Cookie Moo, Rachael

It’s not okay. After we rescued and gave a home to our beautiful Ruby (Cookie Moo), I knew I had to make a difference. Seeing photos and hearing many statements about various puppy farms, it’s one of the times in my life I’ve felt the most downhearted and useless because all I thought about was all of the dogs living there, receiving no love, no attention, no care. It was absolutely horrifying.

Cookie Moo

I’m Rachael and my small biz, Cookie Moo Bath, Body & Home started back in 2014 from our home in Geelong. Originally, I began just to assist Kaya’s Mission in raising much needed funds so they could continue to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home puppy farm dogs. But it was also something that my heart was so drawn towards doing, as a result of us rescuing our beautiful dog Ruby (Cookie Moo) and Minnie Woo.

At Cookie Moo we create soy candles, soy melts, soaps and body products – all are vegan-friendly and cruelty free. It’s unbelievably important to me to create products that are not doing more to hurt beautiful animals that are kind and intelligent. I wanted to do something that would help, not hurt. Funds raised go to help the cause.

Our beautiful rescue Ruby has since left us and it reminds me every day that all of my small efforts and each sale helps to spread awareness about the importance of adopting and rescuing dogs who need homes. Shopping at pet stores that support this horrible industry is not the answer. So, I’m constantly promoting the importance of #AdoptDontShop

Cookie Moo2

My mission is to constantly bring positivity around my business and create products that people can enjoy, gift to their friends and family who love animals as well as supporting charities and rescue groups.

Something that I am so very proud of is using the simplest of things like some colourful bath bombs, bath salts and candles to bring attention to a large issue that is not talked about enough.

Today I love sharing beautiful photos of our rescue Minnie Woo to social media, she is a relation of Ruby and was from the same puppy farm, I made a promise to Ruby that if we could adopt any of her family we would. Minnie Woo is the face of Cookie Moo Bath Body and Home now and surrounds me, and all of my customers with joy every single day.

Come and support Rachael and Cookie Moo Bath, Body and Home, to raise funds and awareness. She’ll be exhibiting at the Humans in Geelong Expo on Sun 7 Oct 10-3pm.

Story and photos: Rachael, Close up Minnie Woo.