Geelong Region Cancerians, Phillipa.

“Working together we can help beat cancer! I discovered that cancer of the uterus was not a cancer people spoke about and when they did it was often in hushed tones.” We hear from uterine cancer survivor and founder of the Geelong Region Cancerians, Phillipa Challis.

Geelong Cancerians Phillipa Challis

“Geelong Region Cancerians aim to increase awareness, educate and inform people about the detection and prevention of uterine cancer. We aim to raise funds for research into all cancers. My personal driving force is to give back to my community in Geelong and outside of the region.

“From the first day of my recovery I was very open telling people that I had undergone an operation to remove the endometrial carcinoma in my uterus. A female acquaintance asked me what that was and what my symptoms were.  After my response she decided to see her GP.  This led to her having surgery as she discovered she had the same cancer.  The acknowledgement from her that the information I passed on to her contributed to her becoming a uterine cancer survivor was a special moment in my life.

“Geelong is the first regional city in Victoria to form Geelong Region Cancerians and be affiliated with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF). We are holding an Art Show this Queen’s Birthday weekend to raise funds. It will be held at Sacred Heart College in McAuley Hall, take the Aphrasia Street entrance. Friday and Saturday 10-6pm and Sunday 10 – 4pm. $2 Entry.

“We are very excited about the Friday night Official Opening as Denis Walter OAM will be officially opening the Show and Judge Paul McDonald Smith OAM will award the 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes and talk about the exhibition.

“All funds raised by Geelong Region Cancerians will support research into all cancers including uterine cancer and educate the community regarding the warning signs that can precede a cancer diagnosis.”

“Working together we can help beat cancer!”

Story: Jacqui Bennett Photo: Kosta Inatrou from Ikon Images