Beyond Pink, Judy.

“I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) in 2017 and looked for a way to connect with other local people sharing this unwelcome experience. There was none! Complaining to a friend, she said ‘You’ll just have to start a support group yourself’.

“And so, Beyond Pink was born.”

Beyond Pink logo

Beyond Pink Metastatic (Advanced) Breast Cancer Support Group, is a small local Geelong not-for-profit. Judy Margolis tells us more.

“Every member of Beyond Pink is living with MBC. Sharing the lived experience helps to ease the burden of the many challenges of this incurable disease.

“Beyond Pink aims to make sure every person diagnosed with MBC across the Bellarine and Geelong knows that local support is available. We provide support, information and resources to our members and their partners/carers.

Beyond Pink Zoom Session

“We meet regularly and with Covid that’s on Zoom. We stay connected through email, phone, our website and on Facebook. Once Covid recedes, we’ll resume face-to-face get-togethers as well as raising awareness of MBC and Beyond Pink through community events.

“Beyond Pink is the only MBC specific cancer support group in our region. We’re a registered cancer support group with Cancer Council Vic. and Breast Cancer Network Australia. You can contact us on

Or join our private facebook group

“Please help us spread the word about MBC and Beyond Pink.”

Photo supplied of their online Zoom catch up.