Stampsy greeted me with a hug, she gets it. Meet Leanne Stamps, the bubbly, personable Krock presenter with the infectious smile and easy-going style at the Humans in Geelong Expo 2018. Stampsy feels extremely grateful and blessed to be living in Armstrong Creek and working at Krock. “The Geelong region is amazing, there are so many opportunities here.

Stampsy to use!

“I’ve lived in 4 different States and have worked at 7 radio stations and I’m so appreciative to have finally found somewhere I can call home. Krock and Geelong is the first work place where I’ve felt genuine compassion, support and collaboration. My four years here has just flown. I’ve received so many opportunities to grow and I’ve seen a massive shift in Geelong in that time. I arrived when the manufacturing industries were closing and I’ve witnessed resilience and immense growth in small business, creativity and opportunities.

“I’m given opportunities all the time and I believe in pay it forward, in karma. It is a pleasure for me to support worthy causes like Humans in Geelong, Give Where You Live and to be an Ambassador for TLC for Kids. Participating in the Surfcoast Trek is a way I can make a difference. I give blood every 3 months, it’s only an hour of my time and I always contemplate the families I might be helping. My 3 nephews are young and I think of them. I’d encourage everyone to give blood, this as an easy way of giving back to the community.

“The opportunities through work are humbling, I’ve met some amazing locals who are doing amazing things. Often these people, who’ve overcome adversity, leave more of an impression than the famous people I get to meet and interview. My job offers me the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet celebrities, I could list 10 that impressed me all for different reasons. I’ve met Samuel L Jackson and Ed Sheeran. Another of my favourite encounters was with Jo Stanley my radio idol. She’s an ambassador for Liptember and I’ve always looked up to her.

“Another thing I love about Krock is that we are local. We all have an invested interest. I’m the Music Director, Drives announcer and the Executive Producer.

“Travelling is my passion. I graduated from travelling around Australia to discovering overseas in my late 20s. Since then I’ve toured Europe, visited Spain, N.Z, Mexico, Cuba and my latest trip was to Iceland. Here I braved walking on glaciers and around the rim of volcanic craters. I’ve clocked up 35 countries. It opens your mind, eyes, heart and soul to others and their circumstances and makes you truly grateful.

“Come along and say hi at the Humans in Geelong Expo. I’ll be talking at 2pm in the Lecture Theatre, Sun Oct 7 at Deakin Waterfront. I look forward to showing you photos of zorbing in New Zealand. That’s where you nestle in an inflatable ball and get pushed down a mountain.”

Thanks Stampsy for making Geelong your home, we’re really lucky to have you.

Story Jacqui Bennett Photo: Leanne Stamps, supplied.