Geelong’s Mosque.

People of Geelong, we are all invited to attend the Open Day tomorrow at Geelong’s Mosque to stand in solidarity and unity with our friends, the local Muslim community. Already well-wishers are leaving flowers and posting notes of support and love at the Mosque. The Mosque, 45 Bostock Ave. Manifold Heights, will be open tomorrow from 10-4pm. There will be a special memorial service to honour the lives lost in Christchurch from about 12.30-2pm. PLEASE SHARE! All Welcome!


Shaykh Mohammad Ramzan told me “The horrific event that unfolded yesterday in Christchurch, New Zealand is clearly a dark moment not only for the Muslims and people of New Zealand but also for people here in Australia and especially the Muslim community of Australia.

“The mosque is not merely a place of worship for people within the Islamic community. It is also a symbol of strength and unity for all the community regardless of faith or ethnicity. The mosque has served the community many times in hosting dialogue and social events for people within our society. It is a place of God and is therefore a place of hope, friendship and harmony for every single person on this earth.

“If this attack is carried out as an act of hate, I am sure the people of New Zealand and Muslims around the globe will stand united and refuse to allow this horrific event to break us.

“Everyone is welcome to the mosque regardless of any ethnic background, whether you believe in God or not, the mosque is for everyone.”

If you are unable to attend, please leave a message below, the Imam is going to share this post with his community.

Story and photo of Shaykh Mohammad Ramzan the Imam of Geelong Mosque and his son Ahmad Qadri: Jacqui Bennett