‘The Dance.’

Announcing this year’s fun dance…. ‘The Dance’….! 1pm in the courtyard at Deakin Waterfront Sun 6 Oct at the @humansingeelongexpo2019. Last year we presented the surprise Flashmob to ‘This is Me’, this year ‘The Dance’ is for everyone, we want you all to join in. We are creating a video clip made up of about 80 scenes/groups from our region, including scenes from people we’ve done stories on O.S. Steve Beatty of We All Rotate in Nepal has sent in his clip already.

The aim of ‘The Dance’ is to showcase diversity and our beautiful region. The scenes will be set to local hero, Chrissy Amphlett’s song “I’ll make you happy.” Fun fact – Chrissy was a few years ahead of me at Belmont High School.

There will be a story that goes along with ‘The Dance’ which will explain the individuals or groups involved, their cause and the location. We got this inspiring idea from @projectonelife ‘1000 people of Dance’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOEmeyBie6g I’ve been in touch with creator Matt Bray and unfortunately he’s not able to join us at the Expo.

At 1pm, in the courtyard, we’re going to start with a conga line which will weave through the gallery and collect as many people as possible. We’ll head back in to the courtyard where we’ll all clap to the right, clap to our left, clap to our right etc. above our heads to the music. This will all be filmed by our star videographer @jessemalthouse who’ll be up on the balcony above. This scene will become part of the film clip so only participate if you don’t mind going viral! LOL!

Groups and individuals who want to participate in this ongoing project over the next few months, DM us, we’d love to have you involved. Love the Humans in Geelong team.

Film clip: Team members Jacqui Bennett, Bec Picone, Rini Lombard and friend having a bit of fun with ‘The Dance’ at Buckley Falls.