Peace of Mind Foundation Volunteer, Bronwyn.

‘My partner David was diagnosed with a GBM (Brain Cancer) in 2016, at the time we were both working full time and leading very happy, busy lives. Our worlds changed completely after his surgery, with me becoming his carer for the 14 months of his illness, something I did willingly as I didn’t think anyone could take care of him as well as me!’ We hear from Peace of Mind volunteer Bronwyn Haskell.

POMF Bron Beavs

‘During that time, I learnt how difficult and isolating having brain cancer can be, with little or no support in Tasmania. Sadly, David passed away in 2017 and I moved to Geelong to be near my family.

‘I knew I wanted to help the brain cancer community in some way so I did my research and found Peace of Mind Foundation and Bec Picone, a truly inspiring young woman.

‘In the last 12 months I’ve volunteered with the many things that Peace of Mind do; brain cancer retreats, fundraising events, backyard renovations, support groups and volunteer planning meetings.

‘There have been many memorable moments over this time, but my favourite moment was watching all the ladies dancing at Beav’s Bar at our Women’s Retreat for Brain Cancer 2018, the smile on everyone’s faces was beautiful to see. Knowing that I was part of bringing joy to these women who are fighting brain cancer was a wonderful feeling.

POMF Bron WR 18

‘The support, care and concern from everyone at POMF is amazing, they are a fantastic group of people.

‘When people say that I do a good job as a volunteer I always tell them I get back far more than I give!

‘If you haven’t yet considered it, I encourage you to think about volunteering and joining our Peace of Mind family! It’s a decision you won’t regret.’ Story: Bronwyn Haskell.

Peace of Mind Foundation are recruiting volunteers. They’re holding three information evenings, Mon 29th & Tues 30th  April and Wed 1st May. If you are interested, email or give her a call on 0411 382 457.