Elwyn Davies.

“Dad, what are you thinking? You’re 71. You can’t start a tour company.”

The ducks weren’t lining up that day. No business background. No tourism background.

In fact, not much more than a belief that this was something that I could do.

I drove for Uber for a while and was surprised at the number of people trying to head to a couple of wineries but couldn’t find a tour operator or service that could accommodate their needs.

Elwyn Geelong Winery Tours

Enter ‘yours truly’. I did some research and decided that this was not only possible, but also needed.

At least that‘s what I thought and it was enough to get me going.

I had a son that had more than enough expertise in digital marketing to chart a course and build a website. After some trial and error I found a way of promoting my business and the enquiries started to come in. From the start I didn’t want to just make up numbers. I wanted to do it well. Really well.

My son continued to advise me, my youngest son and his partner designed the logo, and my wife came up with some great ideas. Although I couldn’t have done this without the help of these people, at the end of the day I knew that I was the one that needed to drive it. Because of my love of the area and because I love taking people around the region, my motivation never floundered.

It was only a matter of time and the inquiries came from larger and larger groups. I admit to being intimidated at the thought initially, but once I had done one, and then two, it just seemed right.

I still drive myself to be the best, and I am still constantly finding ways to innovative. I have no intention to be compromised, wanting everyone that puts their trust in my company to have the best possible day out.

There are now times that one of me is not enough. I have found a couple of wine loving, remarkable ladies who also run tours for me.

Right now, I am in the middle of creating a new service, as an add on to what we do. Hopefully, one day, you can say ‘Geelong Winery Tours’. I know the owner. Good Bloke.

Elwyn Davies. Photo: June O’Brien