. For the full program check out our events page or website.

Story and Photo: Brandon Dellow