He just merged into adulthood. Young, confused and aimless.

Every day goes by with him feeling more and more sorrowful, no job, no bright future…nothing

His biggest regret is not finishing his education.

Year 1

He decides to leave his family, to leave the place he feels unwelcome in, to start a new life, to be reborn.

Weeks go by, and now he’s on the Belgium boarders declaring his wish to become one of them, to be a citizen, a citizen of Belgium.

His biggest regret is not doing this step earlier.

Year 2

He lives with his friends, works two jobs and feels miserable. Miserable?

They refused his application. He applied to become a resident, one of their own.

Making a minimal amount of money, he’s thinking now…

His biggest regret is arriving here.

Year 3

He goes to Holland, in hopes of a better, more greeting accommodation.

He finds it, temporarily. He feels homesick, he goes back to Belgium.

His biggest regret is his thoughts.

Year 4

I have been living in Belgium for 4 years, I have had my accommodation request declined six times, I study, I work two jobs, one of them is cleaning the house I am living and paying rent in.

How do I feel? After all that happened, I still feel optimistic, I still have hope.

I am Karrar Al-Hasani and my biggest regret is not being with my family, in Australia.

Qamar (002)


Story: QAMAR AL-HASANI is a migrant studying Level 3 AMEP at Wyndham Community & Education Centre, Geelong CBD. She has written about her brother. Refugee Week is June 16 – 22nd 2019. #withrefugees Photo: Supplied