Salvation Army Store.

“Hey everyone! Jesse and I had the absolute pleasure of heading into The Salvation Army store in Moolap to spend some time with their passionate volunteers and manager Meg, learning about how those looking for a fun volunteering opportunity can get involved. We had such a ball in store and I was amazed to find out all the ways in which shopping at your local Salvos store supports our community.

“If you’re looking to take your volunteering to the next level, I couldn’t recommend highly enough getting in touch with your local store to see what hours they need volunteers. Chatting with Meg, I learnt that hours and times can be very flexible. The joy emanating from their current volunteers is constantly palpable, so there must be something special happening here!

“So, head down to a Salvo’s store near you and have a think about how you can contribute to this amazing organisation… I promise you’ll be thanking us later!

“Sending our love always Geelong Humans,

@KimEliseCooper & Jesse x”