Geelong Business Excellence Award Finalist 2020

Congratulations team! We are finalists and tonight is the night. Humans in Geelong is a huge team effort. It came as an idea, in the middle of the night, just over 4 years ago. It was response to grief and bad news. The idea was to focus on local positive stories, to find joy and to spread positive, good news. The dream/idea only grew thanks to the help of family, friends and an amazing like-minded team. Also an amazing community. Congratulations all!

In four years we’ve told over 500 inspiring stories of locals who are making a difference, across a multi-media platform. We’ve produced the Humans in Geelong Book. (get in contact if you’d like a copy) We’ve spoken to hundreds of community groups and schools and at Victoria’s Creative State Summit 2019. We’ve been spreading ‘good news’ and positivity by creating the HuG movement.

We’ve held 3 amazing Free Humans in Geelong Expos at Deakin Waterfront Campus, which thousands have attended. We’ve received many prestigious awards and grants, and thanks in many ways.

Our biggest achievement to date is that on Sunday we launched the Free Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020. It is made up of over 120 diverse, inspiring, informative videos from creatives and changemakers in our community. Available to be viewed anytime, ongoing on our YouTube.


Good luck everyone and thank you!