Transition Streets Geelong, Monica.

Meet Monica Winston, who comes up with all the brilliant ideas for Transition Streets Geelong’s workshops, speakers and too many other amazing things to list here. Transition Streets are hosting the Sustainable Living Festival at Deakin Waterfront this Sunday 11 – 4pm.

Monica Winston

What concerns you most in our ecological and climate emergency?

“That we are headed towards extinction unless there is a massive concerted effort by everyone to reverse global warming, protect the vulnerable and to rehydrate and restore ecosystems.”

What is your vision for the future?

“That life on our planet is radiant with vibrantly healthy ecosystems full of the abundant diversity of humans, animals, birds, fish and insects of all kinds. People live happily and co-operatively with each other and other life forms and life is wonderfully rich and fulfilling.”

What do you see as your contribution to achieving that?

“To keep making changes myself and to support the expansion of our friendly and supportive community. Helping people in our network to form the hyperlocal transition street groups to further reduce our ecological footprints and to build resilience and capacity. I would like to incorporate more indigenous practices and very importantly to enjoy ourselves in the process.”

What do you do for stress relief?

“Meditate, get into action on solutions especially with others, spend time in nature and laugh as much as possible.”

Come and meet Monica and get lots of amazing Sustainable Living ideas at the Sustainable Living Festival this Sunday, Deakin Waterfront 11-4pm. @humansingeelong will be exhibiting, we’ll have our Humans in Geelong Books, Bags and Free HuGs available.

Story and photo supplied by @transitionstreetsgeelong