Robert Palmer

Meet Robert Palmer, our new, inspirational team member of Humans in Geelong. He’s giving us a challenge – 2 SHORT TASKS TO BOOST YOUR BRAIN. Can you name 5 parts of your body? Now can you name 5 parts of your brain?

Don’t you think it strange that we know so little about the command centre for our entire being? The brain is by far the most powerful computer in the world – and it’s made of meat!

Robert Palmer (2)

For more than 40 years, local, Robert Palmer has been collecting, creating and sharing ‘brain building’ activities. This started when a young student showed him that 1 + 1 = WINDOW, and that half of 8 was 3 (or zero).

These investigations helped to underpin the success of students who applied for scholarships and sought-after places at private schools and universities.

Robert’s initiatives have been closely aligned with those of ‘Life. Be in it.’, ‘Save the Children’, the United Nations Environment Program and other community organisations.

Robert’s programs and activity collections caught the attention of noted Canadian neuroscience author Dr. Jennifer Fraser and links between Geelong and British Colombia are now firmly developed.  Important community Issues in both places are amazingly similar. Robert and Jennifer have completed developing an online ‘Road Ready’ program to reduce the adolescent road toll, and are currently producing fun-filled resources for Early Childhood and also a ‘Building Better Brains’ series detailing many of the practical applications of neuroscience.

HUMANS IN GEELONG supporters may be interested that on May 12th. Dr Jennifer Fraser presented at TEDx in Vancouver. The theme is ‘THE NEXT BIG STEP’

 Photo: Robert with Peter Cundall, of the ABC’s Gardening Australia, launching ‘The Plant Book’ – a national fund-raiser for ‘Save the Children’.