With One Voice Choir, Live Streams.

Let’s get through this with song!

With One Voice have come up with a way that you can join in the choir from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, or even shower (if you have a water-proof speaker!), as they move their rehearsals online.  Geelong’s very own Kym Dillon is just one of the many With One Voice conductors right around Australia putting together live streams 5 nights a week. Singing is a great way to engage your brain, and connecting with the live stream With One Voice community will certainly make you buzz with positive energy.

Kym WOV, online

The With One Voice live stream page is very much open to the public and on five week nights:  www.facebook.com/WOVLive/ Geelong’s Kym Dillon will be leading us in song from 6.30pm tonight, so why not check it out. You can read the #humansingeelong story on Kym on our website at https://humansingeelong.com/2017/07/21/with-one-voice-choir-kym/

For more information about With One Voice Community Choir Ph: 03 8679 6088 Website:  www.creativityaustralia.org.au/choirs/geelong/

Happy singing everyone!

Story: Sarah Treacy. Photo: Phil Hines