What goes up must come down.

This week is Youth Week and a group of Geelong Youths helped bring an animation to life, to address the increasing number of young people suffering from gambling harm. Bethany’s Gambler’s Help team joined forces with young locals and produced localised messaging targeted to educate and reduce youth gambling harm within our region.

“We hope that our campaign will encourage young people affected by gambling harm to seek support,” Grant Boyd Bethany Community Support CEO tells us.

Grant-Boyd Bethany

“The focus groups were extremely successful with all participants increasing their knowledge of the current gambling environment and how that impacts rural and regional communities.”

“We engaged young people in the Geelong region from Deakin University and Geelong Technical Education Centre, to develop a number of messages.”

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation figures show that 50% of adolescents have high levels of exposure to sports betting marketing and that teenagers are 4 times more likely to develop gambling problems than adults.

“By developing a greater level of understanding of the issues, complexity and challenges in relation to youth gambling in our community, we are in a greater position to effectively support young people suffering gambling harm and help others avoid making bad decisions around gambling.”

The ‘What goes up must come down’ campaign, funded through a VRGF Grant, launched this week during Youth Week activities.

Story: Sarah McGill. Animation:  Photo: Supplied Grant Boyd