Extinction Rebellion, Global Hunger Strike.

‘Day 9 of the Extinction Rebellion #globalhungerstrike which I’m doing on the steps of Victoria Parliament. Today on behalf of XR, on behalf of the millennials and Gen Zs, on behalf of the grandmothers and grandfathers who care about their grandkids’ future and on behalf of the mums and dads who care about their children’s future, I’m calling on all members of the Victorian Parliament to come together and Declare a Climate Emergency. We must make this crucial statement so we can get on with fixing the problem and create a safer future for our children.

Extinction Rebellion GHS

‘Why on earth would someone do this? Because we are facing a catastrophic future & our Governments are not acting. People around the globe are participating in hunger strikes as a last resort. Nothing has worked. An enormous sacrifice for our planet & for all of us.’

Here are some of Daniel’s reasons for committing to the hunger strike –

Day 1 – ‘Today I join hundreds of Extinction Rebellion Rebels in cities across the world who are Hunger Striking to demand that our government give the Climate Crisis the urgent attention it deserves. I will be on the steps of the Victorian Parliament House for the next 10 days to echo the three Extinction Rebellion Demands. I will only consume water for those 10 days.

  1. That the Government TELL THE TRUTH about the Climate Crisis and Declare a Climate Emergency.

    2. That the Government commits to ACT NOW to avoid a further deepening of the Climate and Ecological Emergency and commit to net zero emissions by 2025.

    3. That the Government install a CITIZENS ASSEMBLY to guide the transition to a zero emission system.’ Daniel has had visits from members of parliament, radio interviews & drawn huge attention to this issue. The Victorian Government are being called upon to respond.

Day 4 – ‘I’m choosing not to eat for 10 days. It’s a privilege to be able to “choose” to eat or not to eat. Many people don’t have that choice. This week there’s news that 45 million people in Africa are facing starvation because of drought caused by Global Warming. The Climate Emergency is here right now.’

Day 5 – ‘I’m dedicating today to my young nieces & nephews. My twin nieces are just 6 months old. They will turn 81 in the year 2100. The current scientific projections suggest that by 2100 Australia will be completely uninhabitable because of Global Warming. We must all stand up & fight for our future & our children. They don’t deserve the future they’re facing right now.’

@xrvic_aus Peaceful protest works. People standing up for what they believe in, works. This hunger strike is a visible and visceral reminder that the climate crisis is escalating quickly.

Extinction. Or rebellion. @danielbleakley #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateEmergency @extinctionrebelliongeelong