Geelong Sustainability update.

Geelong Sustainability continues to inform, inspire and connect our community. We can’t thank them enough for being our Auspice for the State Government Grant ‘Pick My Project’, this will enable us to print the Humans in Geelong Book.

Like many socially progressive community groups, Geelong Sustainability are convinced of the truth in Margaret Mead’s famous quote. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Join their movement and be inspired by their events and opportunities.

GS - AS - Family photo 2018 YYG creek

FARMING SUSTAINABLY – Can farming be profitable and sustainable in the age of climate change? One local farming family says, yes it can! The Stewart family has been farming for five generations on their 230 hectare property, nestled in the Otway Ranges. Andrew and Jill Stewart farm sheep and trees on their property, Yan Yan Gurt West Farm in Deans Marsh. Their unusual but effective approach combines conservation and forestry.

Come along and meet Andrew, Jill and their daughters at a captivating evening, as they explain how their re-vegetation plan has transformed their land into a more healthy, profitable and joyful place to farm. Wednesday May 29th 5.30 – 7.30 Geelong Sustainability’s Green Drinks, at Beav’s Bar.

GOING OUT GREEN – Living sustainably is a lifelong occupation. But can that extend to the end of our lives, and our funeral planning? The seminar on Tuesday 28th May at the Geelong Library by renowned community educator Libby Moloney will look at natural and sustainable funeral planning choices.

Want to fight the WAR AGAINST WASTE? – Volunteer to make the National Celtic Festival a waste free, environmentally friendly event. You can make a difference…as a waste champion volunteer for the National Celtic Festival’s Green Team. Come and ensure people party with the planet, not against it.

Be part of the solution – no more single use products, waste will be diverted from landfill and join the War Against Waste community. DO GOOD=FEEL GOOD

As a thanks you’ll receive a FREE 4-day weekend ticket (valued at $200) to this international event with over 200 music artists, access to all venues and much more.

More info: NCF – Green Team Volunteers

Photo: Andrew & Jill Stewart and family.