Club La Vida Salsa dance for Geelong Mums.

Club La Vida Salsa Inc had the pleasure of volunteering their time to dance for the amazing Geelong Mums’ volunteers end of year celebration which was held at Cockies Brewery in South Geelong.

On the 28th of November Geelong Mums posted “259. That’s the number of babies and children in the Geelong region on our waitlist who need support before Christmas. 25 babies don’t have a safe cot to sleep in.

One of the babies on the list was due to be born early December. “His Mum escaped a violent relationship, fleeing to her parents’ home. When they found she was having a baby, they kicked her out. She’s since found a place to live and all she wants to do is set up a safe place for him. But she’s struggling to buy food and pay the electricity bill, let alone buy nursery equipment, new or second-hand.”

Geelong Mums aim is to help this Mum and get the overall number of those in need, down to zero before Christmas. On Thursday they were thrilled to announce that thanks to the amazing response from our community they’d been able to help 181 of the 259.  That still leaves 78 babies and children in need. You can donate at

Geelong Mums is a not-for-profit who help locals in need. You can read their story on our website or in the Humans in Geelong Book. La Vida Salsa are a not-for-profit Latin Dance club and you can join them at 8pm, Sparrow Park for dancing and fun.