Clean Up Australia, Phoebe & James

“Hi, we’re the environmental leaders at Highton Primary School, Phoebe Wright and James Zerafa, from Grade 6. Clean Up Australia Day is this Sunday, March 3rd and we’re running our School Clean Up Australia event, leading up to the day. We’re both really passionate about the environment.”

Clean Up P&J1

Phoebe adds “My family are part of Geelong Sustainability. I live near the beach and know about Take3fortheSea where people are encouraged to pick up rubbish off the beach and take it home. I’m passionate about keeping the beach clean.”

James implores “Please don’t drop rubbish, it’s bad for the environment and animals. It ends up in our waterways and gets swept out to sea. I’ve seen terrible pictures of sea creatures entangled in rubbish. We’re really proud of all the kids who helped clean up our school yard and at assembly next week we are going to ask the students to make sure they don’t drop any more rubbish. We hope heaps of people go out on Sunday and help Clean Up Australia.”

Go to to find a Clean Up Site near you.