Geelong Mummas Mingle.

“Geelong Mummas Mingle is about making connections, finding your tribe, building a support network and having lots of fun and adventures!  It’s a smaller, sister group of the Geelong Mummas Facebook group which has over 9000 local members. The main page is for mums to be able to seek advice, recommendations and to share the daily struggle of being a mum in a non-judgemental environment. Respect, compassion, friendship, empathy, advice and understanding are our values.

Geelong Mummas Mingle
“The sister group, Geelong Mummas Mingle, was created to help create support and friendship within our community. We hold a range of different catch ups each week and welcome new members. We have so many fabulous plans for Mingle in 2020 and we would love to share a glimpse of what is ahead. We are shaking things up and doing some rearranging of pre-existing events to make them even better.

“On the page is a calendar outlining the events planned for January. Links to events will be added in the comment section as they are made. This calendar will be updated as new events arise so keep an eye on it so you don’t miss out (we will keep it bumped to top of the page). Calendars will be posted in advance to give you a glimpse of the upcoming month.

“This year we would love to see more members organising their own catchups. This might be a one on one playdate or something bigger! If you would like something you’ve organised added to the calander then please shoot Geelong Mummas Mingle a message.

“Mingle Babies Under ONE Play Days will recommence and we’re aiming to host them fortnightly. Message Geelong Mummas Mingle if you would like to help organise these.

“Keep an eye out for our new Mentor Buddy system and our Wellness Days, both coming soon!

“If there’s anything we can help you with please don’t hesitate to ask. The calendar of events pictured is from the Geelong Mummas Mingle page. Go to the page for more information.”

Information: Skye and Geelong Mummas Mingle.