Be Dragons, update.

BE DRAGONS is a six-part documentary series highlighting the inspirational players that make up Geelong’s first ever Football Integration Development Association, FIDA footy team!

Take a bunch of guys and girls who have been relegated to the sidelines their whole lives and give them a crack at participating in the game they love…that’s the premise behind Be Dragons and the FIDA league.

Be Dragons, Pozible

The Geelong Dragons are the first FIDA team in the Geelong region and we are delighted to be on board producing this heart-warming series.

The series showcases individual players as they share with us their lives, challenges and thrill at being included in a team competing in Australian Rules Football. Following the highs and lows of their maiden 2018 season, Be Dragons is an inspirational tale of inclusion, perseverance and friendship.

You will fall in love with their stories, resilience, grit and determination not to mention the incredible team spirit they share through the love of a game and the bonds of friendship.

BE DRAGONS TV series is a testament to the Access for All Abilities mantra and we are now seeking support from our community to cover the costs of post-production to prepare the series for National broadcast.

The production of the series, thus far, has been personally funded by series creator Luke Massey, his time and enthusiasm have brought this series to life, creating a welcoming community, platform for change and huge social following for the team.